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  1. Whatever came before the three realms survives in no records on Earth or Heaven or Hell. Whoever it was that created the triosphere and their inhabitants is surely long gone, for all the good they've done. At the dawn of man, two other races dawned. From the Elysian windfield sprouted the Angels, creatures of order and structure. From the world of lava formed the Demons, beings of chaos and entropy. And on Earth were the humans, creatures weak in magic but strong in spiritual energy.

    As time went on, the two other planes learned to harvest this spiritual energy. Through everything from the Archidamian wars to the Pepsi-Coca Cola marketing war, Demons and Angels recruited humans to massive conflicts, each side leeching off of the energy created. Every human hope or prayer, every ounce of willpower and desire, every bit of stress and strain, despair and elation, went to either Heaven or Hell, giving them the energy to expand. As time wore on and the populations of both realms grew increasingly larger and larger, they found they needed more and more energy. More conflict, more struggle, more, more, more. Abortion. Immigration. Nuclear power. What Snooki should name her baby. Over every single issue, Angels and Demons struggled to polarize humanity, to leech energy from every nuance of human life.
    Eventually, they drove humanity to the brink- then over it. Nuclear bombs. Plagues. Mayhem. Destruction. The population of Earth the year the war began was around ten billion. By the time the dust settled eighteen months later, only scattered millions remained, and they were not human like their ancestors had been. No normal human could have survived the war- if the bombs and bullets did not get them, then Heaven and Hell, running short on soul power, drained their life force in a last ditch effort to keep the delicate structure of their worlds from collapsing.
    It did not work. They had killed too many, and those Remnants that left they could not touch. An entire race of psychopaths- mutated by radiation and biochem agents and incapable of normal emotion, of sympathy, and of being influenced by either Angels or Demons.
    Heaven and Hell collapsed anyway. Two massive evacuations to Earth were arranged; a great intersphere diaspora that recolonized the dying planet. Of course, that planet already has a native population, albeit a small one, and they are not much pleased by the new arrivals... especially once they put the pieces together and realize who it was that caused the war.

    More immediately speaking, Angels and Demons have realized that they are both exhausted, short on supplies, and very much in need of a ceasefire. Though neither side trusts the other, neither one has the resources to continue fighting, so they reluctantly agree to send five delegates apiece to a neutral area to draw up a treaty together.
    Unfortunately for the delegates, the Remnants of humanity have intercepted enough communications to know where these delegates are meeting, and have plans to crash the party and take the ten beings hostage- not a fate any of them are likely to survive, if they cannot work together to escape.

    Does this sound really cool? Do you want to be a part of it? It's quite easy, but I do have a few expectations and they are as follows:
    -Have pride in your work. I don't expect perfection but I do expect effort. Good grammar, proper spelling, that sort of thing.
    -Be polite to me and other board members. Call us by what we'd like to be called (I'm Sabine), don't pester anyone, and remember these magical words: "please", "thank you", and "I'm sorry". They'll get you a long way in life. Don't be afraid to ask questions, I'll also be polite and answer nicely. ^^
    -Follow the mythos of the board, not your own. It's too confusing otherwise; every culture has their own interpretation. And please, keep religion out of this. No god, satan, lucifer, yahweh, jehovah, allah, flying spaghetti monster, etc. are to be included in this board.
    -Don't be stupid. I think this rule covers pretty much everything else you can do wrong.
    -First come first serve is not how I operate here. If the official members list doesn't show a role as being taken, you're more than welcome to request it. In the event of multiple requests, I will ask for a character form from the competing parties and make my decision based on that. Rejection for one role does not mean you aren't welcome to try for a different one. ^^
    -Speaking of character forms, you'll be making your own. I've found that people tend to be much more creative when they don't have a mold to follow. That having been said, if your form sucks, I'll let you know and probably expect you to change it.

