Normal ways, yet strange.

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  1. [ Nanami's Pov ] Ohsaka a normal high school academy in where students live to learn and learn to live. Everything that Nanami did was fight, life was nothing to her until she enrolled on that school. It was different , no one knew who she really was, no one got into her dark side until she undergo into a fight. That's when everything change. Everyone now thought of her as a delinquent, some even judge her by looks but she didn't mind, sometimes she'd skip classes and didn't care. Maybe this time things would change. Well that's what she hoped.

    Some would be scared to even get close to her, what if the next day was different

    Nanami Aruya

    " Ohsaka... high school academy... " Nanami muttered to herself while standing in front of the school's gates staring at the school building. Starting today she was gonna waste her time in this new school. Everything was going to be fine, this was her new start. Maybe it was too good to be true. She was walking down the road heading to the school's building with her purple colored hair standing out. Nanami wore a quiet plain expression while walking and fixed up her glasses. Then everything snapped.

    " Ah! Sorry! " the guy who accidentally ran into her said. He looked over at Nanami whose eye's were dull while staring at him. " S-see you later! " he yelled about to run away until Nanami grabbed his hand. Of course he was shocked, what else would she want him to do. She took one step forward then lifted him up and threw him behind, letting him land by the gate. Everyone was both shock and impressed yet have a small tingly feeling to step away from her. She continued going her way inside and went through her class. Looks like the day for a new beginning had changed.
  2. Eli muttered something to himself while he closed his locker. He was sick of this school. As he walked down the hall he saw a purple haired girl. Who is she? She must be new.
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    Nanami continued walking down the hall and walked towards her locker, the people around her scattered away giving her space as she just normally placed her bag inside and got a notebook and pen, she never carried her books. She always thought it was useless. When she closed her locker it made quite a loud sound that made a person step back a bit. Her time wanting to change was gone, well looks like she forgotten it.

    " Is there something wrong? " she said while looking at the students as they all shook their heads and looked away going towards there ' clique ' she blinked thrice and went walking while looking. Her expression was plain once you see past her glasses. It almost looked like she was a nerd but once you see her grades she'd have a 0 grade. Or at least a score before 10.
  4. Ohsaka, eh... He thought as he went in the gates and inside the school building. Angel was in many ways your average teenage boy. And in many ways he wasn't. He had been forced to move from school to school due to no one accepting him. He was called all kinds of names; freak, tranny, homo.. everything bad. Just because he didn't feel like a damn girl and changed himself to become the one he was today. His parents didn't care much about what he did, and agreed to writing out a notice to the school so he wouldn't have to be in P.E. I wonder if this place will just be another shitty experience... Angel had been given his name because of his golden hair and wonderful blue eyes, but he doubted that was a fitting name by now. He didn't exactly fit with a religious sounding name. He sighed and went to the locker, number 34, standing just beside a girl with glasses and purple hair. Is she a newbie too? Everyone seems scared of her. Despite him being quite awkward socially and wearing leather jackets, laced boots and having five piercings in each ear, he was actually a good boy. He grabbed his books and went past the purple haired girl without even taking notice of her, not planning on being scared as all the other students seemed to be. She did that violent thing in front of the school but she's not that intimidating. Just doesn't seem to have control of her temper.
  5. (This seems interesting to me as well, I shall, "Jump in"!)

    Lola skipped happily into Ohsaka Academy.
    She had been waiting to get into this school forever.
    And at the first of the school year, she did.
    She planned on loving it, and she couldn't help but love it, but at the same time she hated it.
    She had some of the best friends she had ever made,
    But the school was so plain.
    It was great, but too great.
    Not enough action, not enough thrill.
    Just the prim perfect school she thought was so absolutely amazing.
    Quite frankly she was bored.
    But that didn't stop her from skipping in the school, smiling happily.
    Suddenly a boy flew over her head and landed behind her.
    Her eyes widened and she looked to see a girl with purple hair and glasses,
    who seemed to have thrown the boy.
    Lola looked back to the boy, who seemed to be getting up shakily.
    Then, back at the girl, but she had already gone down the hall.

    About ten minutes later,
    Lola rushed into her first period class, English.
    She hadn't meant to almost be late.
    She had been talking with a group of her friends,
    and a loud sound startled them.
    She saw once again the purple haired girl who wore glasses.
    "Is there something wrong?"
    The girl asked.
    Lola shook her head, and began to say something,
    but a hand grabbed her arm and twisted her back around.
    Her friends seemed to be huddled in a closed group now.
    "I was going to talk to her-" Lola started.
    "Well don't, did you see her this morning?"
    her friend Annabelle said.
    "She's a freak," Penelope stated.
    The other girls nodded in agreement.
    It's not like I'm going to ditch you guys for her,Lola thought.
    Couldn't they all just be friends?
    And now she ran into first period,
    about missing the bell,
    and sat slumped in her seat in the front row,
    next to the window.

