Nominate your Roleplay of the Summer!

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Summer is over and we want to show some love and appreciation to some of the BADASS roleplays we participated in over the summer! <3 We'll be giving an award to both the GM and all players in that roleplay. :D

For a roleplay to qualify, it must have been active during -most- of the four months of summer! (Or still active right now!) ANY roleplay active during these months can qualify as long as it has 3 players or more, that includes ones in groups IF the group is joinable by the public. (Smutclub counts!) Event/Mass RPs don't qualify.

Post here in this thread with your roleplay nominations. :D Include WHY you're nominating it too, if you like!

At the end of September all nominations will be voted on by your Staff Members. We'll be reviewing those roleplays to make sure they meet the qualifications and picking the one we feel is the best roleplay of the summer season!

TEASER TEASER TEASER... Roleplay Awards. BIG CEREMONY ROLEPLAY AWARDS. ...Coming this winter? >:3 Peeeerhaaaaps soooo...
This One Realm. Good characters, clearly defined roles, cooperative players, original setting with good balance between GM and Player imagination.
This is a great way to show off some of the awesome games in Iwaku.
I am announcing my acceptance of bribes for the staff voting phase. And Katrinkas has been going for a while and NOT slowing. Theres also a mixture of lighthearted romance and creepy horror. Only bad thing I can think of is poor player interaction.
I want to nominate Kazeyama. It did die before the end of the summer, but it had a huge player following and ran longer that most RPs seem to do.

I'm also nominating A Thousand Shining Stars. Girlygirly romance and a great plotline designed flawlessly for letting newbie players and oldies interact. The plotlines developing in it are getting really twisty. >:D

There was Pantheon that was a GREAT idea for the summer with so much potential.

Euphoria should also get some props for being a dark and gritty RP with some really interesting plotty twists.
I nominate A Las Barricadas for the awesome plot and high action!