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  1. It's been far too chaotic lately for any of the Gods to be getting proper rest, even without people making wishes the Gods have had their hands full working overtime at killing Phantoms. They kept pouring from constantly opening vents which someone kept causing to open, the top suspects for these disturbances are Kofuku and Daikoku but both are mysteriously missing but since everyone seems to think they're the cause of all the distress there's been a hunt for them. There is someone who doesn't believe that these two are behind it though, Bishamon, since she feels that this isn't the case she has been investigating outside of these two but can't seem to find anything on her own, so to cover ground easier she approaches three God/Regalia pairs to request their help. She asks these Gods to investigate the real cause for all the chaos on the Near Shore.

    One of the Gods she seeks out is Amaterasu because she has heard that the Goddess of the Sun is very kind to most who come calling to her for help, though as another God herself Bishamon didn't find it completely necessary to bring an offering, she still bows and calls out to the shrine, "Lady Amaterasu I have a request I'd like you to hear out. Just...listen for a bit because I know you're there. I'm sure you're concerned with the vents opening and all the Phantoms pouring in. I'm not sure if you're with the Kofuku and Daikoku are to blame but if you're not I'd like you to meet me at the place they live. I'm sure you know it. I'm going to ask two other pairs as well. So if you're willing please come by there. Good bye Lady Amaterasu." Bishamon spoke quietly almost like a prayer just to make sure she was respectful before she left and made her way towards Susanoo's shrine as well.

    The war god arrived at the God of Weather's shrine without much trouble or running into too many other Phantoms. She repeated the same gesture that she had at Amaterasu's shrine bowing and speaking softly. "Susanoo I know you've heard of the recent extreme cases of vents tearing open all over the place so I've come to ask a small favor of you, do you think you could give me a hand investigating the cause of all this chaos? You're wise and knowledgeable and someone like you would be able to see things that others can't. So...if you're willing to help us prove Kofuku's and Daikoku's innocence. I don't believe their the ones behind it...but well I have to go find the last ones I want to ask for help. Meet them at Kofuku's place if you decide to help once I make my requests I'm going back to my own investigation."

    After she spoke to those two there was only one other pair she knew was probably already searching for evidence, the two who lived with them, still it was worth having them hear her out as well so she makes her way to the place to find Yukine was alone at the house and cleaning, she wasn't surprised to see that Yato was no where to be found at the moment so she calls out to the focused Regalia to get his attention. "Hello Yukine, it's been a little while. I came to talk to Yato about the recent troubles but it seems that he's not around. Well I suppose I can talk to you, since you're his Exemplar I'm sure you'll convince him. I'm almost certain you don't believe that the God of Poverty and her Regalia are the ones behind this so I thought I'd ask you two to help out investigating the real reason behind these recent problems, if Yato isn't already working on it. I've requested the help of two other if they decide to listen to me they should come here to introduce themselves. Ah...but anyway I just wanted to let you know what to expect I do apologize that I can't stay longer to chat but well I have work that needs doing." Sadly she doesn't give the young man much of a chance to answer her before she takes off on her lion to resume her own investigation.
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  2. Goddess of the Sun


    "Grow up strong now , okay ?" .

    A white-haired female grinned widely as she tipped the water can in her hand over a few potted plants . Amaterasu spoke cheerfully to the plants , as though she was their mother and they were her growing children . "Let's see we need to get some-" , the Goddess was cut off when she felt the presence of another prominent Goddess entering the premises of her own shrine . "Hmm ? Bishamon-san ?" , she questioned , obviously puzzled , but still welcoming . She then set the gardening equipment in her hand down before keeping her mind clear , awaiting to hear what the Goddess of War had to say .

    "Lady Amaterasu I have a request I'd like you to hear out. Just...listen for a bit because I know you're there. I'm sure you're concerned with the vents opening and all the Phantoms pouring in. I'm not sure if you're with the Kofuku and Daikoku are to blame but if you're not I'd like you to meet me at the place they live. I'm sure you know it. I'm going to ask two other pairs as well. So if you're willing please come by there. Good bye Lady Amaterasu."