    ((I figured that even in a Romance, a girl always needs a girl best friend. ))

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  6. Angel's first class in the new school was English, and when he walked in he bowed politely to the classmates. "My name is Angel. I transferred here from Tokyo." He didn't say any more than that and looked up at the teacher. "Oh, you can sit over there, beside Lola." She said and Angel sat down on the empty seat and pulled out his books and notebook and a pencil. From here on, he didn't know what would happen. If they figured out the truth about him, would he get any friends? If he dared to tell anyone how he was feeling, what would happen? All kinds of thoughts went through his head as he tried to focus on the class. Angel had always been gifted with a hardworking personality despite him looking like a slacker. He was good or above average in most subjects, and he specifically did good in English because of his parents being American( hence him not having a Japanese name). He didn't mind it much, though the name Angel seemed kind of stupid when he thought about himself. He was far from an angel. He was probably the opposite. His expression was seemingly dull and uninterested but that was just his mask. He was actually paying attention and answered correctly when the teacher asked him questions. Most would've just thought he got lucky or cheated. He didn't care much. As long as his teacher didn't think so. He took the needed notes filling about half a page in the book and then writing "English" on the outside and then "Angel" below it written as a signature.
  7. Twisting and turning falling falling and falling like an endless sky fall, he sank and yelled and shouted but no one heard him. He hit the ground splattering loudly with a mean thud and smack, He shot up from his bed of course looking around his bed room taking in deep breathes and sweating. His black hair which was shorter than he wanted it but done well rested just above his neck, His amber eyes coming to a calming normal look and his Helix ear pierce showing through from his hair. He looked at the clock and groaned getting up and was already wearing clothes? He looked down and wondered why but he looked clean so he put on some cologne and deodorant ,brushed his teeth, and combed his hair. Walking out from the bathroom and grabbed his keys and walked out the door, And down the steps until he bursted through the house door. He took in the air and began walking his hands placed in his pockets and his hair flowing behind him. Once he made it to school he was only a little late, hes been in this school for only 1 year...he didn't hate it but it was just like most of the schools he heard about, No one was the same and everyone was different. As he entered class late he said " Sorry im late...uhm nightmares? " He sat down. His first class was always matter what...maybe its because hes Foreign, o Well Marko was happy enough to be in school...and away from his parents.
  8. A little after Angel had sat down, a boy came in. One of the girls told him that the boys' name was Marko and that he was once too often late for class. Something weird about nightmares. Looking up, he saw the amber eyes of Marko. He liked the way they fitted his hair but decided not to be too obvious in staring and looked boredly back down at his notebook as if his only interest had been in seeing who had interrupted the class. He ran a hand through his incredibly soft blonde hair and began doodling on his notebook when the teacher left to get some assignments they had to make. Angel had drawn since he was very little, all kinds of drawing styles. Currently he was stuck on drawing manga, mostly because he'd discovered it for real a while ago. The drawing ended up as a girl in a large dress with long and wavy hair whipping around her body, looking up at the viewer with a thoughtful and dreamy expression. He'd drawn the eyes with blurry shades making them look distant, and made sure to place all other shades where they were supposed to be. When the sketch was done, the teacher came back and handed out their assignments. He had already done this on the school before and remembered most of the answers so he just filled it in with the slightest of interest. He wasn't really sure where to go from here. He knew it was just his first class on his first day in this academy, but yet he thought that it was already too late to make any friends.
  9. He was humming a small tune since Marko was a..heh pronounced prodigy to music. He tapped his fingers on the desk to his humming, his humming low and soft. He picked up his pencil and began to fill in the Assignment slowly yet surely. His amber eyes had caught Angel looking at him when he sat down but he ignored it, he got alot of looks but he didn't know why. Maybe he hated him? maybe he thought he was cool? or maybe he was just wondering who the asshole who walked in late to class was. Marko chuckled a bit, his kind of cute smile showing through as he became stuck on a question. He spoke out loud without knowing his not to heavy Russian accent was heard in it " Dammit i should know this answer " He ran his hand through his hair and still had a smile on his face even though he was struggling on this problem
  10. Angel decided to do a brave move and walked over to Marko. He then leaned down and pointed at two places in the assignment he had just said he couldn't figure out. "These two words are switched in the sentence. It's a bit tricky because both things seems to make sense." After leaving it at that he walked back to his seat and sat down quietly, plugging in his headphones. What! The last song I listened to was my cover of that song? Oh how embarrassing... He sighed a little. Oh well despite the crappy mixing job done this time it sounds nice, I guess... He looked back over at Marko to see what his reaction had been to someone suddenly going over to help him. It hadn't been the hardest question but it was the kind of thing that would easily slip your mind, had you learned it or not. Sitting there with the light from outside in his back, it made him look like what his parents had seen in him giving him the name Angel.
  11. Marko was still staring at Angel even when he went back to his seat, when Angel looked back at him Marko smiled and tilted his head and said " Thank you " In his Russian Accent. He then looked back down at his paper and re read the question and immediately got it, He continued to finish the sheet and ran his hand through his hair again. He bit his lip a bit and fiddled with his Helix piercings, His eyes scanning the room as he finished the paper and he leaned into his seat. The teach walked over and took his assignment and nodded saying " good job your really improving " He smiled and said " Thank you..thank you very much " The teacher walked back to the front and he puts his head down on the desk, he was done with doing this work.
  12. It wasn't long until a boy with blonde hair walked in.
    Turns out he was from Tokyo.
    That was pretty cool,
    not often you meet someone from another country.
    He ended up sitting by her.
    She smiled as he sat down,
    then turned to her work.
    Then someone else came in.
    Marko, she believe was his name.
    He had only been here a year, but he fit in pretty well.
    She did her worksheet,
    but heard both of them talking.
    She eavesdropped just a bit.
    Then turned to them,
    after the teacher had left.
    "Nice job,
    you must be pretty smart,"
    She said to Angel.
    Then felt like she might have insulted Marko she held up her hands,
    "Not that I mean't you're not smart,
    just I didn't understand that either,
    and he did and y'know.."
    She rambled sometimes.
  13. Angel gave a nod at his thank you and handed over his paper as the teacher passed by his seat. He went back to doodling and looked over at Marko, slowly starting to draw the edge lines and then ending up with a drawing of him. For some reason, he drew giant wings on the back and quickly covered it up before anyone, especially Marko, would see it. Angel despised how his head always seemed to decide things before his body could follow. And before he knew he'd drawn something weird or said something that he shouldn't. He tried to hide his frustration and embarrassment as he looked over at Marko again. Angel had always had this thing for black hair and piercings. His parents hadn't approved of this, but in the end they'd just stopped caring about everything. For all they knew, Angel could be a criminal and they wouldn't care. He sighed softly as depressing thoughts overwhelmed him and decided to start writing a short story. As the girl, Lola, spoke, he looked up again.
    "Thanks... but I'm pretty well with English since I'm not originally Japanese." He pointed at his hair color and then his face that didn't exactly hold any traits of an Asian. Sure it was feminine and he had big eyes and long eyelashes, but that hadn't got anything to do with his race.
  14. His eyes then looked over at her, He still had a smile on and said " Oh? yeah it was a complicated problem " He ran his hand through his hair again, this was a nervous habit he had and he really didnt know why he did so much. But he then looked out through the window with a smile on his face when a bird landed on the ledge and was just sitting there ruffling its feathers, He couldn't take his eyes off of it and he didnt know why he couldn't its song just mesmerized him. He began humming which blended with the bird tweeting.
  15. "Well at least you got to live in Tokyo.
    I wish someday to go to another country, even for a little while."
    She sighed.
    Then saw a bird catch Marko's eyes.
    He began humming to the song.
    He must be a music person.
    What was she?
    Was she a certain type of person?
    Or just normal?
    She zoned out thinking on this.

