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  1. This RP, I feel has been in the works for a while ever since I realised a few months ago that magic was always automatically assumed to be for combat. So, this RP would be a typical Magic School RP, however, no combat will be conducted. In fact, magic specifically for the purpose of human destruction doesn't exist at all within this RP's world. A little side note: the actual setting of this RP is a little odd because I watched Sora no Woto recently and loved the town of that, so we'll be using something similar.

    ---The Setting---

    Legends speak of a bygone era in which towers scraped the sky, when diseases were but a minor inconvenience and when man could soar across the heavens at will. The gods are said to have looked upon this world and decided it worthy of their gift - the gift of magic, and so the impossible became possible. This newfound power was abused though. Brother turned against brother, sister against sister, country against country. Each wanted a monopoly on the ability to do everything, and in exchange for their desires, each was obliterated. From the ashes of this civilisation rose a new world. A particular Goddess decided that upon the dawn of this new world, she would create a law within it. "Meridian Arts (magic) cannot be used to bring harm to another human."

    This was later defined as the First Celestial Law, and considered an existence beyond the laws of physics - the one part of reality that Meridian Arts could not alter. Should a spell be used with the intention of bringing harm to a human, the spell will be negated before it is cast at all.

    142 years have passed since the start of 'The Meridian Era', and architecture and technology levels have rapidly developed thanks to the aid of magic. Motor vehicles have just been developed and are used commonly by the few who can afford them, although most people still walk or ride everywhere. The huge magically aided defensive capabilities of every nation dwarfs the offensive capabilities since magic can't be used to bring harm to humans, resulting in a very peaceful world in which declaring military war is futile.

    In this world, we bring ourselves to visit Amera, a student-town within the mountains of what used to be Europe, now Allyria. The town is situated on a hill, with a single bridge providing access, and is laid out in such a way that buildings line the outside of the town, leaving a large square and marketplace in the center, almost like a castle. The unusual thing about Amera, though, is that the majority of those living within it are students at the widely reputed Academy of Meridian Arts, which is actually the entire town of Amera, give or take a few farmers and craftsmen who liked the scenery. The Academy attracts students from across the world, some of whom travel for months to reach it, and teaches and promotes the application of Meridian Arts to technology and life.


    I feel that ended a little abruptly, but it's past midnight and i want to go to bed :P
    So yeah, ultimately this is a low-tech magical school RP, except with the attention shifted very much towards interaction and cooperation than competition and rivalry. Sounds good? Of course it does!
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  2. Can the spells still blow up in the caster's face if done improperly? If so, count me in.
  3. Of course :) The only things that can't be used are spells cast with the intention of doing harm to a human. If the harm is unintentional, it'll still occur.
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  4. Then count me in!
  5. With the usual trope of magic being used for combat being taken away, this could be an interesting setting to roleplay in, I would probably try and join if you made it.
  6. Sounds quite interesting. I may consider joining if you make it.
  7. I guess it's time to alchemize or trivialize.
  8. Sorry, I don't like salt. Got any vinegar instead?
  9. I'll be making the OOC tomorrow. This post is serving primarily as a final bump to try and increase numbers before then.
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