    Kofu-chan and Daikoku-san ? , Amaterasu questioned to herself before frowning visibly . As the other female had suggested , she had began to feel sudden power surges almost suddenly appearing from the Earth since last week . But that wasn't the worst part . No , the worst part was that she could actually see some parts of the Earth losing its life force , in her mind . Of course , only the pink-haired female and her Regalia were the only two she knew that could open up vents to the other side , but , something doesn't add up .

    "But , could have at least brought something nice for me to eat ." , Amaterasu pouted childishly before making her way out of her garden and into her living quarters . Time to wake Mayo-kun , she thought to herself before giving a crooked smile . Maybe she could persuade him to prepare something for her .

    "Mayo-kuuuuun ! It's time to get up . We have an official and an unofficial business to handle . Well , the unofficial part is your job ." , Amaterasu called out before knocking on his door and saying , "I'm coming in !" . She was met with the sight of her Regalia , as expectedly , still asleep . The Goddess of the Sun stood above him before poking his cheek , "Mayo-kun ! Go and get ready . We need to get to Kofu-chan and Daikoku-san's place . Also , I'm hungry ." , and giving him her cutest smile possible , knowing he can't say no to her .

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  3. Susanoo looked over at his followers with glee in his eyes, the sure precise enjoyment of seeing them live their own lives as if everything is going as planned.. as if everything is okay in the world. His name brought joy and his religious aspects gave birth to a new beginning for those of young age. Susanoo sighed in relief as he looked up at the sky for a bit, when he first became a god he didn't think he would impact anyone this much needless to say more than 2 percent of the population. All the stress of becoming a god seemed to have disappeared with the old him and with a new rebirth came a new world of smiles and care, yet the world is only half full of evil; balance yet arrives for us as the unruly purge us all even the smallest bit in our hearts. Susanoo pondered more as his eyes slowly shut and a smile arrived across his face, it was not too long after that he heard a voice.. someone was at his shrine. The blue bonbori lanterns that hung around his traditional yet large shinto and shrine shined so bright at night and even day that it soon became a symbol and trademark of the city. His sanctuary and his home was soon named ''Ao Hōhō (青方法)'' which means ''Blue Way or The Blue Way'' which symbolized the sea and water for not only his gift of rain whenever and whoever wished it and the way he treats things.. like a simple yet divided stream that reaches all directions.

    Susanoo listened carefully like he always does to whomever walks through his beloved shinto and he pondered if he should respond, however like all things he wouldn't know the result if he didn't follow it just like a stream the only way its going to reach its destiny is if it starts the path. He looked back at his regalia with the look that he always gives her when he wants to leave the house, he turned to walk to her then turned once again and knelled down with his arms stuck back offering her a ride on his back. Once she was one he used his powers to walk amongst the clouds to eventually reach the secret destination the strange women was talking about at his shrine. With a gentle brush of wind he flew down at the balcony of Kofuku's house where he would then proceed to open the sliding glass door to enter. It was empty to his own knowledge, the lights were off and it seemed like Kofuku wasn't present at the time so as always Susanoo made himself at home. After letting his regalia down from his back slowly he headed towards the fridge, ''Hmm..'' he mumbled just before his stomach growled back at him. After sometime had past he had decided to eat sushi and to make it even better he had a tv and a coat rack where of course he would rest his big fluffy blue hat right before he sat his lazy ass on the sofa to watch tv and eat sushi with his regalia. ​
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  4. Yukine, Blessed Regalia of the Yato god was currently in the back yard of Kofuku's house, finishing up the daily chores Daikoku set out for him before he left. Alone his own thoughts, Yukine had to wonder just where Daikoku and Kofuku went. One day, the Poverty Goddess and her Regalia just up and left, leaving Yato and Yukine in charge of the house in their place. Well, more of Yukine since Yato had done not one of the chores Daikoku asked. Yukine had no free time now since he was basically playing house keeper and Yato was being a lazy-ass, whiny, bratty—

    Bishamon approached as the boy furiously polished the porch while grumbling about the late homework Hiyori was expecting from him. He jumped at her greeting, spinning around to properly face her.

    "B-Bishamon-Sama!" He bowed in respect to the powerful war goddess.

    Bishamon explained the reason for her visit, mentioning two more gods will be arriving at this house. She was gone before he could say anything, mounting her lion Regalia and taking off.

