Non-Canon RP (Pokemon, Harry Potter, WoW, ect.)

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  1. Hey, I'm looking for people to RP with. I'd love to do any of the following.

    1. Harry Potter
    2. Pokemon
    3. RWBY
    4. WoW
    5. Digimon
    6. ATLA / LOK

    For 1 - 4, I already have characters that I would like to use on my end. I can link you to their profiles if you'd like.

    I'd like something short and sweet but if we come up with a great plot, I wouldn't mind writing more. :p

    I don't mind RPing on threads or through PM.

    Edit: Okay, I know I said short and sweet but I need plots to live. ;=;
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  2. I'll do a rwby rp with you ^^
  3. Cool! I'll PM you. :3

    Also, I can happily balance more than one RP so feel free to hit me up if anyone is interested. :D
  4. If of any interest to you, I have posted an Interest Check about a Pokémon 1x1, here. If that looks like an interesting plot to you, even if I decide major plot points and certain parts of your character, then I hope you'll join!
  5. I'd be interested in the WoW idea.
  6. Harry Potter sound good :3
  7. You like rwby? hm id do one with you too
  8. I'd love to do a Harry Potter role play with you if you wouldn't mind
  9. Would like to do a RWBY rp if you are still looking. Possibly WoW.
  10. Guess I'm up for pokemon.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.