Nomad: Necro Rising | Part 02 - Black Paws

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  1. Nomad: Necro Rising
    "How long are you going to keep running, survivors? Hee hee hee..."

    OOC Link - If you would like to view the information about this roleplay, please follow here as it contains everything you need to know.

    To refer to all discoveries and information about players, please refer to the first page of this thread; the OOC has quite a bulky initial post so I would rather keep the statistics here. Have fun reading/playing!

    The PC's (open)

    Jacob 'Noir' Black (open)
    Name: Jacob "Noir" Black
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Tall, Slender, well built for his size, shaggy black hair, wears an eye-patch over his left eye
    Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: Jacob worked as a bouncer for a local nightclub, dealing with drunks and such, stopping trouble from happening for the most part.
    Because of his training, and his time spent at bars, he is skilled at unarmed combat, and using improvised weapons
    Dominant Statistic: -Strength

    Traits: Well built, Cold as Ice
    Negative Traits: Easily tempted, Lightweight

    Duncan Miller (open)
    Name: Duncan Miller
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A pale man standing at 5' 8'', he has brown/orange hair and grey eyes. He's a tad heavy but has quite large shoulders and hands.
    Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: Cameraman at the local television news station.

    Dominant Statistic:

    -Intelligence, this affects your general mental health and will help you craft and solve problems which require brain over Braun.

    Skills: Electronics [Someone's gotta fix the damn wiring in the studio] and Driving [When you drive for more than 14 hours, you get good at it.]

    Postive Trait(s): Will of Steel [Hard to demoralize/Higher Sanity Threshold]
    Negative Trait(s): Bad knees [Slightly slower.]

    Quirks/Notes: Self-admitting Loli-con.

    Jackie Sayles (open)
    Name: Jackie Sayles
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Just below the average height for her age, slightly thin, long light brown hair, blue/grey eyes, quite light.
    Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: College student.

    Dominant Statistic: Dexterity

    Skills: Computers and Throwing.

    Postive Trait(s): Light eater, requires less sleep then most other people
    Negative Trait(s): Slightly addicted to caffeine, not effected by caffeine at all.
    Quirks/Other Notes: Plays video games commonly, claims to have successfully completed the Red Ruby Burger Challenge at Urban Burger even though nobody there agrees with her, prefers to play everything but FPS's with an Xbox 360 controller.

    Damon 'Diesel' Maddox (open)
    Name: Damon 'Diesel' Maddox
    Age: 23
    Gender: M
    Appearance: A tall (6'3), lean, athletic man with short black hair that he keeps combed to the right. His eyes are a light blue, and he has a few scars and old burns dotting his chest and back. Rather pale due to his tendency to wear long pants and jackets.
    Pre-Apocalypse Occupation:. Diesel moved around a lot, doing odd jobs here and there, supplemented by the occasional sale of less-than-legal items, or even a bit of theft.

    Dominant Statistic:

    Skills: Concealing Items, Small Blades

    Postive Trait(s): [Generally Quick] [Parkour Adept]
    Negative Trait(s): [Seemingly Mute] [Addictive Tendencies]
    Quirks/Other Notes: Either mute or hates talking. Keeps eating those little cinnamon mint things.

    Sariel Kawashiro (open)
    Name: [Sariel Kawashiro.]
    Age: [21.]
    Gender: [Female.]
    Appearance: [A little bit above average height (5'9"), with grey eyes, bluish-grey hair, dyed, most likely, fairly thin,]
    Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: [College.]

    Dominant Statistic:-Intelligence.

    Skills: [A bit better than normal at throwing knives, good with the piano.]

    Postive Trait(s): [Fairly sensitive to vibrations, good hearing.]
    Negative Trait(s): [Blind, no feeling in her right arm.]
    Quirks/Other Notes: [Tends to tap her foot whenever stressed, enjoys eating raisins, limps a little when walking.]

    Audrey Davidson (open)
    Name: Audrey Davidson
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: A girl with dark skin and long dark brown hair who stands at an average 5 '5". Her eyes are a hazel color and she is a bit chubby with a pear shaped body.

    Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: College Student: Theater Major
    Dominant Statistic: Endurance
    - Performing Arts
    - Sewing

    Postive Trait(s): Straight faced [Knows how to disguise her emotions]
    Negative Trait(s): Missing her right arm up to her elbow. [She can't carry as much]
    Quirks/Other Notes:
    -Since losing her arm at 16 she managed to learn how to use her left hand.
    -When she's anxious she nibbles on her hair.

    Eric Jones (open)
    Name: Eric Jones
    Age: 32
    Gender Male
    Appearance: [What do you look like? Be sure to outline your skin colour, eye colour, build and height.]
    Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: Former French Foreign Legionnaire , now security guard at a local bank.

    Dominant Statistic:
    -Endurance, this affects how well you are able to tough it out through disease, hunger and pain.

    Skills: Firearms (From his military experience)
    Postive Trait(s): He is a good shot, with a knack for hunting.
    Negative Trait(s): His eyesight isn't very good, and he wears glasses. He also is allergic to many foods (raw vegetables and seafood) and pollen.
    Quirks/Other Notes: He has no qualms with taking want he wants and his morals have been completely eradicated by his FFL experience.

    Known NPC's (open)

    Anton (Alive) (open)

    A man of the military, Anton is a middle-aged man who is often serious about the situation, and has a good ability with fighting with a knife. He's sensible, has a good will, and often knows what's best for the group. Although he can be a bit bossy sometimes and often is hesitant to think he's wrong, Anton does what he thinks is best for the survivors.

    Milly (Alive) (open)

    A small girl at the age of 12, Milly is a mysterious girl who is often caught daydreaming in the midst of situations. Her voice is quite low and monotonic, making it sound like she was almost taking in a bit of a trance all the time. She isn't scared much by anything at all, although she shows her uncomfortableness by biting her thumb gently. She can't fight, but she's very brave.

    The Black Paws - Members (open)
    The Black Paws are a group of five. They all value survival above anything else, and the five are each very different in character. They all wear a dark blue beanie with the symbol of a black paw atop it.
    Relationship - Neutral.
    Halberd (Alive) (open)
    A larg-ish man commonly wearing leather gear, Halberd is a cocky individual, although something is quite suspicous and almost creepy about him, he has a generous attitude and generally seems to care for others. He's quick on his feet, and seems to know quite a bit about the area. He usually carries a large double-edged battleaxe made from some sort of dark purple metal, but one of the edges of the battleaxe have been cracked as if it were a broken ceramic shard. You would guess he's around his early or late thirties.

    Tigress (Alive) (open)
    A clue in the name, Tigress is a feisty individual with shaggy and quite messy blond-brown hair. She commonly has charcoal lines painted around the edges of her face, which she does herself for some reason, which more make her signify her own name. She can be unkind and bossy at times. She is very good at the art of camouflage, as discovered with the initial encounter with the group, and commonly uses a set of spiked knuckles as a weapon. You would guess she's around 25.

    Ty (Alive) (open)
    You haven't seen Ty yet, but from what you've heard and gathered, he resides in the large tent at the camp, and doesn't tend kindly to newcomers. You've also heard from Halberd he's extremely strong and good at forging weapons, and he's apparently the leader of the group.

    Blink (Alive) (open)
    A very energetic individual who loves newcomers and is easily bored, Blink is a pretty, relatively young girl of around 18 or 19 who wears everything but her dark blue beanie dyed pink. She seems to be extremely quick and dexterous, and she carries a, believe it or not, pink dyed holster with a large revolver inside - which has also been dyed pink due to her unending love of the bright colour. Her hair is long and smooth from under her beanie, reaching to the middle of her back and also dyed a bright, not offending but almost quite a natural pink like a rose. She without a doubt stands out within the camp, and she trusts and loves almost everyone new.

    Grease (Alive) (open)
    A very quiet individual, Grease is almost the opposite of one of his fellow comerades in The Black Paws, Blink. His eyes are a colourless grey, and he is quiet and never talks, commonly sitting in a stool holding an M21 sniper rifle. He wears everything of the colour grey apart from his dark blue beanie, including a large hoodie which he always wears with the hood up. You can barely make out any of his facial features from the grey bandana he wears, but you'd guess he was around... hell, you couldn't even tell. Maybe in his thirties or forties? From what you've heard, he never talks although he's able to, and is an incredibly good shot with his sniper rifle.

