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    Norcrest a city of danger, secrets and crime. It is a city of high population and the police try their best to fight. Sometimes their work alone isn't enough to stop it. Some cases they can't figure out, some that seem quite mysterious and inhumane and sometimes they become cold and the case is dropped. That's where a secret government team called The Royals come in. They put those who thought they got away with a crime, where they belong Norcrest High Security Prison. They do things their own way, gathering answers and evidence through their own means. The law doesn't apply to them. Secrets between The Royals and the Government are kept secrets. You are apart of The Royals, apart of the secrets, apart of this kick ass crime solving group of agents. Solving cases that seem inhuman, dead end cases, murders, terrorists and more. You yourself are inhuman, you possess a power of sorts, use it to your advantage.

    What is Norcrest like you ask?

    Norcest is split int East, West, North and South. All divided by social class. It was a law passed by the local government years and years ago.


    East Norcrest

    East Norcrest is a clean and pristine area. This is where the government agencies and the President are. Crime here isn't as extreme as the other areas. Maybe the occasional murder, robbery or assault. The people of East Norcres have all the latest technology and state of the art facilities. The boarder cuts off North and South. Guarded by boarder officers who check IDs of those crossing. If you are a straggler from another part of Norcrest you under-go a series of questions.

    North Norcrest

    North Norcrest is what you would call the common ghetto. The area for low classed people. Things are run down, dirty and some things aren't even built. The gangs reside here, The Gold Mystics and The Red Scarves. Drug dealing, murder, shootings, you name it it all happens here. It's a place where the most danger resides. You don't want to be caught out in the night time in this area. The gang leaders these days are up to no good. They've been smuggling drugs to sell into East Norcrest as well as the plotting of assassinations of high level officials. They are in the middle on the watch list for the Royals. They border with the East and West, boarder patrol is only high on the East side.

    West Norcrest

    West Norcrest is the middle class area. Things seem pretty normal here, regular buildings, shops nice schools. Your typical suburban area. While crime seems to be common here it's not as bad as the North side. The only notable group here would be GLiTCH, a cyber terrorist organization. That attacked the East side government agencies. Sending threats and warnings. They seem to mean business but are low on The Royals watch list. Another secret perhaps? They boarder with the South and the North Side. Boarder patrol is low here.

    South Norcrest

    South Norcrest is pretty much a mix of all. It's where those in the working class are. The buildings are quite nice and the people seem to be friendly. It even has a boardwalk that is open year round due to Norcrest's nice tropical temperature. Though it's no escape from the constant danger of Norcrest. It's the home of the Valentino Family. A mafia group that has it's eyes on bringing down the East Side. You've seen those mafia movies, that's what they are all about. Right now their target is on the higher ups of Norcrest. They want one of their own in office so that the city is in their control. They are code red on The Royals watch list.

    Lately there has been a new group out causing chaos, not much is known about them but that they have the criminal groups on their side. They call themselves The Order, and this is only the beginning.

    As you can see Norcrest is no safe place.



    Before you moan and groan. Every RP has to have them. So lets get this over with quickly and painlessly.

    1. Activeness is the Key!- Make sure you post actively and if you can't post or are going to be gone for awhile. Let me or Karma know. Don't just drop out either, let us know you are going to be gone.

    2. Details are important- We expect you to post the minimum of one paragraph. One nice chunky paragraph, it's not that hard, we are all writers here.

    3. Use your head- No controlling other peoples characters, perfect characters, godmodding or any of that nonsense. Some OP powers are allowed but run them by the group leaders first.

    4. No drama llamas or Rude Brutes- Keep the drama and nastiness inside the RP. Starting up drama between members just ruins the fun for everyone. So keep it out.

    5. Obey your masters- Just kidding we aren't masters, but Karma and my words are law.

    6. No turning this into a 1x1- No ten pages of two people back to back, give others the chance to post too.

    5. Golden Rule- Have fun and keep this alive. It's too awesome to bye bye D;

    Also if you have any suggestions for things that happen in the RP. Sub-plots, cases to solve. Me and Karmi are all ears ^^

    The Signups

    Please make your sheets look prettyful ;w;

    Age: (19+)
    Gender: (Keep genders even)
    Personality: (1 paragraph+, detailed; also make your person unique, not like everyone else)
    History: (Optional)
    Role: (What are you for the group?)
    Skills: (Be different, okay?)
    Ability: (Only one, no OP)
    Weapons: (Be different from the others)
    Room: (They all live in the same house)
    Appearance: (RL pictures only, if you need help looking for one just ask)

