Non-Human Persons

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  1. India has granted dolphins non-human person status. I want sea lions to be next! They really seem like they know what's going on.

    Have you had non-human persons in your roleplays? How did they interact with humans?
  2. I love that they did that with those dolphins! I'm glad!

    As for my rp's no I can't say I have. or at least not by the definition in the article. Anything 'non-human" that wasn't 'sentient" was usually ignored for the most part sadly!

    But still, GO DOLPHIN !
  3. I feel like when portraying an animal, a lot of communicating can be done with simple suggestive sounds and also facial expressions like bearing teeth...
    But itd be alot better if animals had eyebrows :D
  4. ^ Or what If people had animal eyebrows???


    Mind = Blown
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  5. Mind is blown........
    But can those eyebrows talk??
    If they do, they need rights!
  6. Oh great, now the dolphins are going to let it go to their heads and be even greater monsters than they already are.

    Also, I don't think I've played many animals but I've always had a soft spot for golem like characters that are kind of like The Iron Giant, starting off naive and emotionless but learning to feel and act human as the story goes on.