    Well-Known Areas (open)
    East Moor Bunker (open)
    Almost salvation for the survivors, the bunker around the East of the moor offered as a safe escape route for them when the apocalyptic situation initially hit. It is an uncomfortable, cold and small little building with dark, thin rooms reinforced with slightly rotted wood and damp stone. There is near to none lighting apart from gasoline lamps, and the place consists of four rooms. Two of these are cramped rooms with uncomfy beds, both having 12 beds in total, one is where food and water used to be stored, and another is a room with a few chairs and a small periscope where you could see outside with. Supplies in this place are near to none, though. It is all protected by a more or less unbreakable steel reinforced door, you all know the code to open/lock this door is 2468Y.

    The Warehouse (open)
    This area hasn't been fully explored yet, but from what you've seen, it's a large green warehouse of scrap metal, fenced off by gates with barbed wire. A photo Jacob found references to it as a safe place, but there are a lot of zombies around it.

    Okemont Town (open)
    Eric and Anton were the first of the group to venture here, and from what they've seen, it's a mostly damaged town crawling with zombies and such. There are two houses completely destroyed and reduced to rubble, whilst the other eight houses are damaged badly although still standing. However, there is one house which has seemingly not taken any damage whatsoever, and is pristine and some flowers are even growing around it. It's unknown why this is. There's also a house which has a purple glow coming from the windows, and something seems sinister about the dark-purple painted house, but it's unknown why this is, too.

    The Black Paws' Camp (open)
    A makeshift settlement containing tents, one large tent and many supplies under the cover of a canvas, the developed campsite has many applaudable features, such as the spiked log wall built up all around it, and there is even a makeshift forge which works within the area. A group of five, all sporting blue beanies with the symbol of a black paw on them, have been discovered by the group to live in this area. It's found within the dried woods, not too far East of the East Moor Bunker.

    Known Crafting Recipes (open)

    Reaper Claws (open)
    Recovered from dead reaper zombies, reaper claws actually prove to be abundant, and a sharp item which may be able to serve use after killing a reaper.

    Ash-In-A-Can (open)
    It does what it says on the tin. Or should I say can. Crafted by Jacob initially, the amazingly complex Ash-In-A-Can is used to throw ash in the face of an opponent, blinding them and making them unable to see, and it is somewhat more effective and sticky to the skin than something like dust or sand.

    The Painwheel (open)
    This is a video game controller with the cord still attached, with many shards of spiky glass duct taped to it. This essentially turns the once basic gaming controller into quite a decent weapon, making it good for bashing attacks at a long range, with a painful attack which could definetely cause some damage. Hence the nickname: 'The Painwheel.'

    Sharpened Stick (open)
    This is an extremely complicated weapon created back in the day of cavemen. It's used for long, stabbing attacks and is the most simple hunting weapon you can make nowadays with just a stick and a knife.

    Artefact Discoveries (open)
    The group haven't discovered any necromancer artefacts yet!

    Magicks Discoveries (open)
    The group haven't found any necromancer Magicks yet!

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  2. It's been five days know, and the smell of the bunker is simply unbearable after a while of staying cramped in here for your little group. Five days... five days ago you had ran away from absolute chaos throughout the town of Exeter. All from the blue, a huge tower... people and animals possessed and rotted brown, their carcasses dropping pieces of pallid flesh as they mindlessly chased for you. You thought you were going to die, but you were fortunate enough to be guided along by a helpful man, and he took you all along with a few others away from the madness and corruption that was spreading through the city of Exeter, away from the horrible tower that seemed to cause all the horror. A large run through mutated horrors now and again through the slowly corrupting woods, and soon you were away from the horrible stench that had filled the air, and back into 'clean' grounds. Still not trusting what was outside, you all had trekked to a moorland, and the leader who had taken you there - Anton, he said his name was - safely guided you all to a bunker - The East Moor Bunker - as a safety precaution. The bunker was damp, dark, cold, smelly - hell, almost everything was bad about it. But it sure was a hell of a lot better than what you had ran away from in Exeter. It had food, water, and a warm fire.

    However, with your medium sized group, all that had ran out within five days. Food was scarce - not enough to share round. Water had ran out almost completely - the gallon jugs the liquid was once so abundant in was now down to a single gallon jug with around 100ml of water in. As for firewood, you were completely out. The nights had recently been getting cold under the thin, uncomfy bedsheets that had scratched against your skin.