    So there will be some visitors? Yukine thought as he waved goodbye. Well, he didn't have to worry about the house being a mess since he took care of it. He should at least find Yato and tell him so he is aware of guests. Yukine hadn't seen him all day. Maybe he was asleep in his room. Or put himself in a trashcan, Yukine wouldn't doubt he'd put himself there too.

    Finishing up the porch, Yukine headed back inside. He slid open the shoji to find two strangers curled up on the sofa, eating the sushi that was supposed to be his and Yato's dinner. He stared at them for what felt like an eternity before brandishing the broom.

    "Intruders! This isn't your home, get out of here!"
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  5. Aiko was at the edge of the balcony door sneakily popping her head out to watch her master who was totally engrossed in thought. She had just finished cleaning his whole residence and it shows since her apron and attire was dusty. “Mikoto-sama promised that he would clean with me.” She quietly let out a playful sigh and smiled, it wasn’t a complaint it was more of a routine now for her. She was glad that he was in high spirits regardless. Though Aiko could sense there was a shift of aura around him and quickly went to take a bath and dress in her normal attire.

    As she returned fresh and presentable her master turned towards her, a sign which she understood immediately. It’s been a while since they had left the residence Aiko was understandably excited she could barely hold in the giddiness. Though her master still treated her like a child offering to let her ride on his back. “I can walk Mikoto-sama!” Aiko protested but her face blushed slightly. “I won’t fall through the clouds anymore… like last time.” Inside her heart she was happy to have a father like figure that cared for her this much. Her objection to the piggyback fell out deft ears however and she hopped onto his back like always. It was a different sensation akin to slowly floating as her master hopped from each cloud to another Aiko quietly rested her head on his back. A peaceful feeling. She was nearly asleep but they had reached their destination a house with a warm feeling. After being able to walk on her own two feet again she lightly stretches and looked around “Mikoto-sama where are we?” she turned to look at him but he had already made his way to the kitchen “Mikoto-sama! We can’t just look through other people’s fridges!” but like all her other protests it fell on deft ears apparently the grumbling of his stomach was enough to silence her “I’m sorry Mikoto-sama I forgot to make lunch.” She hung her head dejectedly it was already that time of day how could she forget to make lunch. Her master had already made himself at home too as well as taking a sushi platter from the fridge. “Mikoto-sama!” Now her master was watching some Tv while sitting down comfortably on the sofa. Defeated she sat down beside him and munched down some delicious fatty tuna while leaning on his shoulders. Mikoto-sama’s shoulder gets more comfortable with each min-“

    "Intruders! This isn't your home, get out of here!"

    "Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!" With a flurry of movements Aiko has safely ducked behind her master's back. "There's a strange homeless man Mikoto-sama! He has a weapon help!" Being caught completely off-guard she couldn't help but mistake Yukine for a big evil man hell bent on destroy the poor house perhaps trash the sofa... Not the sofa!
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  6. Susanoo sat there with a blank face for a few seconds as he attempted to remember who this person was, however after a few seconds he could not find a answer to his question.. who was this person? and why is he here? Susanoo looked over at the sliding glass door to look outside then smiled, ''I could say the same thing to you too.'' he didn't know this person but he knew that he wasn't Kofuku so that would only mean he would also be trespassing. ''Tell me.. what are you doing here? I hope you're not here for the sushi because its all gone.'' he said as he looked back at the mysterious man in question.
  7. Yato quickly made his way over the rooftops on his way back to Kofuku's place, he had sensed Yukine's confusion and then panic within moments of each other, one of the people Bishamon mentioned to him must have showed up unexpectedly fast. How long ago had she even went to talk to the others? Grumbling a bit about the woman's new found interest in what was going on Yato dropped off the roof and landed in the back yard just in time to see Yukine brandishing a broom handle at a small girl, who in response called his Blessed Vessel a 'strange homeless man' which made him chuckle a bit before he appeared behind him and took the broom from his hand. "Hey now, he's not a strange homeless guy. No he's a Regalia just the same as you, besides Kofuku and Daikoku have been letting us stay here for the time being so really you're the intruders, but you're not really either. Bishamon fetched you am I wrong?" Yato grinned cheerfully at the pair sitting on the sofa that is until he noticed the sushi they were eating and started freaking out. "Gah! That was my dinner! Now what am I gonna do...?" He started up with crocodile tears before hugging Yukine and whining at him. "Yukine, our dinner is gone what are we gonna do now? I was looking forward to that!" Feeling a little grumpy Yato puts nearly all his weight on the blonde boy pouting at the pair on the couch.

