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    This challenge is kinda inspired by my visit to the grenadines and St.Vincent in the Caribbean.
    :The Chalenge:
    The following must be put in the description of the island ..
    Corordinates:(eg.15.0000° N, 75.0000° W)
    :population:(is there any one living on it?)
    [picture of island]
    :and just for fun you can add in your own Boat and please include:
    Name of ship:
    Type of ship:(eg sail boat)
    How many crew:
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  2. Name: Calunda Island
    Size:2040 km2
    Coordinates:15.0000° N, 75.0000° W
    Description: Calunda island is a Beautiful atoll island in the Caribbean partially surrounded by reef and sheltered bays. the island is home to many a species of wildlife and hosts a wide range of colourful birds such as humming birds and a huge variety of reptiles such as Iguanas and Chameleons. Pelicans are also Frequently seen around the harbour in the Village on Calunda. Calunda has a small airport near to the harbour that takes small cargo propeller plains and very light passenger and recreational air craft. most of the island is untouched due to Calunda's small government limiting growth to the western bay of Parrot cove. The nearest major island to it is Barbados.
    Boat name:Grenadine Rose
    Type of ship: Freedom sail ship
    Crew capacity: 4

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