Normally not my thing, but I've got a craving!

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  1. I have only three fandoms that I would be interested in doing, but their a bit obscure, at least it would appear they are since I rarely see them mentioned.

    Sleepy Hollow (Check the sig. If you have no idea who they are, than this one isn't for you!)

    I would love, love, love, love, to do a Sleepy Hollow fandom, with Abbie and Crane as a couple. I'm thinking something along the lines of cannon, but after they defeat Moloch. I have an idea for this, just need a partner!


    Again, this would be semi-cannon, focusing on the children of the crew instead of the crew themselves. I do have a plot for this one!


    I have quite a few plots for this one, but none have ever lasted very long. :(

    One more to add to the list, because I'm really, really, really dying to do one.

    Dark Tower!

    My plot is pre-cannon, involving Steven and Gabrielle before Roland was born. I also have an idea for something towards the start of the Gunslingers. Ugh...I have too many ideas for this one. @_@ Seriously, I'm a DT addict, but I can never find anyone with my enthusiasm.

    Roland is so underrated. :(

    If you are interested in any of these, feel free to drop me a line, or PM me. :)
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  2. Firefly!!! :o
  3. Sort of, but not exactly. I have a character made for it already. She's Kaylee and Simon's daughter.
  4. STARGATE!! lol
  5. Okay, added one more fandom because I just reread The Gunslinger......

    I swear I will love whoever does a DT fandom with me forever. <3

    Okay, maybe not love, but I'll like them a whollllllle lot!
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