Norcrest: City of Danger [InCharacter]

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  1. Yukino Hoshia

    Yukino stared down at the bodies that littered the streets. Blood stained his shoes and a knife was in his hand, several of his friends laid dead and dying on the streets, the Royals men were still living. His family....his home...his life. They all were taken from him in a blink of an eye. He squeezed the knife and he drove it into a man's chest, those damn Royals. His plans were ruined because of them. He narrowed his cold green eyes as the man fell when he pulled out the knife. That was when he felt a gun to the back of his head. "Surrender now Yukino Hoshia." one of them said. Yukino smirked and dropped the knife before putting his hands above his head only for them to be cuffed behind his back.

    The dream changed.

    Yukino was spinning around in a office chair clearly unaffected by being caught. The same woman that had his life in her hands slammed down a file. "Now, Mister Yukino. The agreement is you work for us or you get to spend your life behind bars. The charges you face are 8 counts of murder of government officials, treason and terrorism, make your choice." she said sternly. Yuki knew the situation he was in was no joke. He sighed and stopped spinning. "I'll take the working with you Royals. It's obvious that you want me so bad~ So I'll go along with it and join you. On one condition." he looked at her with the most serious expression he could muster. "My friends go free." he said.

    Yukino woke up gasping for breath as he shot up into a sitting position. The beeping from his computer seemed to calm him slightly. He had another dream from his past again, that bloody night. So many people from both sides were killed. So many of his friends perished, and those from the team he now calls family were killed by his own hands. Sure the techie felt guilt every bone in his body felt guilt. There was nothing he could do about it now. He pulled off the covers from his body and walked to his closet. He nearly tripped over something and looked down to see Usagi hopping around like she had no care. He sighed and picked up the snow white bunny and put her in her cage. He grabbed some random clothes and jumped into the shower. He came out changed in a random black tee-shirt with a random anime character on it, blue jeans and combat boots. He slipped his switchblade into his pocket and made his way downstairs to the smell of food.

    He slid onto one of the bar stools and saw that several of his team mates had already awoken. The smell of bacon hit his nostrils but for some reason didn't say anything about it. His dream was still haunting him and he needed something to clear his mind. He pulled out his phone and started to play a game of Candy Crush.

    Despite the lies he told himself, he was a murderer and as the former leader of The Royals called him a psychopath.
  2. All the way from the bedrooms, you could hear it - the sizzle of bacon on the frying pan, the clinking of glasses and dishes as the table was set. There was a bowl of scrambled eggs, equipped with a cloth over them to keep them hot, glasses of juice and assorted cereal lined up like little soldiers on the crisp tablecloth, plates of bacon and sausage and toast, and the empty plates that would receive the bounty. Felix had been up since the crack of dawn, and yes, he was tired indeed. Tired like a mother. But he felt the pride of a mother, too, at having prepared this whole lovely breakfast (as he did every day) for his co-oworkers. That's why they call me mom! he thought to himself as he retired to the kitchen and poured himself a quick bowl of cereal, scarfing it down quickly. He wasn't a heavy eater, and for whatever reason, he didn't feel right about sitting down to the meals he himself prepared. He knew what lay ahead that day - all his friends (well, family, really) would eat their breakfast, then leave for work without a word. He would then make all their beds, sweep the floors, keep everything pristine as the palace of the Royals should be. All in a day's work. Setting aside his own bowl, he quietly waited for the sleeping giant of the royals workforce to stir.

    "We've confirmed it, Miss Duncan." The man had audaciously chosen what must have been his most expensive suit and gaudiest tie. For someone trying to make an impression, he didn't sound so sure of himself. "They call themselves The Order."

    Eva didn't look up from her glass of whiskey. "Go on."

    The man made a noise that sounded as if he'd choked on his toast. "There's not much else to it."

    "Fantastic." Eva didn't sound thrilled. Not in the least. But the man didn't seem to take the hint - for a moment, he even smiled. "Lovely. You come to my quarters to tell me you've confirmed the Order. I confirmed the Order myself, Huebel. Me. Now, get out of my sight."

    "Excuse me...?"

    "I would certainly excuse you, Mr. Huebel," she replied smoothly. "But your tie is on fire."