    Right way to ask to join this board:
    Hi, I'm Bobbert. Love the plot! Mind if I throw in my Angel character, Lucille? I think she'd be awesome as the Saint. I can have my form up by tomorrow. :)

    Wrong way to ask to join this board:
    i'm marcelline the vampire queen and i'm the sinner *eats ur face*
    wehn do i post my charrie forum?
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    Living about 500 years and reaching the age of majority at 120, this Heavenly race reaches physical maturity at about 100 and is assigned a mate shortly after reaching majority. Their entire lives are carried out at the order of the Chancellor and the High Council. Angels are supremely orderly and organized beings whose society is strictly hierarchical, with very little social mobility. They tend to prefer it that way, most of them finding it comforting to know that their roles and tasks are defined from a young age.
    Physically speaking, Angels tend to be fair, and always have eyes in cool tones, with blue being the most common and grey, lavender, and sea green also possible. In their normal form Angels are indistinguishable from humans except for the fact that the pupils of their eyes are white rather than black, and excellent daytime vision including the ability to see things much further away than the average human.
    Transformation into their secondary form requires complete concentration and is learned from an early age. In their secondary form all Angels grow white, feathery wings and a ring of light around their heads known as a halo, powerful enough to light a sphere about six feet in diameter in a dark room. In addition most Angels become between two and eight inches taller and much stronger, faster, and with quicker reflexes. In this form powers are more easily accessed and require less energy, though the form itself is tiring to maintain and few can do it for more than a few minutes.
    The usage of their power is achieved through control and balance, with any emotion stronger than a slight twinge ceasing their abilities. Angels have two categories of powers that also define their social class. The offensive powers include the ability to cast lightning, to use light as a weapon, and to manipulate the wind. Defensive powers, which are more common, include ability to create a shield similar to a force field, to heal wounds, and to change negative emotion into positive ones.

    With a similar lifespan to Angels, Demons reach the age of majority at 100 and from there are free to live their lives how they want, though most immediately embark on a way to get citizenship. How they live their lives is left completely open, and the laws of Hell are fairly lenient, though social order is maintained through physical force with brawls, duels, and fatal fights not being uncommon.
    Physically speaking demons have genetics tending towards darker tones, though Hell was a very diverse place. All Demons, however, have warm eyes, with red being the most common but maroon, yellow, orange, and acid green also possible. In their human form most Demons appear normal, though all of them have vertical slit pupils that grant them excellent night vision.
    Transformation into the secondary form is usually involuntary and is triggered by extreme emotion, with fear and anger being the most common. What this second form is varies wildly; all Demons grow wings that are either mammalian or reptilian (though not all are usable and some are vestigial) and some form of horns or antlers. Fangs, scales, thick skin, massive increases in muscle mass and body weight, and a number of other transformations are not uncommon. Again, these powers are tiring and difficult to maintain for more than a few minutes.
    Use of powers also requires emotion and the powers tend to be aimed rather than controlled. Ability to control fire, to create poison, and to transform into an incorporeal shadow figure are among the most common.

    Concerning both Angels and Demons, none have more than one power, and both become highly resistant to damage in the secondary form.

    The Remnants are what remains of humanity. All of them are psychologically damaged by what they have experienced, incapable of feeling normal levels of emotion but also incapable of having their soul power stolen by Angels and Demons.
    The majority are supersoldiers or their descendants, with genetic or cybernetic enhancements making them tougher than their human ancestors. Mutations caused by the many manners of warfare are not uncommon, nor are battle scars. There are many factions, most of which are in contact with one another, and almost all of which universally hate both Angels and Demons, as much as they can possibly hate in their condition.
    They prefer technology, though much of their infrastructure was destroyed and they tend to be fairly rag-tag, though still dangerous. They quickly discovered that many of their weapons cannot touch Angels and Demons once they enter their secondary form, but lasers and plasma cannons tend to get the job done and they have stocked up on those, proving quite a threat to the expanding refugee population.

    The "outer sphere" of the triosphere arrangement of the three planes, Heaven is a realm of cold and ice and wind, with clouds of debris forming most of the landmass. Soul energy held together these clouds in solid (and warm) enough form to be walked and build upon, but without human souls to power their machines Heaven is falling apart and returning to state of cold and ice, forcing massive evacuations of crumbling cities.
    The government of Heaven is an autocracy run by the Chancellor, a semi-hereditary position with the power to make all decisions. He is advised by the High Council, a group of seven most honored Angels who draw up the majority of all laws and regulation for the Chancellor to sign in. Strict censorship and behavioral laws, combined with regulation of citizens' daily lives, limit personal expression of the Heavenly masses.

