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  1. W-what are doing readng this!? I already told you no!


    Still at it?

    Hmmm. Well then.

    How's it goin'?
  2. One thing I'm good at? Not listening. Welcome to Iwaku! 8D
  3. Thanks! One time I removed my ears to stop from listening before, but I could not handle the lack of balance! How in the heck do ya manage?
  4. I'd say that's a little over the top, but hey! I stuffed two cows into my ears so that's how.
  5. Welcome to the site. Good luck figuring that problem out, though, since I'll be keeping my balance thank you. Need it to pilot my Mechs =)
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  6. @Smo: T-that's a waste of precious beef! You could be eating that beef at a slower pace than through the ears!

    @Verin: Thankalanks~ I imagine though, piloting a giant robot could be quiet. Provided you aren't breaking stuff or getting dinged up, ja?
  7. Well, if you can't keep yourself upright, how do you expect to do it with something weighing >40 tons?
  8. Arguably I was hoping that if a mech was around, an artificial ear could be installed! Then I could disable them as needed!

    ...not sure if I would start growing ears in other places to overcome the lack of organic ones though.
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  9. ... The hard questions.
  10. Not as hard as a mecha's armor though!
  11. Except you can destroy that armor if you have a big enough gun. Same can't be said for questions.
  12. With a powerful enough weapon you can kill the person who asked the question and remove it from existence?

  13. Now you're turning this into quantum physics. AKA everything that doesn't make sense being right.
  14. Oh dear...I'm not qualified to handle physics made of quantums! Gah!
  15. I'll bet your grave ready.
  16. download.jpg
    Here's a setinit potato for your troubles. Enjoy your time here and don't feed the wild Grumpies.
  17. That poor potato! D=
  18. Hi there. >:3 How you doin'!
  19. I am so tired one of my eyes crawled off to bed already! The other one has convinced my eyelids to keep closing when I don't want them to.

    I-I I don't think I can hold out much longer!

    What about you? Suppressing the bodily rebellions I hope!
  20. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here!
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