    And now it comes down to you. You couldn't stay here - everyone would soon fall out and starve before that. It is now up to you, survivor, to choose your own way on our story. Our story of survival and bravery.

    You would be a nomad.
    Day 05, 7:22pm, East Moor Bunker.

    -Everyone feels slightly hungry.
    -Everyone could use something to drink; their throats were a bit dry.
    -The bunker is cold, and most are shivering when not underneath the blankets of their bed.

    You all awaken in your uncomfortable beds with makeshift burlap bedsheets to the sound of feet trampling against the dirty wooden ground. Anton, it seemed, had awoken early, and although you all dreaded it - you could all tell what Anton was about to talk about. Food and water was near to nothing - you couldn't stay in the place any longer. In your bedrooms, Anton gives a clap of his hands, holding a gasoline lantern in one of his hands.
    "Everyone, UP!" He booms in a low voice. He could be a bit bossy, but at the end of the day, he was the reason you were alive in here. You had even seen him fight through a few of the monsters to get here, and he was still wearing his dark green army attire, accompanied by a small dark green beret which he always had used to wear. In one hand he held a gasoline lantern that dimly yet sufficiently lit up the bedrooms.

    "I've come to a decision, and although some of you aren't going to like it, I think we all know what it is." He says grimly, and he awaits your response.
    Anton (open)
    A man of the military, Anton is a middle-aged man who is often serious about the situation, and has a good ability with fighting with a knife. He's sensible, has a good will, and often knows what's best for the group. Although he can be a bit bossy sometimes and often is hesitant to think he's wrong, Anton does what he thinks is best for the survivors.

    It's up to you now, survivor.
    Notes (open)
    This roleplay is GM'ed! That means when you try to do an action which requires skill, then I'll roll for it. I'm basically your interactive narrator, telling you what happens in correlation to what your actions are.

    -At any time, you can 'Look Around' to examine the current room.
    -At any time, you can 'Examine Status' to have a look at yourself, and see your injuries, and notice how hungry and thirsty you are.
    -At any time, you can 'Check Inventory'.

    This a roleplay, so there is no limit to what you can do. Or try to do at least. If you ever want to attempt to do an action such as 'Kick a zombie in the face' then I will tell you how that goes. If you want to do something like 'Drink some clean water from my bottle' then I don't really need to write a response to that - I'm not so mean as to say that you choked on it.

    You probably already knew the basics of GM'ing, but that was just for the newbies. Have fun!
  3. Jacob groans a little, wrapping the sheet around himself tightly, grumbling about the state of the world and shivering slightly
    "If I'd known food would have been this scarce I would've just left when things quietened down" he mutters "But it's too damn risky out there now"
    He clutches the sheet tightly and tries to take his mind off his hunger and thirst, thinking about what it would be like outside
  4. He was awoken from one terrible nightmare to another as he rested his head on his arm and stared up at the ceiling. While not the worse place he has spent the night, it would certainly rank in his top three Shitiest Places Ever. He quietly got to his feet as the cold settled onto the bare flesh of his arms making the hair on his arms stand upright. He folded his arms in an attempt to stay warm since the fire had run low on the precious fuel of wood. He then reached down to his bag swinging near his side and thought, "At least I still have my camera..."
  5. Jackie mumbles something about sleep before sitting up and looking at Anton. "No, what is it?" She sits there for a moment, thinking. "...Oh, right... That..." She collapses back onto her bed, moaning. "Someone else decide, I'm tired..." Even though trying to go back to sleep was probably impossible, at least attempting might get somewhere. Maybe.