    The "inner sphere", Hell is a gigantic ball of lava with air pockets few and far between, cooled to stone only at the very edges. Soul Energy is needed to cool more lava so civilization may expand, and to purify the air as well as provide light. Without the power of human souls Hell is literally melting and suffocating its citizens alive, forcing Demonkind to abandon their homes.
    The government of Hell is a democratic system where every citizen has an equal vote, and nothing is signed into law without at least seventy percent agreement, which results in very few laws and regulations. Becoming a citizen involves making a large contribution to society. The most common contributions are two decades military service, sizeable financial donations, or three decades free labor. Medical personnel, legal advisers, and other skills can reduce the amount of free labor required, and other methods of achieving citizenship include performing a deed of heroism, donating four complete human souls (enough power to run an entire block for a year), and discovering another air pocket.

    The "middle sphere", Earth as we know it has been drastically changed by war, disease, and pollution. Several large portals leading to Heaven and Hell have been opened, streaming refugees by the hundreds of thousands into the smoldering ruins of the planet. Hardier than humans, Angels and Demons are mostly unharmed by radiation and other leftovers of the war, and the native flora and fauna of both places have also happily taken to occupying Earth, many species proving highly invasive and expanding rapidly.
    Hellhounds now roam widely while strange glass-needled pine trees of heaven are sprouting by the dozens, soon to grow into massive forests. The ecological war, it seems, has just begun.

    General- a military wo/man through and through, the General has been in the military since xir youth and has risen to a position of high command over the decades. Unwilling to let this operation continue without some military input, xe has elected to come along in spite of xir misgivings about the entire concept. Minimum age: 300 (fully mature adult)
    Lawyer- a leading expert on the written legal system of xir respective nation, the Lawyer knows legal documents inside and out and will be primarily responsible for the actual writing of the treaty, and perhaps a lot of the content as well. Minimum age: 240 (adult but not old)
    Politician- charming, clever, and utterly ruthless, the politician always knows what xe wants and usually gets it, through whatever means necessary. Xe is a powerhouse, having wealth, intelligence, and friends in equally high places. This might not do xir much good in such a small group, though. Minimum age: 170 (young adult)
    Saint/Sinner- epitome of what xir respective culture represents, the Saint/Sinner is the pinnacle of achievement, a celebrity and role model for young people. This character is included in the delegation for xir Angelic/Demonic qualities that each side wants deeply embedded in the treaty itself. Minimum age: 100 for Demon, 120 for Angel (age of majority)
    Expert- decades of study have paid of for xir in the form of a vast repository of knowledge in xir field (you choose the field; make it relevant) which has, in turn, lead to xir inclusion in the delegation. Xe is a genius, one of the brightest people in xir nation, but will all that reading and studying do xir any good out in the real world? Minimum age: 260 (adult)
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    Titles in blue are males. Titles in pink are females. Gender balance isn't vital but I'd like some variety.​

    1. The General: OPEN
    2. The Lawyer: OPEN
    3. The Politician: OPEN
    4. The Saint: OPEN
    5. The Expert: OPEN

    1. The General: OPEN
    2. The Lawyer: Lady Sabine
    3. The Politician: OPEN
    4. The Sinner: OPEN
    5. The Expert: OPEN
  4. Hello, very interesting plot. I'd like to attempt the role of the Demon Expert. I have some ideas in mind, but I do not wish to post them publicly yet. We are, after all, competing for the roles.

    It would be nice to see at least one completed character sheet before I begin writing mine.

    Let's hope it grabs the attention of others as well! :)
  5. Thank you... Earl? What would you prefer to be called?

