NorthView High (Walking dead Universe))

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  1. -Description-

    It was another normal ordinary day in NorthVale High,friends hanging out,boring classes and crushes, but what happens when a deadly virus spreads through the world, almost half of the population gets the man eating virus, will these kids step up and survive this god forsaken world

    ((you can only be a teacher or a student,this will be taken place 2 days before the apocalypse,since in the walking dead universe, at first you can call them monsters or something,and later on you can call them walkers,lurkers,and roamers,))

    -no god modding and no powers
    -you may see the walking dead characters from the comics and game
    -romance is aloud, since it's the apocalypse you can do whatever you like ((as long as it's alright with the user your doing it with))
    -be realistic ((no unlimited ammo and all of the sudden have AK-47's
    -you may be two characters at a time

    Character sheet:
    Personality:(at least 2 lines
    Appearance:(describe or picture
    Backstory: (at least 3 sentences
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  2. Name:Cyril Chambers
    Nickname: Cy
    Family: Maya(Sister)mother,father,and him
    Personality:Cyril is a nice,sensitive guy,He can be kind of a jerk if you avoid him or ignore him, He is scared of allot of things,especially Rats,he hates rats, hes really responsible for his little sister Maya, he respects lots of people unless you get on his bad side, he will step up if no one will, so hes kind of a leader type

    Strengths: Caring,Responsible,Respectful,Selfless,and accepting
    Weaknesses: Jerk,scared,quiet,Not honest,Undisciplined
    BackStory: Cyril was born in the same town he's always lived in,he lived with his mother,his father,and his sister, he takes his sister before his school starts and takes her to hers, he has a group of friends hat hang out together, this is his last year of NorthView High before he moves to another city in two days
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.