Nooooooo!!! We can't let this happen!!!

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  1. Oh no... I always feared this day would come.. Nydanna, I feel the Choco-pocalypse may be closer than we thought.. Hershey save us....
  2. It is my worst nightmare come true. A world without's worse than the zombie apocalypse! Think of all the women who will be homicidal when they can't get their monthly chocolate fix. (That's if most women are like me and have to have chocolate during a particular time of month.)

    The world will cease to function!

    I say we ban China from buying any more chocolate. Keep it for the people who appreciated it longer!

    Who's with me?
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  3. I have already begun boarding up my windows, need to get supplies soon.

    I'm not sure if I will get passed over by the roaming bands of women, but I hope for the best.
  4. Or you cane horde a ton of chocolate, then all the ladies will love you. This plan is flawless and will not back fire on you.
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  5. I suspect this is nothing more then a way for the chocolate mogules to try to push out the fair trade chocolateers. 2020 will come and there will still be plenty of chocolate because they "saved" it.
  6. America has survived perfectly well without real chocolate. They'll be fine with that waxy dog shit that Hershey's jizzes in their mouths.

    As for the real chocolate enjoyed by Europeans, I think we'll have to subsidize the Hersheys shit out of it (cos that always works with European Agricultural Policy). More pay for the child slaves brown folks. You'll be creating a class of wealthy farmers who are paid high subsidies to produce chocolate for the elite.

    Then they'll be high-profile breaking and entering as menopausal women take the war to the homes of the aristocracy.

    Like the Purge... but with chocolate... and more black actors...and purging
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  7. I only have chocolate like once or twice a month. This would be a real tragedy if they said potatoes were running out, because the amount of potato chips I inhale is quite more than I care to admit.
  8. The world's cheese supply is in good standing, so I don't have to worry about losing my power-source yet.
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  9. Do you ever have anything nice to say? o.O
  10. I'm with you on the one, half of my diet consists of potatoes. Stuff like french fries, mashed potatoes, hash browns, tater tots, etc. I simply could not live without them. I don't really care for chocolate, as I've been steering away from it in recent years.
  11. @Nydanna When the full moon is in the house of the assassin and the great star has greats spots on it, know that Asmo may speak without snark or troll those that are unaware. Beware though, for that will be a sign of the end of days!
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  12. *retreats into the belltower and sits at his grand piano*

    Would that I could, Nydanna...


    ....would that I could.

    *begins playing in the moonlight*
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  13. I just consider everything he does as bait, helps me to understand him better.
  14. Hmmm. Is the bait a diamond? If so, I'm not biting. I hate diamonds.
  15. *Stands up, applauding Ochalla* Please , speak with an unwavering voice once more, of the end times to come, so that we all may learn from your mighty words, and survive the coming storm of non-chocolaty-goodness, walking out into the once crowded streets to begin anew, to bring light back to that which was buried in darkness, the great and powerful chocolate bar.

    (Was that good? Or did I fail at my attempt to be awesome with words?)
  16. Anytime I see Asmo post, I get ready to laugh. I can't decide if he is super sarcastic or incredibly sinical. Or both. Either way, it's always funny.

    Good Job Asmo!


    Welp time to stock up on Reeses and Hershey.
  18. I'm already creating a bunker for my Mounds and Milky Way bars! I'm wondering how much an armed guard's salary is..... o.O
  19. You two are part of the problem. You are going to ensure the choco-pocalypse happens in 2016.