    If you must see a sheet first I can probably get mine up tonight, but you can go ahead and post it now and as long as no one else asks for the spot (and yours doesn't violate the last rule) it will be yours. ^^
  6. Okay, i will begin to type up my character sheet now then. Call me Grey, or Alli if you wish. Earl just feels weird since I am a girl. ^u^'
  7. I think I'll stick with Grey. I'm awful at remembering names that aren't in UNs, haha. ^^ My own character sheet will probably be up tomorrow- my muse was drained after typing all of this up.
  8. Are we still planning on doing this role play? Has anybody other than you (Lady Sabine) and I shown interest in participating in it? I'd like to know before completing my character sheet; it's currently about halfway done.
  9. There were supposed to be at least two other interested parties. :/ At the moment neither of them had acknowledged the board.
  10. Ahemaiten Xerxes Arsame
    You opened your legs, and baby I promised you- you didn't notice that my ankles were crossed
    But it's getting more and more impossible to keep a straight face and be trusted with "I love you"
    Goes by his middle name
    310 (looks a little under thirty)
    The Demon Lawyer
    Soul Eater
    Majogany hair, a few inches long and usually slicked back
    Deep red eyes
    Distinctly gold tan
    So what is a Soul Eater, exactly? It's difficult to describe. Technically speaking, Soul Eatering is a power in the family Incubae, which includes Incubine, Succubine, Vampiric, and most other "parasitic" abilities. Unlike their cousins, the ultimate goal of Soul Eaters is to convince their prey to grant their soul to the Eater. It cannot be stolen, sold, bartered, coerced, or conned; the only way to get a soul is to have it freely given. Their work is slow but rewarding, as the going price for an intact human soul on the Demon market, prior to the crash, was about three times what a new recruit in the army makes in a year. A single prayer contains only about a hundred-thousandth of the energy of an intact soul. Now that prayers aren't an option anymore, Soul Eaters like Xerxes are making a killing off of their stored up souls, selling them for a gross profit.​
    In his case, wealth is nothing new. Charming, handsome, and clever, Xerxes had little trouble convincing pathetic mortals that their souls were really better off in his hands. A few of those and he had the money to put himself through college, graduating right in the middle of his class in the Central Standard University of Hell. Still, souls paid the bills better, and he took to studying law as a hobby rather than a career, gaining quite a bit of fame in the underworld for his extensive knowledge. Though he's worked on practically zero cases, all the years most of his contemporaries spent learning one or two laws in detail, he spent learning twenty or thirty. Once he found out that a lawyer was needed, a combination of natural charm and casually gifted souls got him his current position.​
    He doesn't feel bad about the bribery. In fact, he feels bad about very little. Being a Soul Eater, by necessity, means stringing people along and forming an emotional attachment with the intent to betray your partner from the get-go. While he's not a psychopath he doesn't really form emotional bonds anymore. He has some friends from childhood and college, but all of his current lovers, acquaintances, colleagues, and contacts are distant. Spending too long in the human world has also given him a bit of an ego, like a child used to being the smartest kid in the room suddenly promoted to the next grade and finding himself perfectly mediocre again. Xerxes is a rich man and he certainly knows it, always dressing to the nines and refusing anything short of the best. Spoiled? Yes, and proud of it. He pays his taxes, donates to charity, and earned his money the honest way (by Demonic standards). He sees no reason to feel guilty about honestly being better than most everyone around him.​
    Like most Demons, switching to his secondary form creates major changes in his appearance. His skin becomes distinctly golden and shiny, as well as being very tough, and a pair of foot long dragon-like wings, also gold, sprout from his back. He remains flightless, but does gain white claws and bison-like horns, as well as white hooves (not cloven, an unusual feature), pointed teeth, and a tail ending in a white tuft not unlike that of a lion's.​
    In spite of the fearsome appearance his secondary form is almost totally unfamliar to him as it has a tendency of making human partners scream and piss themselves, which wasn't particularly useful for a Demon trying to convince them that they trusted him with their souls. Given his complete lack of experience or talent with violence, he never had any reason to shift and hasn't transformed since he was mugged in college- his attacker also transformed and beat him soundly in the ensuing struggle, leaving him with little but negative memories of his other body.​
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  11. Ach, sorry love. I have two rp's that I'm trying to get going in IM here and a bunch of others on a different site lol. Been distracted... also been drawing a lot more than I usually do... Well anyways, been keeping myself busy and didn't notice this was up... (also has a roleplay hes thinking of trying to revitalize on here) *flails* My brain is going to give out on me soon at this rate XD

    As for me joining... I may have to wait and see about how many people get interested, at lest for now. I'll begin thinking up a character though, just in case. I'll probably go for either the general or the sinner of the demons
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