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  1. Alright, I tried this once, but it sadly never managed to go anywhere. It's 3AM, so I'm just going to give a VERY brief overview and answer any questions anyone may ask overnight when I wake up.

    Basically, there's a place that doesn't "exist" called Nonexistence. Here exists everything that doesn't exist in the real world, but that has a strong enough tether. The best example I can give is Santa Claus. He doesn't exist, but because of all the kids who believe in the concept and idea of him, he does exist in Nonexistence. Making sense so far?

    When people die, they technically "cease" to exist in the real world as we know it, but because they have a strong tether, their souls come to exist in Nonexistence. For as long as they live on as an idea in the real world, they continue to exist in Nonexistence. However, should they cease to exist as an idea, or should the tether become too weak or be forced to break, they will fade from existence, leaving behind only a cube referred to as Essence of Existence.

    There exists a girl here named Umu Nanoko (very roughly translates to Nonexistent Girl, according to Google Translate), who oversees Nonexistence. When those who've come here after death fade away, she turns their cubes into a flower that she believes represents them and plants them in her flower garden.

    This is just a vague overview, but I think you get where I'm headed. The gist of this RP would be a slice of life philosophy, with your characters being people who've recently ended up in Nonexistence. The focus will be on your characters' reactions to their circumstances and their ability to come to terms with (or not) with their situation. As can be guessed, all characters will eventually fade away, but when your character does so will be up to you.

    All that said, any questions so far?
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  2. I love it! You're a pot full of brilliant ideas :'D

    So if a person begins to exist in Nonexistence based on what people know of this person, would this be a version of himself that people know?
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  3. He would exist as who he was when he died, but who he became during his time there would not be someone that those in the real world would know. To them, he simply exists as memories - an idea of the person they once knew as living. When people start to move on from someone's death is when the tether starts to weaken and is eventually broken.

    EDIT: The biggest psychological factor is in knowing that you will eventually disappear, and that, in doing so, you know that the people in the real world that you knew and loved have slowly begun to forget you.
  4. He would exist as who he was when he died?
    But he could change in the Nonexistence even if it will be into someone different from how the real world...?

    Let's say there's A. A is an x but people know him as a y.
    He'll exist in Nonexistence as an x still? Or as a y (since his being in Nonexistence is "powered" by people remembering him)?

    Or am I getting everything wrong?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm super hyped for this too. I'm already forming a character in my head TuT
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  5. If you put this out there, I will join! AGAIN. hahaha, you're seriously filled with awesomeness.
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  6. He would exist as x. The remembrance only keeps him there, it doesn't shape who he is there. Like Santa is always portrayed as jolly and whatnot, but the Santa in Nonexistence is actually a very sad being because he can't actually do anything for all the kids who believe in him.
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  8. Well hot damn. Two or three more people and we should be good. This doesn't require that many people.
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  9. Fuck yeah! Count me in! This reminds me of Angel Beats. Man, this roleplay is going to be filled with so many feels!
    -grabs some tissues boxes for be ready beforehand-
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  10. I remembered that you asked about it in the PM, so dragged you in. :D
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  11. Yknow I looked at this before and I was thinking - Angel beats. Idk, it seems like somethin I might like, I've loved angel beats ever since I watched it. If you've got a spare spot, I'd like to pop in.
  12. I was thinking along the lines of Rise of the Guardians but with a twist...
  13. It's like a mixture of Angel Beats and AnoHana. Hahahaha....
    -starts to cry after the feels returned- "...found you, Menma..."
  14. Sounds very interesting!
  15. I might join, I really like the concept. I have a theoretical question out of sheer curiousity: Say the Big Crunch/Big Freeze/Otherwisenamedendoftheuniverse happens and not just earth and all life, but existence itself ceases to be, what would happen to the place of Nonexistence itself? Would it cease to exist? Afterall, the belief in existence would still exist, because existence in the Nonexistance world exists, but the usual source of nonexsistance, existance, would no longer exist.

    Also what is nonexistance like? Is it a copy of the world? You said this would be sof, but that seems difficult in a place that houses only a few people or that is very bland etc. Would it consist of all the fantasy lands and theme parks that people believe in instead of anything real? Would it be the world how people imagine the world to be?
  16. Is that some kind of tongue twister or what? xD

    And about your question, I think this Nonexistence world is like the Limbo or Purgatory.
  17. *Shoves @Eteles in here* GET IN ON THIS M8
  18. @alaska, canon to this story, the world does not meet a sudden end. There's a war that lasts for years and years and years until the last people eventually die. The world of Nonexistence ceases to exist only when there is nothing to sustain its "existence" which in our case is something existing there. Once all the people have died and disappeared from here, Umu will disappear (her existence there is actually fueled by the people in Nonexistence), and Nonexistence would cease to exist as we know it because there wouldn't be anything there. A literal void.

    Nonexistence, as I have it right now, only has a few areas. A flower garden (which is off limits), chambers for those currently residing there, a large central square where most of the beings that exist as concepts and ideas in the real world hang out, and the large double door that people enter through. I'll probably add more areas when I come up with em, and suggestions are welcome.
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  19. Totally in for the idea. It sounds absolutely amazing and tissue worthy.
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