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  1. Okay, I recently re-watched a lot of old series that I used to watch when I was younger and now have a serious case of

    nostalgia. SO this thread is basically just a list of characters that I would like to roleplay with. Now with that out of the way I will give three facts about myself that you might want to know about before you read any further.

    1. I only play females. This isn't to insult anyone, its simply over the years I've learned that I just suck at doing male characters.

    2. Not a grammar natiz, this post should be proof of that. ;)

    3. I have a part time job and go to college, so it may be a day or two between posts. I'll try to balance that out with very well developed replies.

    OKay, now to the pairings:

    OC x Puck (From Gargoyles)

    OC x Hatori (Fruit Basket)

    OC x Gary (Pokemon)

    OC x Silver (Pokemon)

    OC x Ayame (Fruit Basket)

    OC x Kyo (Fruit Basket)

    OC x Koga (Inuyasha)

    OC x Link (Legend of Zelda)

    OC x Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)

    May add more but that's all I can think of at the moment. Feel free to send me a PM or respond here in the thread.

    Thanks for Reading!

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