Non-Romantic story: "The Mentor"

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  1. Picture this: My character is a young, foolish young man with big dreams for the future, unknowing to the ways of the world at large and eager to learn.

    Your character would be an omnidisciplinary. Not just a martial arts teacher or math tutor. But an absolute 'Mentor.' Someone who has knowledge in multiple areas, that guides you through the trials of life, offering their unique opinions and suggestions, training their pupils in the vigorous means of traversing their existence.

    Together, these two will be a pair of modern day adventurers, hitching rides and exploring cultures, righting wrongs and coming to understand the great mysteries of life.

  2. Um, If i may, Arthur Brown, 49, Salt and pepper hair, Steel grey eyes, retired:Cop, Soldier, Taxi Driver,Bishop in catholicity,Historian, scientist, and mailman. He wears an old leather trench coat, jeans with a white shirt, he has a bad knee. What do you think...