Non "scary movies" that scared you as a kid?

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  1. What random movies scared you / gave you nightmares as a kid and, if you know, why?
  2. As dumb of a movie as it is, Killer Klowns from Outer Space scared the living shit out of me when I watched it. I was really young, and it solidified my fear of clowns. Now I watch it and just laugh at how dumb it was.
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  3. Disney's Fantasia scared me terribly as a child.
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  4. E.T. I had seen Alien before it and was fine. That brown puppet was the scariest thing ever. XD
  5. Spirited Away. I was only like 7 years old when I watched it at a sleepover or something, and I fell asleep fairly early into the movie. All I really remember is the part where the girl's parents turned into pigs, and then the girl herself started to fade and disappear, and then some guy told her to eat a berry or something to stop her from disappearing. And it freaked me the hell out, especially the part about the parents turning into pigs. O_O"

    I didn't even know what the title of the movie was for a long time, but, when I did come across it again, I refused to watch it for a good chunk of my childhood. Even though part of me sort of knew that the only reason it scared me so much was because of how young I was and I'd probably be fine if I watched it when I was a bit older... I was still too freaked out to give it another chance. O_O

    More recently, I've been meaning to watch it, seeing as how I've pretty much grown out of my fear of it, and everyone says it's one of the best movies ever and all. I just... haven't gotten around to it yet. >_>
  6. That actually got to me as an adult ^_^'

    Hm if you're into Miyazaki films, it's a must watch though. Definitely one of my top 5 movies to watch.

    Another movie that scared me was The Last Unicorn.
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  7. I'm pretty sure I saw Jurassic Park too young and that opening scene where the raptor that you can't see in the cage pulls the guy in while there's chaos and screaming and all that probably scarred me for life because I STILL have reoccurring nightmares about dinosaurs lol.

    It's my favorite movie ever, though.

    When I was young, my parents took my sister and I to see Twister in the drive in. The first scene was apparently fucking terrifying for little Dervs and I went in the back of the van, hid under a blanket, and eventually passed out.

    I also really remember the movie Congo really freaking me out, too. Also the opening bit where the guy sits down, calls his buddy's name, and suddenly his friend's fucking eyeball lands in his hand while he turns around in horror before the scene cuts got me.

    Funny thing is, most horror movies don't really do anything for me... but shit like that totally did.
  8. James and the Giant Peach.

    That part with the rhinos (I think they were rhinos) in the clouds coming to get James scared me so badly. I also really hate peaches.
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  9. The Little Vampire. Yet I loved The Lost Boys, so not really sure what is up with that. I think it was the cow part in the Little Vampire that freaked me out.
  10. The part in the first Harry Potter movie when they find Voldemort in the forest drinking unicorn blood scared me so bad when I was little. I think I was 6, I had to close my eyes.
  11. Ironically it wasnt the movies themselves that scared me (I watched like pin-head, halloween, and friday the 13th when I was 8) But the fucking title screens that scared me. Back in yee-old days, I'd sit down to watch a movie usually on my own, just chilling near the tv screen, and when it'd get past the trailer stuff it'd hit the menu (and being I was a kid I'd watch primarily kid movies) so the movies had these little graphics or songs/themes that played right? And any time it stopped, (To loop or otherwise) I would freak the fuck out because I thought like in the silence some monster was going to jump out of the fucking screen. (And yes, the Ring did scare me)

    I have NO IDEA WHY. I think it was maybe the silence made me realize I was sitting there alone and being so young I was like easily killable, I dunno XD
  12. Batteries Not Included, the scene where the house burns terrified me lol
  13. Mars Attacks and Tremors terrified me as a kid. I still can't watch Mars Attacks as an adult. The scene in tremors where the old guy is swallowed up by that giant worm made me miss a few days of school cause I wouldn't go outside for fear of being eaten. And EVERYTHING about Mars attacks scared me... but the alien chick kissing that one guy... *shudders* never again will I watch that movie...
  14. Gollum from Lord of the Rings. o_o

  15. THIS


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  16. I can't think of a single one that scared me as a kid, considering that I laughed at 'horror' films. Of course, it was the 80s. Big deal, right?
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  17. Lord of the Flies. The book scared the hell out of me when I read it for school, and when we watched the movie in class after we finished it up, it wasn't much better. On the bright side though, my high school crush did let me bury my face in his shoulder whenever I started freaking out.
  18. The Fox and the Hound. To this day I still refuse to watch it just because something in my brain has left me utterly terrified to watch it again DX


    The Mummy! I had nightmares for weeks after watching that movie on TV one night.

    I could most likely make a longer list. I have a younger sister who is very easily scared, but at the moment I really only remember the Hunger Game movies. My mom used to have to sit with her at home and watch it for the first time because my mom had to explain how it wasn't real, and do her own kind of commentary through the whole movie. Which meant my sister could watch it again and again afterwards, but the first sit through had her always scared for some reason.

    4th movie spoiler (open)
    During the tunnel parts in the fourth movie (the only one she saw in theaters) gave her nightmares. She had a crazy scary death grip and en the big battle where Finnick dies, she was so overwhelmed with fear, she missed the fact someone had died so I had to break the bad news to her >>
  19. The Pagemaster. A lot of things about that movie disturbed me as a kid, and my mom had to always comfort me after Pagemaster themed nightmares.
  20. Watership Down easily.

    Them rabbits are demons (open)
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