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  1. (takes place in the regions around Idaho, Montana, and Canada)


    History of the Divide: Formed before the Great War, when Chinese infiltrators sabotaged numerous ICBM's to explode prematurely...while still inside their respective silo's, the resulting tectonic activity tore the huge chasm into the earth, forming the Northern Divide, the cousin of it's counterpart in the Mojave, both formed the same way.

    The difference is, strangely the radiation in the north has not lingered as long, the running theory from Brotherhood scribes is that the intense storms and winds have carried a lot of the fallout away, greatly accelerating the rate at which rads have dispersed.

    While the Divide, in terms of rads, is still a dangerous place, and radstorms still blow in quite frequently, scorching the cold north with invisible fire, anyone who lives there has either become a ghoul, takes extensive advantage of scavenged hazmat suits, power armor, or has adapted to the radiation.

    All communities live underground or dug into the sides of the chasm, there is no way to survive the harsh winter's outside otherwise, for heat is lost too easily, during winter temperatures can reach a terrifying eighty below zero(F).

    Cratertown - A location where one of the many nukes hit the Divide during the great war, while the radiation has dropped to an acceptable level, most of the inhabitants of Cratertown are ghouls. They're neither hostile nor friendly to outsider's, so long as you're not a deadbeat, they'll allow you in(and as long as you're not a bigot).

    Notably, no one harasses the ghouls of Cratertown, for they have many robots and turrets defending their homes, for they have several pre-war ghouls with the know how to make them.

    Karma: Neutral to Good

    Snowtop - A haven for the people of the northern wastelands, a prewar ghoul who has survived through the centuries found a pre-war facility full of preserved, untainted floral seeds, many of them are unusable for the north, but he managed to cultivate a very large forest of pines and other plants that can survive through harsh winters.

    People have naturally been drawn to one of the few places in the wasteland still full of green, and people have formed a strong community here, devoted to agriculture during the summer and hunting, they protect each other, the plant life has since mutated to adapt to the harsh conditions of the Divide.

    Karma: Good

    Bastion - The central trading hub of the Divide, and where all bounty hunter's come to look for work, Bastion is the first line of defense against the Skullboys in the wastelands, it is here that the Northern Protectorate has an outpost, an organization devoted to keeping people just trying to live an ordinary life safe from the danger's of the wasteland.

    It is their hope, that they can one day make contact with the Brotherhood of Steel, and ask for aid. Until then, here come those looking for jobs to hunt down dangerous monsters, and Skullboys, or to enlist to the armed forces working to patrol the Divide and keep it safe.

    Karma: Very Good

    The primary territory of the Skullboys, this is where they are most organized, and where the core of their strength is, the Skullboys raid from here, for some reason the land here seems to be riddled with pits of all sorts, it's very likely this area was carpet bombed in the past.

    Though the powers here would like to dislodge the Skullboys, for now they are not capable of removing this threat to the peace of the people.

    Karma: Very Evil

    Enemies Peculier to Northern USA of Fallout (open)

    Bonechill Cazadore
    The horrifying mutated tarantula hawk wasp reached the far north around almost two centuries ago, when the radiation still flowed strongly across the continent.

    Created by Dr. Borous of the Think Tank at Big M.T. the Cazadore was already a horrifying, and frighteningly dangerous predator, here in the far north, the radiation has caused it to mutate into something even worse.

    The Bonechill Cazadore has completely adapted to the harsh winter conditions in the northern USA, and in fact seems to draw strength from the cold, and from radiation.

    Faster, stronger, and with a more deadly venom which creates a sensation of being frozen alive, thus 'bonechill', this venom is known to quickly kill prey.

    A nightmarish threat to deal with indeed. Beware should one of this lightning fast insects be near...

    Glacial Worm

    An annelid turned into a dangerous threat, which has adapted to the cold and can tunnel through both snow, ice, and earth with ease to reach it's prey, hunt in packs.

    Skull Boys
    Raiders by any other name, what differentiates the Skull Boy's from regular raider's, is their aesthetics, and relative level of organization and discipline in comparison to bandits of other locations in the USA.

    A feared force in the north, the Skull Boys will rob, rape, enslave, and murder anyone who isn't one of them, and not necessarily in that order.

    Yao Gui(Grizzly)

    A far more terrifying cousin to the mutated black bears encountered elsewhere, up here, the northern Grizzly Bear was always a creature that could soak up a frightening number of bullets and still have time to tear you apart before it's brain realized it was dead.

    The same deal here, but the mutant version of the Grizzly can still soak up all those bullets, tear you apart...and survive.

    Radiation has turned it into a monster to be feared, one of the apex predators of the northern USA, even the Cazadore or deathclaw will step warily around one of these.


    One of the most horrifying combat machine's ever built by the US Army, designed primarily by the same people who ended up heading the Enclave and Vault Tech.

    The Nightmare is not it's actual classification, but that information is difficult to obtain.

    For the machine's themselves are highly intelligent, originally designed to be a terror weapon against the Red Army, they were capable of utilizing their intelligence to stealthily infiltrate camps, and abduct enemy soldiers.

    The very next day, those same soldiers would be found, gruesomely displayed for the enemy to find, their faces left intact in clear expressions of pain and fear.

    With a cloaking device, and their cunning, almost no one has seen much of one of these machine's and lived to tell the tale, and the fate of those who don't...

    Is usually enough to discourage investigation.

    Referred to as 'Nightmares' or 'Ghosts', 'Spooks', and 'Boogiemen', the lack of information regarding these machines has resulted in how many who live in the north regard them with superstition.
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