    ((Goodnight! Have a nice rest!))
  16. "Tokyo isn't all that nice. It was noisy with people everywhere around you and tall buildings as far as you could see. I'm happy that this place is smaller." Angel smiled and ran a hand through his hair. It really had been annoying to live in Japan. With loud cars and people everywhere. And then he'd been bullied for his hair. He looked different than the others and then they found it natural that he had to be bullied for it.
  17. "That sounds like Paradise.
    Maybe the noise would get on my nerves,
    but I bet it isn't as boring as it is around here,"
    Lola said dully.
    "It's always the same routine,
    nothing different.
    I wish something big would happen,
    just once."
  18. "With me here that won't be a problem... I tend to attract "interesting" things." Angel said and winked at the girl before completely pulling away his headphones that he'd been half wearing up until now (even if there was no music in them). "Your name was Lola, right?" He asked and looked at the girl, his blue eyes shining a bit as he looked at her with an interested but yet dull expression.
  19. Lola laughed,
    "Maybe you could attract something super interesting this time.
    I think this place is going to die,
    something needs to bring it back to life."
    Then she nodded,
    "Lola Drake's my name.
    Your name is Angel...
    so do you have wings?"
  20. "Perhaps I have somewhere.. who knows?" He smiled and sent her a wink. He didn't have real wings, but a scar similiar to a tattoo of black wings did fill his back. It looked really much like a tattoo, but looking closer you could see it was a scar. It hadn't been all that painful. It was one night of intense pain and then it was just there. He couldn't wash it off, couldn't do anything about it. It had caused him quite a few intense pain attacks but they were over. Even weirder he'd once woken up with feathers scattered all over his bed. Black feathers. He had searched for the reason for hours. But neither his scar, nor his brain would give him any logical answer. It had only happened once and he still wanted to know what had caused it. Luckily nothing had happened since he moved here.