    The Agents
    Diyanna Le Belle- Royals Leader @Karma200
    Valeria Amour Valentine - Tech Assistant @Karma200
    Camille Dubois- Thief/Investigator @BrokenTerra

    Marcella Nyx- Spy @Mysty


    Warren Dalenson- Coroner @Mysty
    Daemon Faith- Agent @Tonedeaf
    Renshii Akahero- Scout @KiroAkira
    Alfonse Jurgen Gharenz- Hostage/Shock/EOD Specialist @CrimsonHorizons
    Felix Bergfalk- Housekeeper/Medic/Cook @Snowday

    The Criminals
    Ryuu Akaheshi- Front Linesman of The Royals/Leader of The Order@KiroAkira
    Yukino Hoshia- Techie (For both The Royals and The Order)/Leader of GLiTCH @Nico


    Eva Duncan- Red Scarves Leader @Snowday
    Amaryllis- Second in Command of The Order @Karma200
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  2. [​IMG]

    "Got a problem with my name?"
    Yukino Hoshia


    "Old enough to drink, awesome right?"


    "You are clearly blind."


    "Mom was Asian, dad was American."


    "Aren't I a doll?"
    Yuki in general is laid back, arrogant and cocky. He always has sarcastic little quips on his tongue. He finds it fun to mess around with people just to see their reactions. He takes his work seriously though he always finds some place in the job to be a smart ass while working. He can be nice if he likes you. If he doesn't like you expect him to treat you like a little bitch. He can be quite the asshole and that's one of his flaws, most people don't like him because of it. But he honestly can care less of what people think of him. He finds it fun to go on chat sites and troll people. He does it when he's bored, it doesn't mean he has no life, cause indeed he has a life. It's protecting your sorry asses from the supernatural and unknown. He has a bad temper and can get annoyed with people easily and that normally ends up with his fist in said person's face. He's learned to control it some what but, if you know the right buttons to push it's your own fault. He is very Psychotic but hides it well, his thirst for blood and power is hidden as well.


    Yuki grew up in West Norcast to an Asian woman and a American man. He was a pleasant child, though he always got into things he shouldn't have. Leading him to trouble. He always excelled in school all his grades were good and he made quite a few friends. Those stuck with him through teenhood. They were a tight knit group of computer geeks. Despite being a pleasant child, in Yuki's teen years he became different with age. He became more sarcastic and pretty much a cocky asshole. Though his friends saw him as their leader. Yuki had studied up on the East Side and started to become bitter about how they treated the other sides. He gathered his friends and they put their skills together. They created GLiTCh, a cyber terrorist organization. They finally launched their first attack when the him and the members were in College. He found amusement in this game of cat and mouse that followed. He felt like they could never find them due to the way he could throw off their tracking. He finished college and got his degrees, but he still kept up the game. Until one day he slipped up. The Royals had tracked GLiTCH down and found they were close to home. He was given a choice, come work for the Royals or him and his friends could rot in prison. Yuki wasn't stupid he chose to become a Royal because he for one didn't want to rot away. So he moved into where the Royals lived and started to help them solve cases. He likes his job and probably wouldn't trade it for the world.


    "So what if I was a cyber terrorist?"
    Royals Techie / GLiTCH Leader


    "You really shouldn't underestimate me, dear."
    Yuki is a highly skilled computer wiz and hacker.
    He is highly intelligent and has a college degree robotics and computer science.
    He's trained in the Martial Arts


    "It's quite neat, I can manipulate pretty much all metal as long as it's not fake."
    Metal Manipulation


    "My blades are my babes."
    A collection of guns and throwing knives as well as a switchblade.

    "Give me coffee or sweets and you are on my good side."
    Coffee, Sweets, Tea, Caffeine in general, His technology, Some of his co-workers, Sleep, Video Games, Manga and Anime, Reading, Coding, Trolling, His switchblade and guns.


    "-Displeased Noises-"
    Being woken up, Decaf, No wifi connection, Annoying people, People who touch his stuff, Bitches and Jerks, When he's out of coffee, Being bored.


    "It's Pretty Kickass."
    Yuki's room (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  3. Name:
    "Name? The hell you want that for? Nah kidding, it's"
    Renshii Akahero

    "Old enough right?"

    "Let me check again. Yep still have a dick."

    "I'm black...."

    "Good Luck."
    A quick-thinking person, Renshii's mental relexes are handy in a variety of situations. Despite what some might feel would be reason for him to be smug or arrogant, he is in fact rather laid back and easy to converse with. He values honor and honesty, giving great respect to those with similar values. Liars and cheats have their place, but Renshii doesn't much care for them. He often spends time contemplating various scenarios in his head, then figuring out the best ways to resolve those situations. Many times, he will even write down the most interesting resolutions.