    In a stunned moment, the man slowly looked down - the dragons at his chest had spontaneously combusted, spewing smoke that encircled his head and stung his nostrils. With a bloodcurdling scream, he fled the room. Eva Duncan smiled bitterly. "I'm surrounded by idiots, it seems," she said to no one in particular.
  3. Diyanna was sitting in her office with several papers spread out on the top of the dark oak desk, most of them were open cases the government had requested her team figure out and close. Bastards. There weren't many in the government who knew about the Royals and what they did but the ones who did just didn't like them, mainly because they were technically no longer apart of society. Outcasts. Treated as though they were under the normal humans but Diyanna's attitude to those who dared to act that way soon taught them otherwise. Her strong personality and lack of mercy is what caused the few who knew about them to back off. No one dared to mess with with but that didn't mean the message wasn't clear in their eyes. How amusing.

    Name: Cassie Cooper
    Age: 16 years old
    Report: The victim was found on floating in lake Caspian, located in the middle of the forest within North Norcrest. A group of young teenagers out for a drink found the body of the victim several hours after her death. The victim's body was burned badly, leaving no choice but to use the teeth as the DNA sample; drugs had been found in Cassie Cooper's system, cocaine and other substances.

    The smell of bacon caused Diyanna to stop reading another report, taking a cigarette from out of her desk she put it behind her flame red hair that was tied in a messy bun. The shorts she had on hugged her long pale legs perfectly while the sand colored knit shirt fell around her torso, the sleeves folded up just a bit. Cute black heels lay wrapped around her smooth feet, the edges of the shoes were shaped like leaves with white lines on each one of them, giving it more of a leafy look. Making her way out of the office she walked down the hall until she was able finally in the kitchen to see that Felix was once again in the kitchen.

    "Mom! I knew you wouldn't let me starve!" Diyanna said in a playful tone as she hurried and took the plate that looked the biggest before taking a seat at the table and began to eat. She could feel the little pressure of the lighter in her pocket which reminded her the she would be needing a smoke break right after eating, maybe a little morning drink along the way.

    Valeria Amour Valentine
    (I seriously almost forgot about her lol)
    She lay in bed with her eyes wide open, with the barely noticeable dark circles under her eyes you could tell she hadn't slept at all last night. There was no desire in Valeria's body to see the nightmares that usually always appeared. Valeria sat up and stretched out before walking over to her closet and pulling out the outfit she had gotten ready last night. An almost white long sleeved shirt that was supposed to show her belly but the short black skirt would be hiding it besides at least an inch or two. Black stockings that were dark until they were almost all the way up her thighs, the lighter part at the top had hearts on them before the rest was hidden beneath the skirt. After getting dressed and pulling the black heels with shoe laces on, Val picked up a red scarf and wrapped it around her then made her way downstairs.

    Valeria gave a small smile to both Diyanna and Felix before picking up a plate of food and sitting down.

    "Thanks for breakfast, Felix," Valeria spoke before digging into her food. She remembered how her father use to make her pray before eating but ever since she found out what sort of monster he was, it felt as if religion just wasn't meant for the daughter of a man drowning in blood. Luckily for her she was surrounded with people who had nothing to do with the past so Val pushed the bad thoughts away and decided to think about what could possibly be happening today.​
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  4. Renshii had awoken an hour or so before the sun had even came up. He was perched up on the balcony reaching over the back of the house. It was quiet there and the peaceful silence made everything nearly perfect. Even the cool air felt nice with the gentle breeze. He sat there for what seemed to be an hour or two wearing nothing but a white tank-top and a pair of sweat pants. Thoughts crossing his mind about the dream that protruded his mind. It was his father telling him stories once again which was lovely memories but then it twisted in his mind to him being a part of them. He was in his fathers stories and nothing but death in the end was all that the dreams ended with. He sighed softly and closed his eyes leaning against the wall of the house. He was still on the ledge with one leg swung over the side while the other sat up with him on the railing. "Now to hope the dreams don't become a reality." He mumbled to himself before getting up and heading back into his room.

    Once Renshii was in his room he looked around trying to remember where his BB gun was placed. It was a toy for when he was bored since shooting his actual rifle would probably scare the sh_t out of a few people not to mention he would end up popping a bullet inside someone, whether it be by accident or 'accident' but none the less the BB gun was a lot more safe. Renshii moved to his closet and opened it up looking to his actual sniper before shaking his head and reaching through the mess of clothing and other things before touching the barrel of the fake rifle. "Ahah!" he grinned and pulled it out and placed the strap over him carrying the rifle on his back. From that point he grabbed a container filled with bronze spheres and moved back out onto the balcony.

