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  1. Newbie Alert

    I just wanted to make a nice little forum saying that I am knew. I'm pretty much opened to all role playing. I prefer not to do a book or movie based role play. It's just not for me. I like to be different and spontaneous with ideas for a role play. Please shoot me a message with any decent role plays or a brand new one. I am new, so yes it may take me a minute to figure out how everything here works. I have been in the role playing um thing for about 5 years now. I started on FooPets and once they took away the role playing forums I moved on to more sites. I'm literally craving that I find a new role play soon because all the ones I am in right now are dying. I am mostly looking for wolf, dog, human, and supernatural role plays at the moment. If anyone can helpt me with that it would be splendid. Thanks :P
    -- Skyy
  2. greetings S k y y, welcome to the community.
  3. Hallo Skyy! Welcome to the community!
  4. I am indeed late, but thank you both for the welcoming. :3