    "Stalker much?"
    Born into a family of the military his father was once a sniper for the militia and even had his own set of traits. Renshii always valued the stories his father would tell him about the adventures which, in the later years had only made Renshii enjoy the thought of following his father's foot steps and became a scout. Using his skills to silently watch over people who seemed threatening and always reported it back to who he deemed was worthy of the knowledge he had picked up. Now he's with a small group where he has called family.(1 paragraph+)
    Role: Scout

    "Flying, shooting up drugs, making you believe stupid things."
    Quiet Steps:
    Able to step quietly without a single sound even through a field of fallen leaves.

    Quick thoughts:
    Really quick at thinking and figuring out a solution or plan

    Due to years of being a scout, he's really good when it comes to observing and noticing small things.

    Ability: Wind attributes, able to control the air in small areas be it using it to push something aside or send a gust towards someone. Only has a force of about 15 Lbs max.
    "Likes? I like you thats enough right?"
    • Word puzzles
    • Math
    • Drinking
    • Having fun with friends
    • Anything that gives him a rush
    "Stupid people, you, your questions, life, me, you."
    • Ignorant people
    • History lessons
    • Lectures
    • People who tend to 'kill the mood'
    • Being spotted when scouting something
    Room inside (open)

    Balcony is where the window resides on the left hand side.


    Appearance inside (open)


    "I don't have a name. Start guessing?"
    Ryuu Akaheshi

    "Old enough to have kids, drink, stab this guy over here."

    "Hehe, my gender is serial killer. That works right?"

    "What race bleeds black and covers people in blood?"

    Crazy? No I'm not crazy. No idea what you're talking about. The voices in my head? No no no, they're just my other personalities. I think they want me to kill you. Wait what? Sorry no I mean there is no voices there. Theres just a complete insane. I mean sane mind that thinks of nothing but rainbows and butterflies. on fire in the pits of hell
    Actual Personality (open)

    He's not big on people and actually sees them more of a person with a crosshair painted on their head like a target asking to be shot. Or stabbed. both sound nice to him. To Ryuu, he enjoys fighting and causing trouble, maybe an explosion here and there. He loves the sight of blood and enjoys seeing someone dead on the ground in front of him.

    "Crazy, to much to tell you about"
    History (open)


    "None ya."
    Leader of the ???

    Royals Agent role: Front linesman. Goes in first and starts the chaos


    "Killing people."
    Throwing knives- Adept skill at throwing these. Hits his mark within 6 inches of where he aimed.
    Sickle- His skills with a (Scythe)sickle, are near the skills of a master. He uses his upside-down with the blade to the ground but he's good at spinning it and swinging it.

    Blood- As long as the blood can be seen he has the power to manipulate it. He can't control the blood as long as it's inside ones body.


      • Blood
      • Fighting
      • Killing
      • Being crazy
      • Torture

      • Normal people
      • Kindness
      • "The good guys"
      • Love
    Across the room there can be what appears to be blood splatters covering the wall each in different designs


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  4. Name: Diyanna Le Belle "Anna, Di, Diya"
    Age: 24 years old
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Italian
    Personality: Diyanna is an extremely sarcastic woman who does things her own way, rules don't apply to her and she isn't scared to let everyone know it. Because of the loss of her baby Diyanna tends to get lost in thought, thinking about the things she could've taught him and what sort of man he would grow up to be. Her hard and smart mouthed ways keeps people at a distance from her and she enjoys the silence she gets when she's alone. Diya refuses to allow anyone to bring her to her knees and if she's at a breaking point... well, you more then likely won't be seeing about it let alone hearing of it. Because Diyanna felt guilty for all the people her father murdered Diyanna decided to become the leader of The Royals and became feared among those who knew about her. Sometimes even Diyanna is scared of what she's capable of, trying to keep herself at a certain limit but when she gets angry... its extremely hard for anyone to stop her. Being mentally strong because of her ability, getting into her head isn't an option. She's learned how to put up a barrier in her mind and refuses to let anyone in on her past. There are a lot of moments when Diyanna is found drunk off her ass or smoking to many cigarettes but she doesn't take anyone's advice on stopping because it helps her numb everything down.
    History: Diyanna was born and raised in Norcrest, the North side that is. She was just a little girl but she remembers it all, the sounds of gunshots every night or screaming that would wake her up from her sleep. Her mother was addicted to drugs, which was provided from her father who worked with the mafia. He would constantly have his men come over for business and when Diyanna was 17 years old he hired someone new, a young man who was 19 and Diyanna was infatuated with him. They went out for 2 years and Diyanna ended up pregnant. Her father soon found out about it and grew angry, he sent men out after them. Diyanna and her lover were ambushed, he was shot and killed while Diyanna only got away with a scratch or two for trying to protect him. Her father waited and a month after giving birth to her baby her father kidnapped the child and ran away. When Diyanna was 21 years old (with her power) she finally found her father all the way across the world but unfortunately he had sold her baby boy, she put two bullets in his head... after torturing him. She also went after every single person that was involved with the mafia her father was in. Turning the notorious mafia family into nothing but dust. Her mother grew scared of her child and ran away, Diyanna heard on the street that she had been found dead months later because she OD.
    Role: Leader
    Skills: Krav Maga, Capoeira, Aikido, torture
    Ability: Telekinesis
    Weapons: Two pistols and a katana with her initials craved into it
    Likes: Chocolate, coffee, cherries, fighting, jokes, drinking & smoking
    Dislikes: Being bossed around, being imprisoned/bound, needles, gardening
    Room: [​IMG]