    "Susanoo...ya know you shouldn't just keep totally silent when entering a home right? You could have at least mentioned who you were to Yukine." Sighing but still keeping his weight on his Regalia he keeps talking, "Well guess it can't be helped. Yukine, I'm sure you've heard of Susanoo yes? God of Weather? He's...pretty popular..." Yato mumbled that bit with a bit of a jealous pout, his only devoted believer was Hiyori but that was a good start anyway, after a moment he gives his head a shake before returning his attention back to the two on the couch. "Well from what Bishamon told me when I bumped into her, he's apparently pretty wise and intelligent, this is the first time I've met him face to face myself but well...Bisha said I would know him when I saw him. She also told me who else we're supposed to be expecting. Lady Amaterasu is apparently one of the people who she tried to recruit but I have no idea where she stands on the situation." Yato finished his short explanation while staring at the two in front of him and smiled a bit. "Anyway, since we've been requested to investigate I got Bisha to pay my toll you and I are officially trying to figure out what happened to those two and why all these vents keep opening. Honestly...I'm just hoping Izanagi doesn't have anything to do with this, she is one freaky lady." He mumbled a bit while he spoke, his experience with the Eternal Queen of the Underworld had been very unpleasant so he often preferred not to think too hard about it, but of course the God of Calamity had no real clues as to who was behind it, and those two disappearing as the vents opening got worse didn't help anyone figure anything out, he thinks while still leaning on Yukine sort of paying attention to his surroundings but also not really, though he did wonder how long the brat would put up with Yato's actions.
  8. [​IMG]

    --{ Kiyoshi }--

    The regalia's cerulean hues flickered between his master, Ryth, before moving back to the small crowd before them. A crowd composed of other heavenly beings and their regalias. With his arms crossed against his chest, the conversation had almost been tuned out entirely until he heard Yato beckoning for Ryth to step forward. Not that he blamed the god for doing that, especially when the regalia was hovering outside- near the doorway outside. There was no point in delaying their entrance any further than necessary, right? With some minor reluctance on his part, he finally pushed himself off of the wall he previously leaned on and stepped inside. Regardless of the lack of threat the others showed, it seemed necessary for Kiyoshi to see the situation for himself. Wordlessly, he shuffled off to the side as Ryth made his own presence known to the others in the room.

    His lips were pursued in a small frown as he kept to himself, not too thrilled to be essentially stuck in a room filled with strangers. Kiyoshi would have to remember to stick away from this Yato person next time. Seeing his master dragged to an unknown destination wasn't something he wanted to do again. At the mention of introductions, his attention was back on the group- a mixture of uneasiness settling in the male. "It's Kiyoshi." He pipped up, deciding to settle the task of his own introduction himself.
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  9. "Homeless?! You're one to talk, I actually live here you know!" Gritting his teeth Yukine was ready to physically confront them when Yato appeared and plucked the broom from his hands. He explained to the two intruders who he really was and why he was here, before noticing the already consumed dinner and crying about it whilst hugging Yukine like a little child.

    "Yukine, our dinner is gone what are we gonna do now? I was looking forward to that!"

    "I know: how about you let me go and I force them to buy us our food?" He dug his foot in the ground, wishing Yato hadn't taken away his broom so he can hit those two. "I saved up for it! It was supposed to be a special treat!"

    Fortunately for everyone, Yato hadn't let Yukine go and instead proceeded to talk to the other guy, addressing him as Susannoo. Yukine froze. That was Susannoo? So then that means the girl next to him was his regalia? Yukine nodded slightly. He hadn't realized this guy was one of Japan's most important gods. Hopefully he would be merciful and understanding about what had transpired. He really didn't mean to be so disrespectful to the god.

    "Amaterasu? You mean—" he turned to Susannoo "—your sister right?"

    Seems like some major gods were coming to this place. Despite his position as Regalia and Exemplar, Yukine couldn't help but be intimidated. He knew Bishamon was powerful, but surely it paled in comparison to the kind of power two of Japan's most revered gods held. It didn't help that his own master couldn't even compare either.

