Non-Romance Buddy Cop Superheroes

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  1. Once upon a time, there was a great hero who made his start in the 1980's. He was a regular superman, flying, super strength, a bit of invulnerability, and a love of truth and justice. He was a former U.S. soldier turned hero after coming into contact with a substance that awakened his superhuman genetics from ancestors long ago, as he became the champion of the U.S. during the Cold War. He was Saint Champion, and he believed life was precious, and in other things like fair trials and second chances.

    Skip to present day. This hero, through the power of longevity, is still as youthful as ever, and trying to fight evil the old fashioned way. The U.S. Government has him working alongside a younger fellow. This kid can manipulate energy, and happens to be a trained assassin. He prefers to blast a thug away into oblivion, and get shit done.

    These two and their clashing powers/politics as superheroes are gonna clash, as they try to protect and serve the world...

    …That's all I have so far. Any suggestions?
  2. I wanna do this, BUT as the kid. My super power would be to control darkness. My question is how old is the kid? And since my character would control darkness he/she (probably he) would feed off some human emotions like stress, sadness, and anger making him some kind of villain but not really. So he would still be fighting crime but probably not in the way a real superhero would do it. Who is the main villain? What's our character's beef with each other? (why don't they like each other?) How does this end? (what are we working up to?)
  3. He isn't actually a kid persay, he's just younger. Maybe mid 20's, while chronologically the other one is probably way past that. The two have conflicting beliefs about what it means to be a hero, like whether or not they should be killing people, whose powers are better, and all that other stuff. Think Good Cop, Bad Cop, only with Government Employed Superhumans. As far as your character 'kind of being a villain?' I imagine this ruthless hitman type of guy when it comes to fighting crime, and he would have some restrictions on what he'd be able to do, being a government issued agent. How exactly would sapping emotions make your character evil? Do they enjoy doing this to people? Or can they not control it/need to do it to survive and can't live with it?/ETC?

    As for a villain, I was thinking we'd have this shadowy boss figure who appears after taking down some major crimes lead by crooks he has ties to. Otherwise, I'm still thinking about who the villain is.

    And don't worry, I was going to play as the older superman-ish type guy.
  4. I think I can work with this. (see when you said kid i thought like fifteen) Okay, my character can't control the need to sap emotions such as listed above, but the villain could make some tempting offers to sway my character onto his side. My character is hired by the government? Hmm... fun. I think my character would enjoy pissing them off more than anything. (But in a way that he'd be fighting crime nearly making it unacceptably unlawful) I can post the IC whenever.