    Name: Valeria Amour Valentine (The last name she uses now is Taylor)
    Age: 21 years old
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: British
    Personality: Valeria is a quiet woman who prefers to keep to herself but if spoken to she will speak. Though sweet and gentle, Val is straight forward and prefers to speak the truth. It isn't hard to get her to laugh or smile, she believes herself to be a simple woman who seems to enjoy using quotes; whether they be from the internet or books. With a high IQ Valeria enjoys helping those who do not understand certain things and if its something she herself does not understand, learning is the next best step. Valeria is usually always listening to music and blocking everyone out though it isn't on purpose, if she wanted to she could hear them over it all. Puzzles are a hobby she picked up in order to keep her mind from wondering on the dark things she's seen so don't be surprised when she pulls a random puzzle out or a crossword book. Valeria's loyalty to Diyanna is strong and claims that Diyanna is the one that saved her from staying in the South.
    History: Born in South Norcrest Valeria was unlucky to be apart of the Valentine family, her father spoiled her rotten while her mother had already abandoned them when she was 14 years old. Even with her father calling her 'Princess' and such, Valeria soon found out what sort of monster he was when she was younger. At the age of 7 years old Valeria happened to wake up in the middle of the night to screaming. She heard the racket in her father's office and took a peak through the cracked door, two of his employees were holding dirty looking man down on his knees with an arm laid out on her father's desk. Valeria didn't see what was in her father's hand but when he threw a large knife down on the man's fingers, the blood squirted everywhere and his fingers rolled onto the floor. Val's mother dragged her away from the scene, forcing the little girl to keep her mouth shut but that wasn't the last time she witnessed something like that. As she grew older there were a few of her father's men who gave her stares because of her pretty looks... he didn't hesitate to punish them in front of her. Making her feel bad about everything and so she refuses to put make-up on. When she was 17 years old Val ran away, managing to get several documents stating her as someone from the East side of Norcrest. Valeria changed her last name and has never kept in contact with her father or anyone she knows in the South.
    Role: Hacker assistant
    Skills: Hacking, taekwondo, jujitsu
    Ability: Sounds, she is able to control sound waves and use them to her advantage. Val knows how to move like the speed of sound as well as having heightened hearing which she keeps to a minimal.
    Weapons: Chakram that splits into two pieces
    Likes: Puzzles, cats, music, dancing, singing, computers, quotes, tea
    Dislikes: The mafia, blood, coffee, unsolved puzzles
    Room: [​IMG]
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  5. Fix your broken pictures Karmi then you'll be accepted ^^

    and accepted Kiro
  6. 'Scuse me, would you be interested in having someone play an antagonist, i.e. a gang figure or perhaps a Valentino?
  7. If you are going to join the ranks of the antagonists, I'll have to start a convo with Kiro, Karmi, you and myself. But you are more then welcome to play an bad guy. c:
  8. Oh this looks really interesting. :D Quick question though, for the 'role' part of the bio, do I just make something random that isn't high ranked?
  9. Well you can be a few things

    an Spy, Agent, Coroner, Forensic Scientist, Weapons Specialist.
  10. Still Accepting guys? This seems bad ass xD
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  11. Yep! ^^
  12. WOOO Your the best Cray cat lady ^^
  13. Name: Daemon Faith

    Age: 23 years of age

    Gender: Male

    Ethnicity: South Indonesian/Caucasian

    Personality: Daemon or Dae is a sly man. He can smile and laugh and convince anyone of anything. He uses his good looks and charm to his advantage. How he really feels and thinks he keeps from the world. Not many know him very well. The people that does would call him kind and portective. The people that don't would call him greedy and self serving, depending on which side of the game you are on.

