Noobs Unite!

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  1. Hello Nooblets and or Veterans who came here solely to show us the ropes *cough*nobody*cough*. Let us all join hands and grow together, get over how gay that sounds, it's lovely! Love me!
    Btw my name is Chie and pigs are the source of our bacon.
  2. Indeed. Bl
    [/Takes Chie's hand] A pleasure. Call me Viva or Vivi.
    Also, Pig's are the closest thing to a human in the sense of internal organs and such.
    It's a little piece of info...
    So if the apocalypse comes.....You know where to get your bacon.
  3. *flips and lands in front of Chie* Hello and welcome to our magic site.
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  4. Newbies forever! ^o^ Welcome to Iwaku, Chie.
  5. Such interesting facts about bacon... I reckon I can inhale about two pigs before exploding from the strain within my... Me-niss! :D
    Skipping my usual random and slightly disturbing things, I am offering to you, a cookie! Which I totally did NOT steal from another post.
    Suspicious? I think not!
  6. Ello Chie! Nice to meet you. *hands you a beautiful bouquet of flowers* welcome to the site. Would you like to start a roleplay?
  7. I heard bacon, I am now here.
  8. I just came here to eat bacon....

  9. Hehe.
    Hello Vivi.
    Claps to Dakota, hello.
    Thank you, Diana.
    Seraphina, you tempt me with sugary sweetness! I cannot resist. *noms on cookie*
    Mr. McKenzie, how charming, I'd love too, I just don't know how ^///^
    Zero, Digi-guy, help yourself.
  10. You don't have to set up anything. I shall make one and provide you with a link. Unless you just want to do it through pm. I can also show you How to if you want
  11. anyone here want to RP?
  12. *Dances in the bacon rain* yessss yessss YYYEEESSSS!
  13. Welcome to Iwaku!
  14. Does anyone here know of any decent role plays?
  15. MY LONG LOST IDENTICAL TWIN! *tacklehugs Chie*

    Hi xD
  16. Alida!!! We are so beautiful!!!

    *noms on bacon*

    We could start an RP for everyone here, I mean, we all share the simple love for bacon do we not?