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  1. Nonexistentialism

    Imagine a place, if you will, where all that doesn’t exist does exist. A place where Santa Claus and Bigfoot roam. A place filled with the dead hopes and dreams of the living.

    Such is the world of Nonexistence, or, as some call it, the Void.

    Here, that which has ceased to exist, and that which has never existed at all, lives on as memories and ideas.

    Even those who’ve passed on from the world of the living appear here, connected to it by that same place. The memories of them possessed by those who still live are what tie them here. The more people that remember and love them, the stronger that connection.

    Nonexistence cannot sustain them forever, though. As time passes, and the connection weakens, they will eventually vanish, leaving behind only a fragment of their existence.

    Overseeing all of this is a single girl, simply known as Umu Nanoko. How she got here and why she never fades is unbeknownst to any who’ve passed through here. She hugs the souls as they depart, and transforms their fragments into flowers. She claims, to those who ask, that it is to ensure they are never truly forgotten, even though she herself forgets them soon enough.

    Physical pain is not known in Nonexistence, and all physical ailments are shed when one enters. The mental pain is more than enough for most though. Knowing that you shall only exist here for as long as those you loved remember you well enough…
    It’s more than most can bear.

    You are but one of those who’ve recently entered Nonexistence.
    What will you think of it? What is your story?

    The Places of Nonexistence
    The Entrance Door

    Everyone who enters Nonexistence enters through a single door. It is elaborate and elegant in design. A bell chimes at its opening, letting the overseer know that another soul has entered. Souls are met with a welcome and a tour, before being shown to their personal quarters. For some, whose connection is already too weak upon entering, this door is all they see.

    Central Plaza

    The Central Plaza resides in the center of Nonexistence. It’s a gathering for souls and myths alike. Those who exist only as ideas often spend their time here, conversing with others of their kind. It’s the first stop along Umu’s tour, and neighbors the Entrance Door.
    Grand Hall

    The Grand Hall is a magnificent place, where all sorts of events are held. As beautiful and grand as it may be, it serves only as a distraction from one’s state in this place. It is but one of Umu’s tools to keep souls happy during their time here. It hasn’t seen much use recently…

    Play Room

    The Play Room, much like the Grand Hall, is another one of Umu’s tools. All the toys and games that exist merely as ideas in the minds of the living can be found here. Its design mimics that of a children’s room, but young and old souls alike manage to find enjoyment here from time to time.

    The Chambers are the spaces set aside for arrived souls. Each chamber leads to a separate space, allowing each soul some personal space, should they so desire to be left alone. The only one who can enter a soul’s personal space from the outside is Umu.

    Flower Garden

    The Flower Garden lies beyond a door that’s strictly off limits to all but Umu. No one has seen it, but guesses are that it holds a massive field, full of all the fragments Umu has transformed to flowers. She spends a lot of time here, so it’s her own “chamber” of sorts.
    Negative Connections

    Though everyone enters Nonexistence with at least some sort of positive connections, there are also negative connections, bred through hate and animosity. These negative connections often cause certain violent myths to lash out at the souls bearing them. If unguarded, a soul can be reduced to simply a fragment by these myths. Should this occur, the positive connection is forcibly shattered, and the soul vanishes. Umu tried to protect against this, if she believes the soul to be worth it.

    Forced Departures

    Because the memories of the dead can be unbearable sometimes, those in the world of the living may sometimes force themselves to forget someone who has passed. Should this happen, the soul’s connection will weaken until they can no longer be sustained, and they will vanish.

    Because of this, and due to the fact that they know their death is causing someone suffering, some souls will ask for Umu to intentionally make them vanish, by shattering their connection. Umu agrees to do so, but only after she makes certain that it’s what the soul wants.

    Roleplay Premise

    This roleplay will be a dramatic slice of life, of sorts. You will play as someone who has recently died and entered Nonexistence. Through character interactions, you will reveal your character’s life story, and their devastating, or hilariously unfortunate, death. The biggest focus in this roleplay is on character development and revelation. To tell a story through your character that will make us feel and sympathize with them, or despise them. How you write your story is up to you. Just note that all characters will vanish at some point, some sooner than others. It is your duty to make it believable and enticing.

    1. Follow all Iwaku rules.
    2. Respect your fellow roleplayers. No OOC drama.
    3. Posting level is advanced / adept, and at least one paragraph per response is expected. It’s also advised that you mention your location and those you interacted with at the top of each of your replies.
    4. This is more of a slow-paced roleplay, but I’m still looking for at least two replies a week, more if you can manage.
    5. To make this more manageable, I’ll only be accepting four characters at a time. However, if you PM me, I can reserve a spot for you for when someone vanishes.
    6. Let’s keep things PG-13. Due to the circumstances, there won’t be much fading to black going on.
    7. If you have any questions at all, be sure to PM me. I can’t help you unless I know you need help.
    8. Have fun. If you’re ever not, and there’s a way I can fix it, politely let me know, and I’ll do what I can.

    Character Sheet

    Full Name:
    Age: (At time of death.)
    Appearance: (Image, preferably art, and / or description.)
    Cause of Death: (How’re you joining us?)
    Personality: (Keep it brief.)
    Character Theme Song: (Something to represent and give us more of a feel for who your character is.)
    Other: (Any fun tidbits about your character you want to add.)
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