    History: Not much is known about Dae, all he is willing to talk about his past is that he had 6 brothers and sisters and that he is a recovered art thief in the Eurasian continent

    Role: Agent for the Royals, best served as an undercover agent.

    Skills: Sleight of hand, card magic and small pick pocketing tricks. Safe Cracker escape artist and art specialist. Finally he enjoys practicing Mui Thai from his home land Thailand.

    Ability: He has the ability to make a group of people looking at him to forget the last 10 minutes and most importantly his face. Can only do this on rare occasions, doing this is actually quite draining especially when doing it to more then one person.

    Weapons: Always keeps a knife hidden underneath his jacket. Flat with a minimal handle to escape being found from being pat down. When knowingly going into a fight he will bring another .45 handgun and a short sword.

    The cityscape
    can I say women again?

    violent crimes

    Room: [​IMG]

    Appearance: [​IMG]
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  16. image.jpg
    Camille Dubois




    Guarded; Growing up in the slums didn't help her issue with this, it only made her easily suspicious and believe every kind deed has a motive.
    Blunt; Not always a good thing and in Cam's case... It gets her in trouble more times than not. No one likes the truth, especially when you're not trying to sound rude.
    Confident; A thief often has to use their body to hide or escape so it helps if you know how to use it. Camille was no different, except it helped her to become confident in herself and her abilities as well.
    Loyal; Despite having no friends, she values her colleges and boss so she won't steal from them and I guess that's loyalty.
    Intuitive; Good for her, bad for you. What do I mean by that? When she uses her gut, she is unstoppable and when you scramble to call the police after you realize you have been robbed, she has already escaped.
    Observant; Cam notices the little things... The freshly cut hair, the new shoes, small changes in emotion, if you have money to burn...

    Sometimes being an only child can suck but in Camille's case, she was grateful that no one else was dragged down the path she went down. With a mother who had to sell herself to put food on the table and a sperm donor who only appeared when he was least needed to beat them both, life just seemed to keep throwing them around.

    It was around the age of ten when she began to notice a change in her mom... The look of determination was back in her mother's matching hazel orbs and Cam saw less of her as the days past, her "daddy dearest" hadn't been seen in months a well making Camille wonder if he had gotten himself killed. When a year of the same routine past, Cam grew bored and started wandering the streets. She realized slowly that North Norcrest drug dealers (the smart one's) had suckered in several rich clients into addictions making them easy targets to learn how to pickpocket.

    From there, she learned quickly and easily stole from any passerby stupid enough to carry more than a bit of money on them. As she grew older, Camille knew she would have to up her game so she picked up lock picking, even paying for a "teacher" to teach her some tricks. At sixteen, her mother sat her down and handed her a large sum of money before telling her to go get an education somewhere else and get out of the North because the only job a woman can get in the North was prostitution. Cam took her advice and headed to the West for schooling. She never did stop stealing though and one day got caught by an officer who told her her talents could be used for better things.

    Thief and Investigator

    Lock Picking, Pickpocketing, Investigation, Street Fighting, Making People Angry Without Trying To, Finding A Way In Or Out, Misdirection

    Time Manipulation; the more she uses it, the longer she can hold it.
    Side Note - Longest time that can be held currently: 46 minutes and 12 seconds.

    Brass Knuckles x2
    Lock Picking Set
    (Worst comes to worst)

    Lock picking, old research books, running, dark chocolate, cooking, being alone, hot chocolate, horror movies

    Being put on the spot, children (she doesn't know how to deal with them), junk food, no escape, drugs, abuse, chick flicks, dolls, juicy fruit


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  17. And here we have the form for the aforementioned villain I had in mind. Please let me know if there's anything wrong with it - I'd be happy to make changes if it doesn't sit well with you.

    Eva Duncan CS (open)

    Eva Duncan




    Eva is very crafty - and she knows it. She's something of a genius when it comes to smuggling, infiltration, under-cover missions, and anything within the ballpark of the assassin's arts; but she isn't out to use her talents for good. In fact, she's top dog of the Red Scarves. That's not to say she wouldn't be willing to work with the royals at some point or another... for a price, of course. And don't think for a second that she wouldn't be willing to betray you. Again, she's not a good person, and her morals weren't the only thing to go sour. Even people who've talked with her casually can confirm that she's rude, snide - an asshole, really. But she is out for herself and herself alone, after all. She's not even terribly concerned for the safety of her gang members. Her only redeeming quality is her ability to maintain her composure in a crisis, which has saved the Red Scarves multiple times.

