"Normal" Things You Find Weird/Annoying

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  1. Everyone has them!

    Normal, everyday things that everyone else seems to do or say without even a second thought, but for whatever reason you find strange or can't stand!

    For example!

    I can't stand when people wish me "good luck" in matters of skill or preparation. If I'm going into an exam, I don't want your wish for good luck because (at least for me) luck has nothing to do with it. I either know the material or I don't! I prefer an encouragement like "do well on your exams" or even "kick some ass" - both of which are more directly related to my own preparation and performance during rather than simply getting lucky. Now, if luck is actually involved (like if I'm in Vegas and am about to hit the tables), then "good luck" is totally acceptable!

    I also, for some reason, just don't like the phrase "rule of thumb." I dunno why exactly, it just kind of bugs me.

    What are some of the things that YOU find weird or annoying that most other people seem to just do?
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  2. The word "baby" as a term of endearment for your significant other/ person of your infatuation. I don't know why this became standard issue pillow talk for relationships, but the last thing I want to be compared to is a tiny screaming tiny sociopath who doesn't have kneecaps and has a weird pulsing spot on their head between their not-yet-fused skull fragments while shitting themselves with reckless abandon.

    I also have an irrational hatred for the word tummy. It just seems like one of those words that little kids use until they mature and start turning into shitty teenagers and realize that their friends are going to mock them relentlessly for saying "Oh bro, my tummy hurts from drinking that Texas Mickey of Crown last night".

    I fucking hate people who don't use their signal lights when driving, I get annoyed when people drive around without their headlights on, and I hate when I'm trying to turn and you have the right of way but you're driving like old people fuck; slow and sloppy. Also, when the snow hits and people don't fucking drive according to the road conditions so they pretty much lose control of their vehicle and nearly skid off the road or into traffic when they take a turn way too fast because they think their giant, douchey pick up truck can handle any road conditions without driver intervention.

    Another driving one, when you have the radio on and the commercials play horn or siren sound effects. Because the last thing I want to do is look around like an idiot to find out if I'm about to get into a collision or if I need to get over for an emergency vehicle because you're trying to sell me something that I am almost certainly now going to avoid like Ebola infested apes because your commercial gave me a half second of a heart attack. Fuck you, radio people. The only time people listen to you is when they're driving or are trapped at work and need something to break up the tedium of the mechanical clock's ticking so they don't march into the office after snapping and go on a rampage.
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  3. Smoking in public, I can't fucking stand it. Seriously, I don't want to have to smell that crap, it makes me nauseous and I feel like to have to hold my breath just so I don't vomit everywhere.

    Also, religion, I don't hate it and I respect people's right to believe what they want (so long as they don't try to shove it down my throat like my family does); but I just think it's weird and out of place in modern day society, like it should have faded into obscurity but didn't because humanity is too stubborn to let go of such ancient beliefs. I would go into further detail, but I feel like I've already offended enough people as it is.
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  4. People who walk in the middle of the sidewalk, when a group of people walk side by side on the sidewalk effectively making themselves a barrier. College kids. People who jump on the machines at the gym without asking if I'm done. In fact pretty much any time there more than 10 people in the gym. Clubs. I hate clubs and the atmosphere in them. Public parks with too many people. I find pools pointless. I mean I love swimming in rivers but I get bored in pools.
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  5. When you're passing someone in a hallway and they decide to greet you and ask how you are when you're five feet in front of them. There was about fifty feet of open air! By time they finish and I ask them the same they're long past me.

    People who don't use blinkers.

    When people dip their head a little bit when waving at me. It's silly and makes you look foolish. Like you're bowing or something.

    Mailmen/delivery men who knock on my door once and are walking away by time I get pants on. It's your job to get that signature and give me two minutes to answer that door. I read that manual.

    People that misspell words. You've a smart phone. You see that red line. Just see what it suggests.

    People that sing in public. No problem with it when you're on key. But when your gospel tracks come out of your mouth as "aaaaAAAAAHUUUUEEEEUULLLAAAAWRRRD" it's wrong, evil, and terrible to hear.
  6. Thanks to you, I've now spent more time than anyone aught to have on looking up the origins and etymology of 'baby'.

    Far as I can tell, it seems to be a term of endearment saying that you love them / want to protect them / similar as much as you would your own child. So, maybe it's Freudian. I dunno. Apparently it cropped up around 1839 in English, is present in a multitude of other European languages, and hit 'mainstream' around the early 1900s and more generalized to women you found attractive by the 1910s. See: 'Babe'.

    Baby itself is apparently the diminutive of an onomatopoeia for the dumb noises that babies make, similar origins to 'babble', as in speak incoherently.

    EDIT: Oh and so I'm on topic, people who forget tot turn the lights off when no one is using them any more. You're out of the bathroom, no one is in this side of the apartment, why is the light on? The household isn't made of money, turn the lights off.

    People who don't flush when they really should. Look, I can understand in some areas of the world you don't flush unless it's shit, but y'know what? You still flush if it's shit. Flush the goddamn toilet you disgusting piece of shit, I don't want to open that lid and get hit by that smell.

