noob question >.<



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well im pretty rusty at RPing its been like 4 years sense iv last done it for real... and im lookin over all the "jump in" forums and its like 5 days started and stuff, how do people ususally go about jumping into something thats so far along??

also what would be my best likely way to have a good fun way of doin this with limited access due to only being able to get on in school?


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I usually read the very first post to see what the roleplay is about, and then read the last 5 posts of the thread to get a good idea of what's going on. (If the posts are super short, you could read like, the past page or so.)

If you like one/one style roleplays (that would be just you and a single partner), those are good games when you have a limited amount of posting time. Just hook up with a partner that's patient and doesn't mind taking their time. :D

Also, you could ask around in Roleplay Talk to see if there's anyone who would like to start a group thread with you that'll move at a slower pace!