    Well, no one of the Royals knows this in the RP, but Eva started out as a child drug runner for the Red Scarves at the age of fourteen. By sixteen, she had been promoted to a full-time member of the Red Scarves. As time went on, her intellect and ability proved a valuable asset for the Red Scarves, and she was promoted to right-hand-woman of their leader. At this point, Eva assassinated the leader - very, very carefully. It had been her plan all along, really, but she knew she wouldn't get away with it without meticulous planning. To make a very, very long story short, she waited until the rest of the gang thought it would be unlikely for her to assassinate the leader (a couple of years) then began administering a subtle poison into his food, killing him so slowly that everyone else thought he was merely sick. He died, and she took over. The Red Scarves have flourished ever since. Nowadays, you'll hear people talking about her on the street, calling her by her last name, "Duncan." Because of this street name, the public is largely unsure of her gender.
    Role: Eva isn't working with the Royals.

    -Gifted strategist
    -One hell of a shot


    In venues where her powers of pyrokinesis won't save her, she always has her Magnum gun on hand, and for emergencies, her switchblade.

    -Being in charge
    -Cuban cigars
    -Poker and other gambling games

    -The Royals
    -Looking bad in front of others
    -Cute, fuzzy animals
    -Actually doing drugs (go figure)

    (Note that as she is essentially a villain, she is not living in the same house as the Royals)

    (This wasn't exactly what I was looking for... but you get the idea.)

  18. Name: Amaryllis
    Age: 23 years old
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Russia
    Personality: Do you trust Amaryllis with your secrets? What about your life? Her sweet personality and considerate ways are just a cover for the true little demon she is. Amar practically lives off causing people pain and suffering, laughing as if it was there was some sort of joke being told. She has a cold heart and believes that if the strong eat the weak, if someone manages to take your life then it was obvious you just weren't strong enough to survive. Amaryllis believes that the only loyalty someone should have is to themselves, trusting someone is like handing over the knife for them to stab you in the back. She is known for her chaotic ways that make thousands tremble at the thought of her name, ever since she gained her ability Amar made sure she was one of the few at the top of the food chain. Even with this power, Amaryllis hates the government and can't wait until the day she makes them beg for mercy. Amaryllis is extremely smart and very observant, not many things can go past her sight.
    History: ((WIP))
    Role: Second in command (of The Order)
    Skills: Taekwondo, spying, sniping/shooting, capoeira, eskrima
    Ability: Chaos empowerment
    Weapons: Bow staff, kabal
    Likes: Drinking, cigars, blood, begging, violence, chaos, shiny things
    Dislikes: Rabbits, dogs, bees, ponies
  19. Name
    "Call me Marcy."
    Marcella Nyx.

    "Twenty-one years strong, hun."

    "My boobs aren't that flat, are they?"

    "I'm so pale, I glow."
    Caucasian. {French.}

    "I like to think of myself as a diamond among a bunch of pieces of coal."
    Marcy has that of an attention seeking complex, with a smart mouth and little patience. Although she's more on the bratty side, she has a fierce determination for her goals and will do anything to achieve them, as long as it's for her own gain and no one else's. She doesn't appreciate being used, but will use others if it ends in her own benefit. If you can't already tell, she's a selfish young woman, putting her own needs before someone else's. She's cold when it comes down to it, unless she genuinely cares for you, she'd have no problem walking over you to get what she wants. She's a bit of a flirt, although it's usually all in innocent fun. Those she is around should not trust her, her smile and giggles can hide a back-stab waiting to happen. She holds no loyalty, any organization she stands in is for her own benefit. Once she finds something, or someone, of no use to her, she'll throw them away like yesterday's trash. However, if you genuinely are able to crack through her snarky attitude and self minded ways, she is a caring person, even if she would never admit it herself. She's cold, but not heartless. Selfish, but not merciless.

