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  1. So yeah.

    Here's an old plot that never got anywhere

    Second Era, 653, Agemo. A country that many millions of people call home. It is an ancient country; full of many independent city-state. There is Baet, Nolispe, Delat, and Gama. Baet is the merchant capital, a 'Golden City' made of marble and gilded stone bricks. They have no army, but the sheer amount of nomads and caravans keep it more or less safe, and the high, thick walls keep bandits out. Nolipse is a small, however incredibly powerful military settlement. Children are raised to be unstoppable killers. Delat is an intellectual and artistic city. The best thinkers and artists come from here, and several unnamed scholars have learned the secrets to the forgotten arts. Gama is a shadowy, wretched land. Inos, the tyrannical leader has raised an invasion force, and started taking over the land. It was rumored Inos had necromancers and summoners among his ranks. In a matter of days, most of Agemo was under his control. Baet was the only sovereign land left. They raised as large a defense force as possible, recruiting quite literally anyone and everyone who could hold a weapon. Refugees flooded in, adding to the numbers. This exponential growth in warriors boosted Baet's minuscule guard force into a full-sized army. It still was not enough though, for Inos had demons and undead. Rumors of mechanical monstrosities were heard from the newer refugees. Despite this, a glimmer of hope remained. A small scouting force was approaching Baet one day, and as night fell, the sounds of battle could be heard, and as the sun rose the next morning, the whole force lie dead. None of the ragtag army or citizens left that night. And as eight nomads approached the gates, that glimmer of hope grew, just slightly. Nobody knows who they are, or what they want. All that is known is that they are exceptionally powerful, and are offering help against Inos' forces.

    I should probably mention that the main characters are the eight nomads, who have elemental powers: Fire, Ice, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Light, and Dark.
    inb4 ice and water are the same thing, I made them separate so more people could join
    also: at the start, all of the nomads will already know each other, but to what degree is up to the players. Any information that everybody needs to know either needs to be posted in the OoC thread, or PMed to whomever needs to know whatever it is you came up with.

    But basically, I came up with plot like...four-ish years ago, so my middle/high school-aged skills show. I'm too lazy to rewrite it, mainly 'cause I'm not sure how I want to approach it, but if anyone wants to collab on it, I'd be pretty pumped about that. Anyways, if this actually interests anybody, it can be pretty fun.
  2. I'm interested in doing this RP
  3. This sounds very intriguing...I like it.
  4. >:D
    This makes me happy. MY weeks are fairly busy so I won't have much time to post during the weekdays, but weekends I'll crank out posts as fast as I can.