    It occurred to Yukine that Yato was still clinging on to him. He pulled out from under him, giving Yato a look as he crossed his arms and returned his attention back to Susannoo and his Regalia.
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  10. Susanoo looked sharply over at Yato as he stated that Aiko was a regalia just like Yukine. After a long and serious dagger felt stare over at Yato he stood from the sofa and rubbed Aiko's head as the two locked eyes, ''shes more human then anything'' he mumbled as Yato simply carried on with his own words. With respect like always he let Yato finish his endless speech before he spoke in response, ''You must be Yato... I never really met you personally but i know of you'' he said as he walked towards the windowed door and looked out at the sky with his hands in his pockets. Yukine spoke up and asked if Amaterasu was his sister and with a simple reply he nodded yes. After the nod he turned his attention to Yato, ''You're entertaining don't get me wrong but.. you have a lot to learn still'' he said with a peaceful tone as he stared deeply into the sky, the wind rapidly brushing and pushing against the steady trees. ''Its a beautiful day outside isn't it?'' he questioned the others as the wind gradually slowed down and the sun glared through the window.
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  11. When Yato appeared started explaining, Aiko blinked from behind Mikoto to back where she was previously sitting but this time in a more respectable state. She tries to not just melt when Mikoto stated she's more of a human than a tool and the super comfortable head rubbing. It is important to show the other Gods and regalia that she isn't a weak little girl or it might bite her. She is trying hard though to look unemotional in front of total strangers who could be bears in disguised but she quickly snapped out of it and walks towards her master's side then she turns to face Yukine. "I apologize for calling you homeless, Yukine. My name is Aiko pleased to have met you." she said respectfully. "Also Susanoo-sama says it is nice to meet you all." Her master was eccentric to say the least many of the Gods gotten angry at how stoic he was but they were less so when she started translating but it was damage control more than anything else. In response to her master's question she turned her head to look outside "Yes Susanoo-sama." a gentle smile showed on her face, it was on a day like this when they first met.
  12. [​IMG]
    Masao had been up almost all night, getting everything ready and fixed for tomorrow, he wanted everything to be perfect for Amaterasu when she woke up. But knew he would be woken up early for some reason. Masao could feel a beam of light hit him, knowing that someone turned on the light in the bedroom. Also knowing the only person who would turn it on, Amaterasu.

    "Mayo-kun ! Go and get ready . We need to get to Kofu-chan and Daikoku-san's place . Also , I'm hungry ." Amaterasu is quite the handfull, but a good handfull. Even though he does a lot for her, she does a lot for him, that's how they work best together. Masao could feel her poke his face, making him a bit irritated. Masao opened his eyes seeing Amaterasu standing above him. After hearing her, he huffed not wanting to get outta bed. "Okay fine...I want to get some sleep after though."

    A few minutes later, Masao walked down stairs to the kitchen, he was actually a great cook and always made the best for his God and friend. He served Amaterasu some eggs and bacon, with a side of break and orange juice, to keep her energy high, also making coffee for himself. "So what's up? Have Kofu God and her regalia returned?"

    Masao put on his normal clothing, putting on his normal black dress shirt and pants, then returning to the kitchen. "I ripped my red robe again, so i am going to search for a new robe after all of this." Masao took a sip of coffee, then slid on his dress shoes. "Alright I'm ready to go!"
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  13. Goddess of the Sun

    The white-haired female giggled to herself as she witnessed her Familiar's usual wake-up demeanor . Although he act cold , she knew that he never really meant any harm . "Thank you for the meal , Mayo-kun !" , Amaterasu announced whilst placing her hands together in an almost prayer-like stance . As always , he knew what to make her for breakfast .

    "So what's up? Have Kofu God and her regalia returned?"

    The Goddess of the Sun frowned slightly as she gathered the dishes and placed them in the sink before giving them a quick scrub and rinse , "I don't know , but from what Bishamon-san said , I assume Kofu-chan and Daikoku-san are still missing in action ." . After wiping her hands , she crinkled the bridge of her nose before whining at the mention of her Regalia ripping his robes again , "Mayo-kun ! What did you do this time ? Waaah , we should get for you an armor to wear , but I think you'll be able to rip that apart too ." . She then laughed slightly at the thought before reaching up to comb her fingers through his still messy bed hair , "Okay ! Let's go !" .