    "Every monster was innocent at one point, right?"
    She grew up in West Norcrest, with your average life. With the exception of eight siblings, yes, eight. Three brothers, five sisters, you can only imagine the insanity. It was a constant competition, for attention, praise, even dinner. Her parents were careless and left the children to themselves, which usually resulted in several claw marks and harsh words. Marcy was the runt of the litter, always trying to outdo her siblings, especially her older sister by a year, Molly. Molly was just as vicious as Marcy, whether it be through words or a physical fight. They were constantly at each other's throats, they couldn't help it. It seemed to be nature for them. Nobody dared to stop them either, it would go so intense that hair would be ripped from heads, and bruises and claw marks would follow after. One night, their fighting had crosses the line. It was over something stupid, Marcy can't even remember what it was about, but Molly had came to Marcy yelling about something. Of course, Marcy had ignored her, which had only infuriated her sister even more. Molly had smacked her upside the head, and in the end, it resulted in fighting. They had were running down the hallway, Molly pulling at Marcy's hair. Marcy grabbed her shoulders, pushing her backwards. Instead of thumping down onto the ground, Marcy had pushed her sister down the stairs. She tried to grab her hand as she fell, but realized it was too late. She could only watch as her sister's neck snapped at the bottom of the steps. Marcy screamed for her parents, for someone, running down the steps to try and 'wake' up her sister. In the end, Marcy had killed her sister. At Molly's funeral, her parents had basically disowned Marcy, saying she was a disgrace and a monster for killing her sister. Marcy believed every word, she was a monster, a horrible person who had killed her sister over a cat fight. It was all her fault, she knew, she could never look her family in the eye again. That night, Marcy packed everything she could into an over the shoulder bag, and left, without even a goodbye. She doesn't even know if her family looked for her, but not like she cares either way. When she closes her eyes, she can still see Molly's terrified eyes.

    "I'm the best at what I do."

    "I do hope you have the time for my long list of skills."
    Manipulation; Verbal or emotional. She's observant, what key words can make a certain person flinch or twitch. She can make a grown man cry, and the sharpest of workers do her bidding or give her the information she desires.
    Observant; Again, she can see the flick of a glance or a waver in the voice. What may slip by others, she can catch up on farely quickly.
    Silver Tongue; She can lie her way out of tough situations, giggle her way out of trouble, flirt her way out of danger. Careful with this one, she's a bit of a handful.

    "Perhaps it's not just my nature to be a bit more.. persuasive."
    Her ability is an odd one, and sometimes can render weak on those who have a stronger will. Her words can drive to be a bit more persuasive, and she can usually tell the secret emotions and motives of those she is talking to. By this, she knows exactly what to say to bring someone to their knees. (This doesn't usually work on those who are more guarded and stronger, so it takes more out of her and sometimes will leave her with a blistering migraine.)

    "I named my pistols Bonnie and Clyde."
    She has two twin guns that she usually has handy on her at all times, stuffed away in the safety of her belt. They both are nearly identical, both silver and sleek, although she seems to know the difference between 'Bonnie' and 'Clyde', don't ask her how. It's just her thing, don't question it.

    "I like long walks on the beach, sunsets, and the blood of my enemies. Ah, and ice cream. Ice cream is nice."
    People who listen to her.
    People who give her what she wants.
    Nice butts.
    Bonnie and Clyde. (Her pistols.)
    Being the center of attention.
    Big fluffy blankets.

    "Oh, wanna know what really pisses me off? People with fake glasses. Ugh."
    People who try to tell her what she can and cannot do.
    The smell of alcohol.
    Cloudy days.
    When people insult her, or try to call her bratty.
    Having to sit still for too long.
    When others are stuck up.
    When she can't achieve something after failing numerous times.
    When she doesn't get what she wants.

    "...I swear it wasn't this messy last night."
    Her room is overly decorated, due to the fact she never really had a space to call her own. It's decorated with bright lights, pictures, and drawings she has drawn all over her walls. It's usually somewhat messy and cluttered, with a large array of clothes carelessly thrown into one side of the room.


    "People say I look like a ghost. I can't decide if it's insulting or not."
    She has long, white hair that falls down to about her mid back. Naturally, her hair is a light blonde color, but she has bleached it to take it's white color. She likes the feeling of standing out, after all. Her skin is like porcelain in it;s color, her cheeks dotted with white freckles. She has light blue eyes, almost doe like. Marcy stands at 5'5 feet, and weighs around 121 pounds. Her frame is slender and petite, and she has long legs, perfect for running. However, don't let her innocent stature fool you, she is a shit storm waiting to happen.



    "My name is Warren, just Warren."
    Warren Dalenson.

    "I just turned twenty two a month ago."

    "I'm a male, I was hoping that'd be obvious."

