Non-Smokers: If pot was legalized, would you do it?

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Would you smoke pot if it was legalized?

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  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. I don't know

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  1. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that tomorrow, your local state government decided to legalize marijuana cigarettes. They were completely organic and as natural as possible, sold in all stores as normal cigarettes were.

    Would you suddenly be open to smoking? Why, or why not?

    Also, poll.
  2. I know enough people who do it already, and I'm partial to the occasional joint myself, so I wouldn't have any issues with it. Can't say I'd smoke it any more or less, it'd just be nice not to have to leave the fucking windows open all the time for fear of leaving the curtains and couches smelling of it.
  3. Nah, I wouldn't. I'm uninterested and dislike the smell.

    I'll be honest, if I ever tried it, it wouldn't be in cigarette form because that wouldn't be good for my ill lungs. I'd put the pot in some brownies. XD
  4. I feel you there, Fluff. First time I had ever actually seen pot in person was less than a year ago, and the first whiff I got of the crap I broke into a coughing fit and told the holder to take it away.
  5. I read that poll wrong > < I actually don't smoke myself and wouldn't even if it was totally legal (Although it is damn near legal in Cali). However I don't disapprove of it. Alcohol is legal and causes WAY more problems in society than pot...not that I'm against booze, just saying.
  6. I can't see myself smoking pot even if it was legal. The smell is awful, I don't like the idea of ruining my lungs, and I'm a bit of a control freak and wouldn't want to be 'out to lunch'. That all being said, if I got to a point in my exploration of spirituality that I wanted to use it to see beyond the mundane, it would be damn handy if it was legal and hopefully I'm never in a chronic pain situation where that is the best option.
  7. I've taken part in it's use and I really don't see any issues with it, but at the same time it's nothing that excites me. At least it's better than cigarettes.
  8. I'm in the unique situations that soft-drugs are "Condoned" in the place where I live. I don't use the stuff myself, because of several reasons.

    1. it's a money drain, even if used responsibly. The stuff is expensive, even when legal, since permits for growing the stuff will be rare.

    2. I have an addicts personality. It's bad enough that I had to go cold turkey on chocolatemilk of all things... not about to take a bigger risk.

    3. it smells, and it gets into everything.

    I however, have nothing against the recreational use of weed or hash, and I think that legalizing these kinds of drugs will actually improve awareness and acceptance of the problems it causes, and result in more responsible use IF it gets used at all. Not to mention that, once it's legal, it will not be funding criminal cartels and gangs anymore, because most of the buyers would rather go to a clean store.
  9. I would not. Literally the only reason not is my job - if I'm toking out there on the patch someone could get killed, not because of the drug itself, but because of the way I react to it.

    This said, I absolutely and irrevocably condone the use of marijuana. I love pot. Quite honestly I think that joints should be sold in stores like packs of cigarettes. Joints are safer and don't give you cancer in the long run. Also, the smell is fucking delicious, I don't care what anyone says. Although I've been told that if you enjoy the smell you're quite likely to use...

    The only reason it's so expensive is because half of the ganja you smoke comes at a blood cost. if it's imported and it's from the south (IE Mexico), you're smoking somebody's death most like. Homegrowers up their prices because they know that even if they undercut the douche bags down there, they can get the same profit. If it was 100% legal and was grown on farms a la tobacco (also which I use, but don't condone) it would drive the cost down to about a pack of Camels or Marlboro's.
  10. Actually it would be cheaper. Taxes almost double the cost of tobacco.

    I myself have many reasons why I would never use pot.

    1. I find smoking anything horrifying. Human lungs aren't meant to hold gasses half as hot as anything you smoke, not to mention smoking itself (not just tobacco) causes skin and nail discoloration, reduced body tempurature (not sure how that works) and a myriad of other frightening side affects.

    2. religeous reasons. Nuff said.

    3. I watched my brothers literally destroy themselves with weed. One of my brothers was sentenced to several years in prison because of something he did while baked.
  11. Support your local farmer's market.
  12. Nope. Drugs of any sort are pointless to me.
  13. Now that I've tried it, I don't care for it. XD It's pretty much on the same vein as alcohol for me. It's alright, but I don't care for the high/drunk feeling I get from it. So if I ever used it, it'd be for a really specific reason, like special occasion, or needing to knock my ass out. o_o;

    That aside, I think it SHOULD be legal. It's no different from alcohol, and I don't believe that BS about it being a gateway drug. ANYTHING can be a gateway drug. e___e When people have a shitty life they're -going- to find a way to escape it.

    The US could tax it and repair their debt. D:< Business could still test for it and fire people that are using it on the job or irresponsibly.
  14. Only for the special occasions. On the other hand, like Myrn, I have an addicts personality, so I'd probably not, I'm not floating in cash and getting high is not a big priority for me in life.
  15. No. I suffer enough from second-hand smoke as I am. Catching fumes while strolling on a bike, smokers doing their lot outdoors, etc.
  16. Well pot makes my throat close up. Even standing to close to a cloud of it will affect me. So no I would not.

    But even if I wasn't allergic, I don't think I would. It's just never appealed to me.
  17. I've smoked it... I voted yes, but if it was legal I wouldn't smoke it anymore or any less that I already do. Like once every 3 months the occasional one puff is fine, but it really does nothing for me. I like the smell of it before you burn one, smells so good!!!
  18. Can't say I like the smell or am interested in getting hooked but I don't think they're truly harmful. Laws will probably be put into place to make sure the smoke never gets too thick. Ideally at least.