    Her left arm found its way around his right arm before she teleported the two to Kofu and Daikoku's house . Upon reaching , she could hear voices talking , or more like arguing albeit , from outside . "Excuse us ." , Amaterasu announced before taking off her sandals and slipping on an in-house slipper . The first person she saw was her brother , Susanoo , God of Weather and his Regalia . Reflexively , she threw herself at him , hugging him , as a result of not seeing him for quite awhile , "Susa-nii-chan !" . After some time , she lets go of him before smiling widely at the other Gods and Regalias , "Hello everyone ! I hope you're doing well ." .

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  14. Yato listened to Susanoo's comment and frowned sending a glare at the man for a moment, "I've never seen the Regalia as simply weapons. I introduced her that way so he would know she was like him and feel more comfortable around her." He sighs a bit and barely manages to catch himself before Yukine moves away from him so instead he plops down on the floor and lays down leaning on one elbow while waving at Amaterasu as the Goddess of the Sun arrived, greeting her brother with enthusiasm and surprising childish behavior, though he says nothing about it, besides who was he to judge anyway. Yato sent a wide grin at Amaterasu mimicking her bright smile, "I'm sure it's obvious, but that's Amaterasu and her partner; though I don't know his name. Oh...that's right since everyone is here... I've got someone to introduce you to before we actually go to the location Bishamon wants us to explore." The rather now serious looking God raised his hand and waves someone from the shadows over. "Come on Ryth, at least out of that darkness. Well anyway allow me to introduce you to someone kinda like me. His name is Ryth, I don't know much about him but he eavesdropped on my short conversation with Bishamon and seemed interested in helping out, so I pretty much dragged him here, well him and his Regalia which I haven't really talked to yet. Feel free to add what you will to that. Oh! Don't forget to introduce your Regalia." Yato went quiet as he started flipping through a magazine idly, honestly his mind was running much faster than it had in awhile so as he thought it just stayed quiet, which was unsettling since he was rarely so calm. Whatever mess these Gods had found themselves in must have been very serious to affect Yato in this way.
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  15. Ryth had been following a fair bit behind yato the whole time. even to other divine denizens he seemed to fade into the background, like he had an inherent aura of invisibility so when he arrived at Kofuku's place he easily blended into the shadows. Yato wasn't completely true about Ryth wanting to join them since it was only after yato found Ryth curious about what the two were talking about, and started dragging him along to the house that he gave up and decided to at least see what was going on. now that yato had finally announced his presence he did just as yato said and stepped up. "the childish pain is right. I'm a noragami like him."
  16. The hug was nice but the momentum carried too much speed and excitement thus throwing his body suddenly against the glass, his cheeks stretching against the door as it slid slowly horizontally. ''A-Amaterasu...'' He struggled to say due to his mouth being compromised by the pressure of the glass, the voice at which he confronted his sister had a bit of a sigh tone however, majorly masked by a stuffed cheek. Finally the death grip released from his waist line and Susanoo found himself breathless, his hand pushed against the glass as he struggled to catch air with wide eyes. It only took a few seconds after catching breath to realize another person and another regalia whom followed from the shadows, ''A sneaky one'' He thought as he turned around and confronted the others with a simple question, ''Whats the plan?'' Looking at Yato first then quickly glancing at the others trying to seek a answer from them Susanoo only hoped that at least one person had a plan of action for the future events that had to come. After the question he asked to everyone he calmly walked over back towards the fridge where he would then proceed to open it and look through it once more. After a quick search he found himself poking a hole inside a juice box with a straw and having himself a nice cold beverage, ''You know... you got some good things in the fridge, Yato. Glad i could be of assistance to clear it out for you two.'' A slight glance overlooked Yato and his regalia before looking at Aiko, His regalia, ''Want a juice box too, Aiko-Chan? There is another one in here'' He politely offered his regalia. Susanoo didn't normally talk this much however, in this situation he just wanted to poke Yato's buttons for his own personal entertainment, and not only that but to feed his constant growling stomach.
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  17. Yukine jumped when another person, a woman with snow white hair appeared. By the way she addressed Susannoo, he assumed this was the famous Amaterasu. Next to him a boy a few years older than him stepped forth, presumably Amaterasu's Regalia. He waved to him and to Amaterasu out of respect before turning to Susannoo who was busy digging though their fridge.