    Jackie sits up again, moving her hair out of her face. "Ffffuck...." She looks at the floor, eyes half-closed. "Headache why...."
  6. "Ugh.... Can't a person get some rest in the apocalypse?" Sariel bemoans, before sitting up and stretching her arms and yawning. "Anyway-wait," She pauses, a face that could best be described as 'oh, oh dear' appearing on her face." You don't mean, we're sending people out? To that shit-hole?"
    She feels around for the edge of the bed, before carefully positioning herself in a position where she, hopefully, wouldn't fall off, before looking in the direction she thinks she heard Anton speaking. " I mean, I know we don't have much of a choice with the amount of food we probably have.... but, it'd probably be best to not send people in there blindly..."
  7. Diesel makes a deep, disinterested grumbling noise as he seats himself at the foot of the bed, looking over at Anton. Wait.....what are the others talking about? This maniac is gonna send us out there? He pondered this for a sec. Fuck, he didn't have anything to live for, and this was probably gonna do a lotta good in the long run. Well, being mute sure did make communicating this hard. Considering it was such a.....recent problem, Diesel didn't know sign language or anything like that. Staring at Anton blankly for a bit, he decided on just nodding understandingly.
  8. Jacob - Anton grumbles, stroking the slightly greyened stubble around his chin. He seems to be in deep thought as he adjusts his beret, sitting down on a rickety chair, placing the lamp on the crude table in front of it as he shakes his head.
    "We don't know for sure, soldier... none of us do. But it's obvious that we can't just sit here and starve!" Anton declares, lightly slamming his fist on the table for emphasis. In a bed next to you, you can see a small girl tucked in a ball, biting her thumb gently. She was about 12, and her name was Milly from what you could remember. She quietly says:

    "I don't want to starve... but I don't want to go out either..."
    She then tucks tighter into her little ball.
    "I wish dad was here... he'd know what to do..."
    Milly (open)
    A small girl at the age of 12, Milly is a mysterious girl who is often caught daydreaming in the midst of situations. Her voice is quite low and monotonic, making it sound like she was almost taking in a bit of a trance all the time. She isn't scared much by anything at all, although she shows her uncomfortableness by biting her thumb gently. She can't fight, but she's very brave.

    You notice you still have a pair of brass knuckles from your bouncer duties in your pocket. You only have one brass knuckle though, you lost the other one.
    Duncan - You fold your arms in attempt to keep warm, but you're still shivering a little at the lack of fire, and you longed for some form of warmth. It used to be mild outside, but down underground in this place was freezing... you were almost tempted to burn your bedsheets!

    You look in your side bag, and your camera has 63% battery. It can zoom up to 6x magnification, and it has an infared mode - perfect for seeing in the dark! However, this would use more battery. Obviously, you could also take photos if you needed to.
    Jackie - You flop back down onto your bed, too tired to decide anything thanks to Anton's somewhat rude awakening. You have a bit of a pounding headache - probably an after-affect from the adrenaline rush of running. You can feel a prodding at your back.
    "Come on! Up! Up! UP!" Anton booms, seemingly wanting you to concentrate. It seemed he needed everyone's help to conduct a plan.

    You fumble around in your pockets, and it seems you still have a 330ml can of Rockstar you managed to grab, as well as an... Xbox Controller. You weren't sure why you grabbed the controller, but it could serve some kind of use?

    Sariel - Anton sighs after shouting at Jackie, composing himself as he takes a seat back on his chair, pressing two fingers to the side of his head as he thinks on what the best possible thing to do would be.
    "No... it is true that we don't know what's out there, but it's also true that we're going to die a slow death if we don't get something to eat, and a water source! Not to mention the cold down here is blasted and uneeded... now that we're out of firewood." Anton says, stroking his chin in thought. After a while, he opens his mouth to speak after adjusting his beret.

    "What I think would be best would be to quickly scout outside. If it's too dangerous, so be it. If it's not, we'll have to hike though the moors, perhaps get a signal going for some sort of help. I know these moors fairly well - if we head Eastward, there's the small village of Cottville. There could still be hopeful for us. Although... *Sigh*. We'll just have to play it by ear, soldier." Anton says. He had a terrible habit of calling everyone 'soldier'. You had even heard him call little Milly over there 'Soldier' once.

    You still have your phone from college - the iPhone 5. It was a fairly old model compared to the new iPhone X's that came out nowadays, but you still had an app which fashioned as a torch, and you could use it as a phone if you could get some signal. You had some pretty sweet music too. The batteries are at 100%.

    Diesel - You sit there for a while, and Anton nods back at you.
    "I may need you and Jacob over there, soldier. You two are some of the muscles of our group we'll need to get that damned door open. Although anyone else who wants to help, I'd appreciate it." Anton says, and seems to be deep in thought as he adjusts the gasoline lamp on the table. You can feel a small, gentle tap on your back, and you turn around.

