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  2. ) ▶▶ &* DARLING I CAN BE YOUR KING !! ❞ (

    ▪▪▪▶ baby my kingdom is full of silver and gold .
    gender; male
    xxxxxxxx sex orientation; straight xxxxxxxx age; 18 xxxxxxxx ethnicity; british xxxxxxxx date of birth; july 29, 19XX xxxxxxxx sign; leo

    • Being the Protégé of the family, Allen is your typical rich, smart guy. Because of his sharp-witted mind, he can make good judgment out of all people in his school. He joins in contests for the sake of his school, hell he even created a good reputation of it because of the awards he brings. Clever in many things but hated by people who knows him better than anyone else. He shows off his perfection in everyone so they can praise him for being perfect. Allen can ace anything if he wants to but that doesn’t mean that he won’t give other people a chance, only in rare occasions.

      Allen’s arrogance is something you can’t simply brush off. Because of the mere fact that he has a higher position, he tends to think that the people around him are his slaves- well not technically slaves but someone who he can command at some things- you get my idea there. Allen thinks that everyone is there to follow his orders nothing more, nothing less. However, there are those people says that they are his friends, which in his point of view they are merely acquaintances and hypocrites because they have the same status as him.

      Despite his arrogance, you can’t help but fall over feels for this boy. He is smart, confident and charming, every girl’s dream. But then again, knowing him better, he knows how to trick other people using his charms, by using sweet talks and even going out with them if he wants something from them, he would charm his way in and get what he wants. Believe it or not he trained himself how to speak with the ladies and as well as the gentlemen to like him (business purposes). Some say that he is a heartbreaker, other say he is a man whore, but despite the rumors floating around him, he can change that rumor into something positive, using charm or money of course.

      Shrewd personality, people tend to think that he only stays at him but to admit the truth. He is always outside vandalizing walls and breaking glasses in the streets of Toronto, Canada. He adopted actually adopted this rebellious attitude from some teenagers who lives in the street. Despite of being rich, he is having more fun in the streets rather than going out in parties. However, because of his wealth, whenever he is getting arrested by the police he is either quickly letting go or him escaping them.

      Because of Allen’s deceiving looks anyone can fall for him, well except for some people. However, his charms will never work if he doesn’t know how to speak in front of them. He very well knows how to deceive, charm and manipulate his way out. To him, being eloquent is very much needed since he will be the future heir of the company. Of course, he also needs to prepare himself from the future if he ever wants to be successful.

      Arrogance, Charming, Devious and Delinquent. Combine those four and you got yourself an asshole.

    • As the only child of the family, Allen didn’t very much enjoy his childhood days. Despite the fact that his parents want him to have an excellent future, he was sent to a prestigious school in Canada. There, he learnt many unnecessary things like playing instruments, poetry writing and so on and so forth. But that doesn’t mean that he’ll forget those things, sometimes Allen plays the instruments, especially the piano for his parents so they can praise him for being a young protégé of the family. However, there are those times that his parents couldn’t even face their only son because of work. Work work WORK. Just how he hated that word. Because of the lack of attention he receive from his parents, he decided to show his skills in school so that the people around him will give their attention to him.

      Allen aced everything in their school so his parents would be proud of him, but neither of them showed up in the contests he joins in. For Pete’s sake they are busy with work! It was destroying his sanity because of the fact that his parents no longer to take care of him, only maids and butlers are there to look after him. He tried to grab their attention by breaking some expensive vases that his mother used to love, purposely setting the car on fire which his father use going to work. However, they thought that is was only an accident so they simply forgave their son and went back to work. Allen became so frustrated he began throwing tantrums at their house; breaking vases, statues, glasses, plates, everything.

      However, he was still not satisfied. Allen went out alone in the streets, not caring if he get lost or get kidnapped. Then, he found a group of thug wannabes- kids to be exact, vandalizing an old wall at the back of the alley. This piqued the boy’s interest, calling the attention of street kids he offered them money to teach him their way of living. First, he was taught to set a store’s kitchen of fire, second, he threw rocks at the glass store, third, he vandalized a police station and last but not the least, he had his first police car chase together with the street kids.

      Allen never felt so alive, so he craved for more, more and more. This rebellious phase of his carried out until he became a teenager, until he became the worst. His parents never knew about this until he was finally caught by the police because of vandalism, they weren’t worried of their son’s reckless action but rather they were worried of the company’s image, so they quickly dispatch the news using their money and power. When Allen gave up looking for their attention that was time they gave their attention to him. Apologizing for not able to look after him during those times when Allen needed them the most, but he could careless of what they say to him.

      To make it up to him, they gave him the chance to pick a school. Allen was happy, but he can manage his own without his parent's blessings or something. Eventually he picked a school that was near distanced to his condo. Everything was good, and the school’s education system was decent but there was something inside him that made him feel dull. Allen tried to brush it off, but soon this empty feeling grew until he could no longer care about joining the contests and winning. It’s like waking up in the morning then suddenly feel the urge to go somewhere quiet. That’s what he felt when he entered high school.

      Allen tried to vandalize the school to earn a new spark to his life, but nothing came in to him. The principal could almost careless about his reckless behavior because, he practically control the school like dolls in his hand. Money, power, fame and authority. That was given to him when he entered high school, there are those previous schools he went and shut them down because their education system was flawed and their way of teaching was crappy as hell.

      But putting that aside, is life became dull and he no longer want attention but rather he wants something knew to his experience. Something that will freshen him up from all of the responsibilities, expectations, school, everything. Allen once dreamed a place where is quiet and peace exists. It was somehow impossible to find that place, so he quickly gave that idea up and just daydream about it. Of course, he still joins in contests and still ace it, but that’s it.

    • Allen would sometimes argue with his height saying that he is 5’8 but in reality, he is just 5’7 in a half. He has those small bags under his eyes because of parties and balls for the business. He has small blue eyes and thick brown hair with blonde streaks in it. Allen has little freckles along with his jawlines and peachy skin tone. He always wear his favorite black, turtle neck jacket. But sometimes, he wears something classy without his jacket (it’s either it is in the hamper or in the laundry). He also have some scars in his body but is almost evident to the human eye, he got it from the fights when he taunts other kids in the streets. Allen wanted to have piercings in his body but his mother wouldn’t let him.

      Allen knows how to speak in 5 languages fluently:
      • Norwegian
      • Italian
      • Russian
      • Spanish
      • Japanese

      And 2 other which he is still working on it:
      • French
      • Polish

      The instruments he knows how to play very well:
      • Piano
      • Flute
      • Acoustic Guitar
      • Drums
      • Violin

      Although he is also having interest in arts but he isn’t sure if he is going to start to paint.

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