    "Hey at least ask before you take our food!" he called. He looked at Yato, hoping his master would at least be concerned about freeloading.

    Soon two more people appeared, one of them Yato referred to as Ryth. He had this odd appearance about him, as if he wasn't really here. Like at any moment he would fade into the background. His regalia fortunately didn't have that attribute and was easier to focus on then the god.

    He crouched next to Yato, whispering in his ear. "This . . . this is a lot of people. Especially for a minor goddess like Kofuku. Are you sure Bishamon asked that many? And what are we supposed to do about them? We can't accommodate them. Kofuku and Daikoku only had one spare room for us."
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  18. Aiko reacted immediately by taking a large step to the right at the instant appearance of his master’s beloved sister Amaterasu. Knowing that she would give her famous power hug to him and she did. “It’s great seeing you again Amaterasu-sama.” Aiko bowed slightly to show respect to her master’s sister and then waves at Masao, she hasn’t seen him in a while but she hopes he remembers her. Though Aiko was struck with icy chill as Yato revealed another God called Ryth she couldn’t even sense his presence, her legs was shaking slightly but she put on a brave front so she doesn’t embarrass her master. As soon as Susanoo moved from his current spot Aiko followed quickly from behind totally not scared from the amount of people in the living room but realized that he was going back to the fridge. Aiko lightly tugged a small piece of her master’s clothes “Mikoto-sama, it’s rude to take from another’s fridge without permission.” She whispered while only showing him her pouting face but like before she was completely ignored but at least she had a juice box…I-I would like one to… she whispered taking the offered juice box and quietly drink the liquid from it as she is soon reminded that it was her fault that her master was doing this.
    "Hey at least ask before you take our food!"
    To which Aiko replied reflexively “We will be thinking of your kindness as we enjoy every drop.”
  19. Masao followed his God into the abandoned God Kofuku residents, but it was far from unused. He could someone yelling unpleasantly, something about food. As soon as they entered, Masao stepped away two feet, knowing of what was going to happen.

    He bowed to Susanoo to respect, they don't interact too much, but each other knows of how much they have gone through, so they both respect each other. Amaterasu is very affectionate, she couldn't help greeting familiar faces with hugs, even sometimes strangers, which he sometimes has to pull her off them.

    He then looked over at his regalia Aiko, they met a few times and had some good times on a vacations years back. Masao looked over at regalia looking close to his age, he knew about him, but he never really saw a male regalia that looked his age. Looking back at his God, he poked her on the shoulder. "So are we doing anything soon? I'm getting a bit tired."
  20. Goddess of the Sun


    Amaterasu was delighted at the fact there were people she knew besides her Regalia there . It wasn't as though she was nervous with working with so many Gods , it just felt....safer to know that there were people she could rely on there . Not that the others weren't . Hearing herself being introduced by a God wearing a track suit , along side a younger boy who she assumed was his Regalia , the white-haired female smiled before greeting them , "It is nice to be of acquaintance , Yato-san and Yukine-kun ." .

    Her attention was then brought back to her brother's sigh and albeit whine . She giggled a bit before turning to reply Aiko . "You don't need to be so formal , Aiko-chan !" , the Goddess of the Sun then patted the younger female on the head before nuzzling her . Amaterasu has always liked her brother's Regalia . She was so cute and the white-haired God saw her as a younger sister . Some times even trying to sneak in some snacks into her pocket , which was at times , frowned upon by Susanoo .

    "So are we doing anything soon? I'm getting a bit tired."

    She blinked a few times before turning to face Masao . "Oh right . This is Mayo-kun , my Regalia . Isn't he a grumps ?" , Amaterasu pouted once before clinging onto the taller male's arm , hugging it . "You're always sleepy in the morning , Mayo-kun . You should've made your coffee stronger . I'll do it next time ." , she said carelessly before looking around the house . Certainly , it looked too cleaned for a home , considering she heard from Kofuku-chan that Yato-san and Yukine-kun was living with them .

    "Does anyone have a clue where Kofuku-chan and Daikoku-san are ? What about Bishamon-san ?" , she asked .

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