    "Just your average white boy."
    Caucasian. {English.}

    "People tend to call me 'shy and passive'."
    Warren is on the shyer side, with a meek personality and a quiet voice. If he was in a crowded room, it'd be like he wasn't even there. He's a bit of a dork, and would go out of his way to help someone. This often ends up with him getting stepped all over, all though he pretends not to mind. He has a lot of patience for others, and tries to fake a smile even when he's planning homicide in his head. However, once his patience runs out, he gets very pissy and generally unpleasant. Everyone has their breaking point, even a sweetheart like Warren. But this is hard to get to, and it takes a lot of nit picking to get to. Otherwise, he has no problem dropping everything to help others. He's kind of quiet around those he doesn't know, but once he's comfortable he's lively. Again, not everything is at it seems underneath his kind shell. He's secretive, he tells no one anything, and bottles everything up until it's an emotional molotive. His problems are his problems and his alone, how he sees it, and will bottle everything up until he has a breakdown. Careful with this one, he's a nightmare dressed like a daydream, and can turn from a smiling cutie to a broken toy in a matter of five seconds.

    "I'd like to think I've done good.. "
    Warren grew up in South Norcrest, with his mother, father, and sister. It was just them, in a small house near the border. His parents were drinkers, they'd come home and drinm their sorrows from work away and drown their problems in the bottle. Warren had always tried to ignore it, when his mother would be so drunk she'd fall asleep on the floor, and his father would snatch him by the hair for not cleaning his room. For awhile, he had accepted it as normal, his father's anger and cruelness, and his mother's lack of caring. It was how families worked, right? At least to him. As he grew older, he slowly began to realize that his father beating him and his sister wasn't normal, the many wine stains on the couch shouldn't be here. Warren was skittish, he never stood up for himself or saved his sister, he never snapped back at his mother, he never spoke out of line. He was scared, he was a coward. He never dared to seek help, fear kept him in line. AFter all, even if he'd receive help, his parents would make his life hell for that period of time until they were finally rescued. So Warren stayed in that hell hole, he waited it out like the coward he was. As soon as he had gotten the chance, when he had met legal age, he had taken his sister out of there and fled, taking legal custody. Basically, he had raised his sister, his parents were never around to do so. His only regret is not getting out of there sooner.

    "I get to look at dead bodies all day. Yay for me."

    "I could be better, a lot better, but I'm proud with what I have."
    High IQ; He's smart, with a quick wit and a keen eye. He's book smart, he knows anything from the components of any mechanic to the human body.
    Flexible; His skill does nothing for him in the field, but he's able to reach the smallest of spaces, and is quick on his feet. Perhaps he'd be better as a spy, but his nature would be too kind for such an act.
    Nurturing; He's able to calm the most distressed of people, enough to get any actual words from them. His calm demeanor is enough to soothe anyone out of hysterics.
    Steady Hand; It explains itself, if you asked him to disable a bomb, he'd be able to do it without shaking.

    "My abilities are kind of useless."
    Warren has the ability to manipulate temperature, only dropping in temperature. With this, he can freeze locks to a breaking point, or stun someone still. Generally, his powers are frost based, freezing water or frosting any surface. However, his powers lack anything usable on the field, and are mainly just for being pretty. Not that he cares, he doesn't use them much anyways.

    "I don't need them."
    He generally has no use for weapons, but he does carry a dagger on him when out in the field, and on some occasions, a gun. Otherwise, he is usually weaponless.

    "This is kind of hard to decide on.. books are nice? I guess?"
    Nice people.
    Protective people.
    Anything sweet.
    People who actually understand when he's upset.
    Gaining knowledge. (Ex: Trivia, dumb facts, etc.)

    "I hate it when people make a fuss over nothing. Seriously, just.. stay calm."
    Obnoxious people.
    Loud people.
    When he is pushed around and stepped on.
    When people take his glasses.
    A clutter.
    The smell of alcohol.

    "There's kind of books... everywhere."
    His room is generally stocked up with books, papers, etc. He has a very homely feel to his room, and even though he dislikes a mess, he sometimes will get too lazy to clean up the papers that litter his floor. The walls were once bare, but now are stocked high with bookshelves. Everything else is stuffed in a closet or in his drawers. Generally, anywhere he hasn't been reading or working, is clean. He has a very vintage looking room, and hasn't brought himself around to redecorating, and is growing fond of it's more 'library' like feel.


    "Let's just say I don't necessarily strike fear into people."
    Warren has dark brown hair with almost silver like eyes, and his hair is messy and falls into his eyes. We wears big framed glasses, and his blind as a bat without them. He's got somewhat tanned skin, and a cute smile. He's on the smaller side for a guy, only standing at 5'6 and weighing 130 pounds, but don't underestimate him. What he lacks in brawn he makes up for in brain.


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