    People who don't pick up after their dog shits. Dude, maybe if there were multiple signs telling you to clean up after your dog, multiple garbage bins, and multiple things with complimentary doggy bag things to clean up after your dog, and they weren't easy to have even without those... maybe... I would understand. But y'know what? You are SURROUNDED by those here. USE them. CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG.

    People who are proud of themselves for things that they had no hand in and also did nothing to do, improve, or help with. Don't just have free pride, that's stupid, do a thing and then have pride in what you accomplished. You can be happy or thankful that you're whatever or part of whatever, but the pride thing to me comes off as unnecessary and silly unless you've actually done something.
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  7. People who walk slowly.

    Like, yo, some of us have places to be. Why are you walking at such a leisurely pace with you and your friends spaced out just so perfectly that I can't walk between you or around you without shoving my way past?

    I mean, it would be rude to tell people to move aside just so that I can speed-walk through, right? Especially when I'm clearly not really in any sort of urgent situation, but just impatient?

    So I can't say anything. I'm just stuck behind you, moving at that same snail's pace, until you either turn down a different hallway or re-align your group such that I can easily weave my way past you. >:I
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    pics (open)






    Buns look so much better at the crown of the head (the pointy bit toward the back!) than right fucking on top in my opinion; this just kinda looks retarded, the way they poke up from the top of the head like a damn antenna or something. Every time I see it this little "DOING-OING-OING" sound like if you kick that springy doorstopper thing behind your door plays in my head. I can't wait for it to be out of style
    lower/more back (open)




    And wearing pyjama bottoms out of the house. I get that they're comfy; so are sweatpants and leggings. Just put proper fucking clothes on if you're leaving the house; your laziness cannot both be so great that you cannot even put proper pants on and also low enough that you will leave the house and go out and do things. I mean do you not know how to dress yourself? are you two? Geezus.
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  9. Bathing in the morning, but not at night!

    I feel bathing at night is when you're filthiest. You've been out and about, in the world of grossness. When you get home, before you get in bed, is when you should want to be your cleanest. RIGHT?!

    Then when you wake up, you can choose to take a quick shower to wake up, or just splash your face...
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  10. sometimes you wake up all sweaty and gross though...
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  11. As someone who has naturally greasy hair, if my hair is washed before I go to sleep, I will wake up with my hair needing to be cleaned again from those 8 hours of nothing, so I usually have to do two sessions of bathing a day to be optimally clean, even if one of those is just to wash my hair. It's a huge annoying hassle. Fortunately, shampoo for my hair type has made it so it's totally fine if I don't wash it twice a day. When I was younger and my folks were in charge of shopping I didn't get proper shampoo and it was the worst.

    Yeah! What Minibit said! I shower in the morning for my big cleaning because otherwise I'm more gross through the day than if my main cleaning was in the evening. I'd rather be clean for people than clean for my bed.
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  12. Not everyone has the luxury of living near a river, though. Some people have no choice but to swim in a pool, myself included.
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  13. When My father wears fucking crocks and sweats when I am with him in public. Holy shit that gets on my nerves.

    People who walk slow in crowded areas, so I can't get out from behind them.

    Groups of people who stand directly in the way of people walking. (namely me) Like seriously, you are all bunched up in the middle of the fucking hallway/a door. Die.

    Smelly people.

    People with long, badly kept hair. Mostly men who don't fucking shower, and think it's okay to walk around with long, grungy ass hair and disgusting, unkempt beards. I don't even mean long beards, I mean the fucking idiots who can't even grow a beard, just patches of hair on their face, and just let it grow.

    People who openly display their furry/brony-ness in public areas make me cringe. I saw a man at subway with a goddamn dog collar on today when I was leaving, and I almost convulsed.

    People with leggings, tights, sweats, etc on.

    Overweight people who wear tight clothing.

    When my shirts or jackets make millions of fucking fuzzballs from me sitting down.
  14. Also, if you grew up where I grew up, the rivers weren't safe to swim in due to what all lived in them.
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  15. Um.

    Dog collars are not necessarily a furry thing.

    Lots of people just wear dog collars cuz they think they look cool. o.o

    Also, is it really that terrible for someone to wear, say, an MLP t-shirt? Cuz I have lots of those...
  16. Also, this is practically all I wear. o.o

    I mean, I like comfy pants, sue me.

    Weird how many things about me would apparently drive you nuts IRL.
  17. They do not look cool. At all. It was not a choker, or anything of that sort. It was a dog collar on a man, with a little heart tag you put the dog's name on.

    You're a girl, so it's somewhat more acceptable, but, I think you know what I mean.
  18. Maybe you don't think they look cool, but lots of other people think they do. I mean, there's nothing wrong with dog collars not being to your taste -- didn't say you have to like them -- I'm just saying it's not necessarily a furry thing. Lots of people just see it as a fashion statement. (And yes, I know the difference between a dog collar and a choker. I still think dog collars can still look good on some people.)

    Also, I still don't see what would be wrong with anyone showing off what fandom they like if it's something as simple as just wearing a t-shirt, but uh... I think I'll drop that one before I start something.
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  19. Small talk. I know it's supposed to be casual and friendly, but fuck.
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  20. So, how's the weather?
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