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  1. [​IMG]

    "Hello, and welcome to the world of Nonexistence, where those who no longer exist continue to live on as ideas. If you're here, it means you've died. If there are no questions, I will begin the guided tour immediately."

    Helo, fellow Iwaku roleplayers. I'm here to present a roleplay idea for what I like to think of as a very unique one. The basic premise is set around a world where things that don't exist (or have ceased doing so) do exist. Imagine a plane where Santa is real. A place where all the myths and legends of the world we know "exist". Such a place is the world of Nonexistence. It goes deeper than that though. Much deeper.

    The Concept

    When people die, this is where they go, albeit for a short or long period of time. How it works is this; when someone dies, they still exist in the minds of people they knew, but now they only exist as an idea of what once. It is these thoughts that lead departed souls to the world of Nonexistence. However, just as ideas are drawn here, so are they lost. When enough people stop believing or thinking of something, it completely ceases to exist. When this happens to a deceased person's soul, they turn into a cube, much like the one in the image above. Said cube is what is considered their "essence of existence". Umu, the character that I will play, acts as a sort of overseer through all of this. She has a past of her own.

    General Information

    Now that the concept explaining is out of the way, I can explain what the main focus of the roleplay will be. First off, I'd like to mention that every single character played in this roleplay will, at some point or another, disappear and leave behind an essence of existence. That being said, it is advised against joining if you aren't okay with such a thing in roleplays. I would like to point out that when your character is completely forgotten in the real world will be up to each individual person.

    The biggest focus of this roleplay will be on character interaction and fleshing out each character's past. There will be some action, but it isn't the high point. When I come up with a character sheet, personality and history will not be included. I want for these things to be delved into during the roleplay. Remember that the character you'd be playing as would be someone who has died and no longer exists in the sense that we in the real world use it. As a side note, amnesia will be permitted.

    As those still reading this may have guessed, this roleplay is meant to be very deep. To adhere to such a standard, I'm looking at a preference in those with sufficient writing capabilities. Because of the lack of a personality or history section in the character sheet, I would ask that anyone interested include a writing sample (be it a fresh sample, or a link to the most recent IC post you've made) so that I can make sure that everyone is where I'd like them to be. I'm still fleshing things out as far as planning this roleplay goes, but anyone who might be interested and wants to submit a writing sample early will be more than welcome to help me out with that part. Below is a rough sample of what the character sheet will look like.

    Sample Character Sheet (open)
    Name (first or full, either is fine):
    Age (any is fine; people of all ages die):
    Appearance (typed description or image, preferably anime in art style):
    Cause of Death:
    Flower Representation (pick a flower that best represents your character; plot related):
    Character Theme (optional):
    History/Personality (for those of you who want to join and feel obligated to do such sections out of habit; very optional and NOT REQUIRED):
    Writing Sample (fresh writing or link; bonus points to those who do a death scene as an intro to their character):
    Post Header Image (a character image to appear at the top of each of your posts; optional, but preferred):

    Note that the character sheet posted is subject to change, and I would prefer if no one fill it out until enough interest has been fostered and I make an official OOC thread. I'm looking for at least five characters (excluding my own) to start. Multiple characters are allowed and encouraged.

    If you have any questions at all regarding the concept or other information, please feel free to ask.

    Thank you for reading, and I hope you'll be interest in joining if you like the idea!​
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  2. I am game.
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  3. Hey-hey^^!! Interested! ~~>Right here<~~

    Kay but soooooo... tbh I still have to digest the full extent of how the RP's supposed to go cuz Boo is kinda boomboom in the brain sometimes :/

    BUT!! I like it so far~~!!
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  4. Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind!
  5. I'd like to mention that playing as a myth or legend will also be possible. I just need to come up with an appropriate character sheet for such a thing.
  6. @Umu I'll jus wait for OoC then... prolly make more sense once it's there? Yeah-yeah~~!!
  7. Yep. I'll get around to making one eventually. There's quite a bit to cover before we can dive in, haha.
  8. I hope I can deep.
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  9. Hm, nice idea but I feel the potential is a little... wasted? As in, it feels like this would just be a normal slice-of-life character development RP, and the essentially 'you're a ghost' part is kind of just a side gimmick. Do you have something planned involving it, or will the entire RP just be telling other non-existent people about what your life was like back when you existed?
  10. "..quite a bit to cover...?" "...haha...?"


    Alright... bruh! Just hold up a sec... you want a 'writing sample' from the Boo Girlie right? Yeah-yeah well...

    The Boo Girlie wants a 'quite a bit to cover haha sample' from the Umu!

    Well... i guess thats kinda sorta what Karakui asked already... but! I ask with more fingers pointed at you! ~points all fingers~

    Oh! And will there be a lot of collab posts? Cuz I don't have a lot of time for those :/
  11. Yeah, the biggest focus will be psychological. How would various types of people react to such a situation? How would they grow as time passed like this?

    As mentioned in the description, Nonexistence, as their "location" is called, is not a place of permanent residence. Each character will eventually fade away completely. No reincarnation, no Heaven or Hell. Just a complete cessation of existence. Granted, there is a possibility for action and possible plot candies via the myths and legends that also exist there. I didn't mention it in the original description, but if people in the real world try to forcibly forget those who have died and only exist as "ideas" now, some legends will instinctively attack the person trying to be forgotten. Most people will be unable to fend off such an attack, but Umu has intervened from time to time.

    Also as mentioned, when people in the real world forget the deceased person, or thoughts of them are miniscule, they will vanish completely, turning into the aforementioned cubes.

    If the main question is "is there a specific plot?", the answer is no, as of right now, I don't have a particular plot in mind. My biggest goal is to create a setting, and within that setting, let each character write their own story. Within the limitations of their situation of course.
  12. Hmm I'll pass then. It sounds like any possible plot would just be telling a character's story except where the character in question is basically looking back on their life, which doesn't sound very fun.
  13. That's fine. A roleplay like this certainly isn't for everyone. Thanks for at least inquiring though!
  14. This sounds interesting, any posting expectations during the IC? Like, how long a post should be and how often do you expect one to post?
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  15. Posting expectations will be one to two paragraphs bare minimum, with an expectation of at least one post per week (preferably more).

    There's not that strict of a posting requirement because I don't want to rush things. This is a roleplay with a very high focus on character interaction and development, so that should be the major factor tied into writing replies.

    If you're interested in joining, that'd be great. I'll probably start working on an OOC sign-up thread soon enough.~
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  16. Here's a subject to change OOC sign-up thread.
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