    A few hours had passed by and around 50 BB's were scattered inside the grass from him shooting at squirrels and such. Of course he'd miss them but that was more for fun then anything. He sighed softly and frowned looking over the back yard placing the BB gun to his side leaning on the railing and peering over the back yard. He was bored and was ready to get out there and shoot his real rifle. But even he knew shooting a real gun at birds would make a few people shit themselves if not freak them out. Police would be at the doors in minutes.


    Ryuu curled up in the small dark room it was quiet until he heard rustling outside. The sound of a beeping computer was different and he had heard it all night so it didn't matter to him. Yet this was from someone who was breathing heavily. When a male came to the small room and opened it up. His half sleepy eyes peeked up at the man rummaging through his clothes. Ryuu was covered in a few scattered clothing across the bottom of the closet, this had left him unseen. He fell back asleep for a short while before waking up as the boy was leaving the room. Ryuu grumbled at the sound and sighed shaking his head. "Might as well get up." He muttered and crawled from the inside of the closet looking around. He was in Yukino's room. When had he gotten there? The boy yawned and went out the door and down stairs sitting a few stools away from from Yukino. With a yawn he looked to Yukino and waved silently. "I think I drank a little to much. How did I end up in your room last night?" He asked questioning him before getting up and moving to the fridge and opening up. Ryuu peeked inside moving a few things out the way pulling out a beer bottle and looking at it then in the fridge. "Hmph, last one." He spoke and then shrugged slightly heading for th front door. "Place bores me, I'll figure out why I was in your room later. Going to go drink the morning drink and find something to take care of. You should know what I mean."

    Ryuu took the bottle and twisted the top off of it and began heading down the street taking a large gulp out of it. He wandered down the street and slipped down an alley way only four blocks down. Throwing the half empty bottle to the side and smirked picking up a metal box. "Good it's still here." He spoke before opening it revealing a small bomb with a sensor attached to it. He removed the bomb from the box and wandered back out to the streets keeping the bomb concealed, his next motion was to lean down next to a car and place the bomb under the driver side tire. He clipped it in over the axel and smirked. "And good morning." He said with a small chuckle then headed back to the alley way.

    Ryuu waited an hour or two and perched himself upon the top of a building just across the street. His eyes scanned across the area to make sure nobody was around before picking up his phone. "Aaaaand boom!" He shouted and pressed a button on the app he just brought up watching the car across the street explode into pieces. He began to chuckle a little before bursting out in laughter. He loved watching things explode then fall back to the ground. What made it better was the fiery touch they always had.
  5. Camille yawned as she set the book down on her desk. She had been up most of the night reading the damn thing after finding it in their last client's house. It wasn't like he would be missing it, the guy was dead anyways... The girl of twenty one years got up and stretched, relaxing as the tightness in the muscles of her back cracked. She glanced around her room to see her clothes from the night before on the floor. With a grimace, she began picking them up piece by piece before sliding them into a clothes basket. Camille then sighed before heading to the shower with all the essentials.

    After she was finished, she headed back to her room with a refreshed expression on her mug. Her dark eyes landed on the book one last time as she decided against continuing where she left off. Instead, she headed downstairs towards the smell of food.
    "Morning Momma," Camille greeted as she took a seat. "Everything smells great, as always."
  6. Felix offered all his friends a smile that could have melted hearts and permafrost. "Of course, darlings," he said. It was more of a joke, but he still sort of meant it. "Pancakes will be out in just a moment." With a little wave, he slipped back into the kitchen. Rows of pancakes sizzled on a long griddle, their sweet, sticky smell filling the kitchen and clinging to Felix's clothes and hair. They were certainly done by now - one golden side up, the other creeping up the doughy rim. Felix set out a banquet plate, but he didn't touch the spatula. Instead, he splayed his fingers and focused, focused - the pancakes floated up off the griddle and hovered like soldiers at his command. With a flick of his wrist, they jerked off to the side and landed in a rough pile on the platter. Beaming, he picked up the platter and brought it out to the table. "How's everyone feeling this morning?" he asked.
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