    "Why don't you talk, mister...?" Milly quietly asks you. Her eyes were looking at you, yet somehow you felt they weren't. She was quite a mysterious girl.

    You managed to keep hold of your trusty pocket knife, and a few paperclips you had cleverly fashioned into lockpicks. The pocket knife was pretty blunt and could use some sharpening, and the three crude lockpicks usually broke, but they were able to do the job on basic doors.

    (If you are wondering why you're character's update isn't on the list, I need you to an action first, otherwise I'll just put you on 'autopilot'!)
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  9. He knew that anyone heading outside had a high chance of death and/or dismemberment from the creatures outside. Yet as he was telling himself all the logical and rational things he could be doing, his hand slowly rose into the air of its own accord. He then said, to his own disbelief, "I'd rather go outside and scout than sit on my hands..." He then winced, letting what he said sink in as he cursed at himself in his own head, "I must be losing it if I'm talking crazy shite like that. Sod it, it's warmer up there..."
  10. "There, there kid" Jacob says sitting up, feeling the cold metal around his hand "I'll get us something to eat" he stands, his msucular form was strong, even in his current state
    "I got enough left fight to break a few more jaws" he grunts, rustling Milly's hair gently "I'm in"
  11. Jackie slowly flips Anton off, sitting up again. "Dick..." She idly messes around with the controller in her pocket, looking at him. "I don't have any ideas, if you want them." Jackie stops flipping him off, instead taking the controller out of her pocket and randomly pressing buttons.
  12. "Yeah, we'll go get some food, at least, enough to sustain us for a bit more time." Sariel smiles, albeit weakly, in Milly's general direction, before saying, "I'm in too."
  13. Audrey had been sleeping well so far, caught in a deep dream but once the ruckus began she was forced to get up. She sat up with a groan, her hair was messy and her clothes were disheveled from moving around in her, for what it's worth, bed.
    "Ugh..jeez....what a great way to wake up.." She said sarcastically while running her hand through her hair to pull it back. Reaching under her pillow she grabbed a headband then slipped it on while looking over everyone. As she was waking up she was able to get the gist of the current situation. Audrey could tell that they were running low just a week ago but she really wasn't too fond of the idea of going out there to search, then again staying in here was awful in itself.
    "I'm not too sure how much of a hand I can lend.." Audrey commented with a soft chuckle and a smile, waving her nub of an elbow.
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  14. Diesel shrugs to Milly. She....probably wouldn't understand.....He thinks, looking back to Anton....and nodding again. Man....someone get me a paper and pencil or something.....I can find some myself. Diesel ponders, idly fiddling with the knife in his pocket.
  15. Duncan - Anton rubs his chin a little, closing his eyes and giving a grateful nod as he continued to lean in thought on the table.
    "Very well, soldier. If you're feeling up to it." He says with a nod in your direction. He seems to doubt your strength as a cameraman, but he doesn't criticise you for it, and he is obviously trying his best to hold his feeling back - but you could tell. It mattered not, however. You knew he wasn't judging you that much, for intelligence is key in some conditions.
    "I'd all suggest we gather what we can for defence around here... not that we have a lot of choice. We're low on materials in this place, but we could sure as hell put something together." Anton suggests, getting up from the chair as it creaks gently across the ground.
    Jacob - Milly doesn't really seem comfortable as you rustle her hair, but she doesn't protest or react as she blinks a little, seemingly in deep thought as she stops chewing her thumb.
    "Thanks, mister." She says quietly, although she doesn't smile or anything. In fact, you haven't seen her face change expressions throughout this whole thing. As you stand up, Anton seems quite assured.

    "That's fantastic, soldier. Although I hope we don't need to break any jaws anymore... hopefully all we'll need the muscle for it to get this door open." Anton says, and begins walking up the halls to where the door would supposedly be.
    Jackie - Anton looks at your middle finger with apparent disinterest, and walks off blankly.
    "Very well. If you're going to act like that, you can just sit there, kid." Anton mumbles to you as he walks off towards the direction of the doors. He could be obnoxious sometimes, but at the end of the day he was the reason why you were alive here. You press a few buttons on the controller. Surprisingly, you don't land a PKK combo. You can see Milly in the corner of your eye glaring at the controller for a while with apparent interest, then she looks away.

