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    Requests/rules (open)
    -I am over 18, I expect the same from you.
    -Let me know if you lose interest, you can expect the same from me though let's hope it doesn't get to it.
    -I have very few limits, there's no harm in asking and if either party isn't comfortable it can be communicated.

    -Grammar should be appropriate for the high casual level, size wise I don't focus too much on it. One liners are unacceptable but an average post should just fit the situation and generally fall in the 2-4 paragraphs range.
    -I'm hoping to find long term partners, OOC is a must so that the RP, plot and such can be regularly discussed.

    -PMs only, this goes for the RP but also just approaching me. I won't be responding to any variations of "I'm (kinda) interested, tell me more" posts in this thread. Shoot me a PM and ask some specific questions if you are interested.
    -OCs only, I don't like using canons. If the setting isn't original, I'm okay with canons as supporting characters but that's as far as I'll go. (

    Now that is out of the way, first let me explain what I am going for with this before I go deeper into the details and plot. This came to me as a solution to two separate cravings I've had for a while, something that has a feel of a classic fantasy RPG (video)game and something with a pantheon of gods. (Greek or Norse mostly). So the first would be something with a party, each having their own classes/jobs and specialities because of it, on an a magical adventure. The gods would be about all the drama and intrigue the myths offer. At one point I was inspired to combine the two, to build something that had that classic fantasy RPG vibe but with a different spin on it. Instead of dungeons and dragons, elves and goblins squaring off in forest lands. Instead it would have runes and frost giants, dwarves and valkyries slugging it out on snowcapped mountains and frozen tundras.

    I'm posting this in the Libertines because I want to have mature elements in it, as a porn to plot ratio I figured it would 50|50 or 40|60 at best. When appropriate those scenes will take place. There will be violence, swearing, rape and all that other good (Bad!) stuff. When it comes to personal preferences, or kinks, those can be discussed in PM but I'm pretty open and like to try new things so feel free to pitch me whatever. Worst case scenario I just won't get it(Like foot stuff) or I'll have to say that I'm not comfortable with it. Scat comes to mind.


    Plot: It's been years since Thor has taken the throne, among the many new gods born from the earlier generation currently in power, there are a total of four candidates to succeed the current king. Young gods that have yet to fully gain rulership over their domains, the gods of the four seasons, but as Thor enters the odinsleep and signals the coming of the Ragnorak there is a coup. Loki seizes the throne and promises Asgard that he will fend of the invaders if they accept him as their king. He banishes those that can stand in his way, and so the young gods end up stripped of most of their powers and sent to Midgard.

    On Midgard these gods of Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring must not only manage to survive in the harsh wind swept lands, but gain the power they will need to mount their heroic comeback as they find a way to return to Asgard and battle Loki and his troops.

    The set up: It starts with two of those gods (initially) or all four, though I think starting of with two of them being a pair together works better. But that's the core of the group of adventurers. In my head I imagined it as a son of Thor and a daughter of Loki, though there is bad blood between the two they have no choice but to work together to survive and stop Loki. Together they form a party and start traveling together, rounding out their team as they make friends and acquire allies.

    What I'm looking for: I need a partner that loves to worldbuild and design characters, I tend to RP in a style with one main (In a leading man kinda role) though there always plenty of supporting characters involved in the story. I prefer to play a male as my main and I had my eye set on the son of Thor as a barbarian and the god of Winter, so I'm looking for someone to play Loki's daughter who I pictured as a sorcerer or wizard of sorts. Though you'll have freedom with your character, she doesn't have to be your main and instead one of those remain spots could be yours. Which could be any of the gods of Fall, Spring or Summer and the spawn of any godly couple you desire.

    We'll share the NPC duties, making supporting characters to join the group and enemies to fight as the story calls for it.

    It would mostly be about the plot, the drama and the character interaction. The sex and action should make plenty of appearances, but it shouldn't be just mindless humping or endless fighting.

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