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  1. Hi, sorry about the poor title, will edit if I think of a better name. Also this is my first RP that I have created, I don't care if this doesn't work, I'm just testing.

    So, this RP is about Superheroes. Except that... they're not super. They have no powers or laser beams. They're not mutants, they're not aliens. They're normal, regular people. You can be anyone, a Superhero, a regular person, whatever.
    If you haven't figured it out yet, this is basically a roleplay based off of Kick-Ass, one of my favorite movies.
    Also, don't hate please, this is my first RP that I've made before

    Suggest names for the RP please and tell me if you want an OOC thread.


    Leo sat in the cafeteria, alone as usual. He was reading a comic book, X-Men, to be exact. He wasn't a very popular guy. He had about 5 friends who he hung out with frequently but besides that, no one really took notice of him. At 17 years old, no one would bully him or be mean to him. He was just your average, skinny, regular nerd. Leo let out a small yawn as he closed the comic and slipped it into his bag. He walked out of the school and started walking to his house. Quite alot of people were taking the same route around, mixed spaces between groups of people walking or singular people walking. It was about a 15 minute walk to his house.
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    Taya lowered her head a little more as she walked towards her home. As usual, she walked alone. Her earbuds were in her ears and blasting Queen loudly. She was focused on making it home without tripping over her own clumsy feet, so her eyes were on the ground. She was almost to her house when she bumped someone who had stopped in front of her. She stumbled a couple of steps and grabbed his arm to keep from falling. "S-sorry!" She apologized, mortified at her own clumsiness. She quickly stepped away from him. "I'm sorry." She apologized again. He looked vaguely familiar, she'd probably seen him around school sometimes. The sixteen year old was new to this school this year, she'd been going there for a couple months now.
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    Zick was a college senior about to finish his hairdressing degree, an avid smoker and a pushy personality. He sat at his home not doing anything special as usual. He had skipped school today to have a lazy day for no reason other than relaxing and having one or two smokes. As he wrapped his third fag, he wondered how his childhood friend Leo was doing. Their differences were ground-breaking, as Leo was a nerd nowadays and Zick was a greaser, one of the toughest in the hood. When Leo was interested in comic books and video games, Zick preferred to fix cars and hogs. It was one of his favorite pastimes aside from smoking and being a general lay-about. But today was somehow different from all the other days, as he thought to appear on Leo's front porch by surprise and play video games with the guy. They haven't played together for a while ever since Zick had been working his butt off to afford his lazy days such as this. Reflection to action. He sprang up from his couch and walked outside. From afar Zick could see as if Leo was chatting with a girl.