    Sariel - You can't see what Milly's expression is at the moment, but by the way she talked you would guess it would be just blank.
    "Thanks, ma'am." She says in the same way she did to Jacob, and you can hear a rustle coming from the sheets. You would guess she's getting up, and you can hear Anton call back to you:
    "Are you sure about that? I don't want you getting injured; it'll be easy in your condition." Anton calls back.

    Warning (open)
    Being blind will make this RP extremely difficult. You have a chance now to revert the disability if you wish - should you choose not to, you will still be able to play and will be able to navigate through echolocation. (Like bats, essentially.)

    Audrey - As Anton walks off for a moment, you can see him shrug.
    "One hand is better than none. Although I'm not forcing you." Anton calls back, and continues to walk down the dark path until he's out of sight. You could remember down the left of the three empty doorways of these bunkers from your current position, that was where the doorway was. To the front was the storage area, although there wasn't much left now, and to the right was an area with various books, although they weren't of much use. The periscope in that room sadly had stopped working, too.

    "How did you lose your arm, ma'am?" Milly asks quietly from a distance, looking at the stub of an arm blankly.

    You managed to grab one of your spare sewing kits in the run back. It's a small cloth kit with two needles and only a bit of one roll (about 180cm) of plain white thread, but it was better than nothing.

    Diesel - Milly shrugs back to you, noticing the silliness of her question as you couldn't really answer back unless you had some sort of writing implement. Speaking of which, you can spot a biro and a piece of grubby but mostly blank A4 paper on the table Anton was sitting at. There was some scribblings on the paper. You also note that Anton left the gasoline lamp on the table, and it's dim, but manageable to light the room sufficiently.

    Notable Items in the Bunk Room:
    -10 Burlap sheets, all of which placed on the crude beds.
    -10 Pillows, made of thin cloth, stuffed with unknown material.
    -Gasoline lamp, on the table. It is shining dimly. It is half full.
    -3 Sheets of A4 paper. One sheet has small writing on it.
    -A biro pen. It's about half-full with ink, and it still works.
    -2 Empty gallon jugs. They're made from a white plastic.
    -1 Gallon jug. This one has 100ml of clean water left.
    -5 Empty tin cans scattered about. They once contained beans.
    -Various burnt logs on the fire. They can't be reused.

    Ways to go from the Bunk Room:
    -Left doorway. Anton went this way. It leads to the exit.
    -North doorway. This led to the periscope room. It still had a few books.

    -East doorway. It was a room once filled with food, water and logs.
  16. Jacob heads over to the fire picking up a tin can he takes a chunk of burnt wood, crushing it into a powder and putting it into the can
    "They're not human, I won't feel bad for blinding them" he mutters
  17. (Indeed it will, but oh well, Sariel shall be blind.)

    Sariel chuckles at Anton's comment. "You don't need to worry about me too much, sir. I may be blind, but I can still feel and hear, and that's all I'll need, been getting by with it for a good... What? 7 years now...?" She seems a little uncertain about the year number, judging from her tone of voice. "I reaffirm my statement of wanting to go."
  18. Duncan was quietly plotting out the designs of several things he could make if he had enough materials. He shook his head though knowing there certainly wasn't going to be any bleach around or fertilizer; perhaps once he reached topside again he could worry about things such as that. He would even go for a stick, nails, and rock to make something if there was a chance... He rubbed his beard and thought while he headed toward the left doorway.
  19. Audrey sighed softly to herself, thinking as she looked at the small sewing kit in her hands. Hearing Milly, she snapped to attention then turned to look at her with a soft smile.
    "Well, I had a disease on this limb so they had to take it off to stop it. Pretty nasty don't ya think?" Audrey asked her with a soft chuckle hoping to lighten the mood.
  20. Diesel stood, walking over and grabbing the pen, taking a detour to pick up the paper as well. There we go! Um....anything to talk about? Guess not right at this second.....still, this'll be useful later. He thought to himself, looking over at Audrey. Uh....was that funny? Jeez, humor's taken a drop, that was just downright, being mute sure helps when you probably would've killed the mood by now...
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