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  1. put up something you ran into that brought back the memories

    today i found this

    its a cover of Only A Memory Away, an english song done for the dub of sailor moon in the 1990s

    even with youtube it is i possible to find the TV episode version of the song (not the one put on the actual US ost) without the episodes voice track running concurrent with it

    fortunately, during the days of Morpheus, Napster, and Kazaa.....i did find such a cleaned up version. now i just need to find it on some random CD in my office....
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  2. Yes, I was obsessed with them when I was a little kid. ;__;
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  3. oh i forgot about these guys

  4. I have soooo much more but here's some of them! xD
  5. today i have rediscovered Midi files

    back in the day when mp3 didnt exist and wav files were too large to be feasibly downloaded on 1990s dial up moderns

    we had midis for our listening pleasure
  6. UPdATe

    i have successfully found my copy of the TV version of Only A Memory Away on a CD

    however! i am foiled!

    for windows media player isnt letting me rip the CD

    why not? its not like it has copy protection....its a custom mix

  7. [​IMG]

    This freaking picture my mate sent me of my brother (left), my best friend (middle) and me! Holy dog shit it's funny. Look at our god damn Halloween costumes! Hahaha. I don't even know how old this thing is, but shit it makes me nostalgic for Halloweens where I wasn't hit by bicycles. My brother does not look amused. It's a hell of an amusing photo.
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