    "No way!" He thought as he walked closer. Leo just stood there looking at the girl as she left. "Well well well, what do we have here, da Vinci? That babe was totally mucho bueno!" he said while making the a-ok sign with his left hand. "Hey, I'm talking to you. You mind telling me what that was all about?" he asked while grinning widely.
  4. "What?" Leo said, confused as he narrowed his eyes. "That girl? Zick she just bumped into me. I barely know her." he sighed. He gave a 'are you serious' look towards his childhood friend's mischevious grin.
  5. "God, chill out man!" laughed Zick. "You could never get a girl like I do with my suaveness", he fooled around. "Didn't you get that Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for your PS? Let's go and play it! It's been a while anyway since I challenged you to a tournament. It's been, what, five months already?" he threw a guess as he stepped nonchalantly over Leo's threshold.
  6. Taya made it all the way to her house without any more problems, but when she reached into her pocket for her keys, they weren't there. She closed her eyes. "Damn it." She muttered. They'd probably fallen out of her pocket when she bumped into that boy. He hadn't even acknowledged her presence before she walked away, so chances are they were still there on the ground. She turned tiredly and headed back that way.
  7. Leo smiled at Zick, motioning for him to follow as he started to walk. Then he stepped on something as it crunched. He oicked them up. "Keys? he mumbled to himself as he remembered the girl he bumped into. "Zick, come on." statting to look around the area, searching for the girl.
  8. Taya made her way back to where she'd fallen, and she spotted the boy from before with what looked like her keys in his hands. "Hey." She called with a wave. "Thanks, I thought I'd lost them!" She quickly got her keys from him. "Sorry again, for bumping you." She said.
  9. "Hey!" shouted Zick from inside. "Aren't you gonna say your name at least, girl?"
  10. Leo nudged Zick sharply, indicating not to be rude.
  11. "Ow! Why'd you--oh, whoaaa!" Zick stumbled on his feet and fell hard on his face. While lifting his face up, he found himself looking straight up at Taya, then quickly got up while trying to regain the finest nuggets of dignity he still hadn't lost after past four years of fooling around with people. "Goddammit..." he mumbled and stomped on his dropped still burning cigarette. "There goes a good fag of mine..." he mumbled inaudibly while staggering on his feet for a while, then opened his mouth: "You know, I'm still waiting for your answer", Zick insisted regardless of Leo's constant annoyed looks he gave him.
  12. Taya laughed when the boy fell on his face, though she tried to stiffle it. "I'm Taya." She replied, still giggling a bit. "Are you alright?"
  13. "Stumped my nose because of a certain someone, ehehehe", Zick grimaced and glared razor sharp at Leo. "Anyways, I'm Zick and this is Leo. Lost your keys, eh, Taya? Good job for Da Vinci here to find them for you, ain't it?" he went on. Zick was a really talkative person who could easily speak and speak and speak until everyone in the room were spinning with chronic dizziness. "We were gonna have a tournament with our favorite chars on Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Care to join? We could always use a player three. It's more fun and exciting that way to have more than just two, ain't it?" he finally finished.
  14. Taya blinked a little bit at the constant stream of words that was coming out of this boy's mouth. She wondered why he called his friend Da Vinci, but before she could ask he was already off on another subject. "I suppose." She agreed when he said it was more fun than just two. "I can play, for a little while."
  15. "So it's settled! Alright! Mucho bueno, seƱorita! Fantastico!" Zick rejoiced and scrambled off into the house. Inside the house came noises of broken glass, fallen appliances, a shocked screech of a cat and a brief "I'm fine!" as he stuck his head out of the doorway but quickly pulled it back inside. "Yay, found the third controller! Umm... come in?" Even though it was Leo's house and Zick hasn't visited for quite a few months, he behaved as if he owned the place, as expected from him. It couldn't be helped. He was a bit of a klutz especially when he was supposedly in a hurry, in which he usually wasn't with his life.
  16. Leo chuckled as he walked into his house, sitting on the couch as he started the PS3. It wasn't a dirty house but it wasn't the cleanest. Energy drinks littered the tables and he only washed the dishes two times a week. He grabbed the game and put the disc in, careful not to scratch it. Handing a controller to Zick and Taya whilst also grabbing one for himself, he sat back as the title screen appeared on the small TV.
  17. Taya hesitantly stepped into the house. She felt like she was intruding a bit, but brushed the feeling aside. She set down her bag as she sat on the couch next to Leo. Seh took the controller he offered her with a quiet thank you and waited for the game to start.
  18. "Alright! Let me dig in, folks!" Zick shouted enthusiastically, bounced over the couch and landed exactly between them two. He grabbed his controller and set the fighting mode to tournament; a series of matches between 32 different characters. Leo, Taya and Zick were to set their own characters and all others would be decided randomly by the game. "I'm going for Deadpool. What about you two? Taya? Da Vinci?" he asked after choosing his favorite.
  19. Taya shrugged a bit. "I don't know the different characters." She admitted. She'd never really read or watched marvel movies, and she didn't even know what Capcom was.
  20. "What is this, Taya? Have you never watched Spiderman on TV? Or Batman? Or Superman, the Man of Steel himself? Or read any of their comics? What about Street Fighter or Megaman, never played any of those? Man, you must have missed out a lot in your childhood, brother!" Zick wondered unintentionally aloud. "I always aspired to be able to climb on walls, fly through the air, know Kung Fu and shoot with a gun-arm when I was a kid!"