INTEREST CHECK Nom de Plume, control the masses and spread you thoughts!

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  1. Posting Expectations: At least one paragraph per post, every week.
    Rating: PG-13
    Genre: Steam-Punk SciFi
    Atmosphere/Mood: Dramatic
    Plot Flow: Open World.
    Timeline: Approximation of 1940


    Highly descriptive Environments,

    Customizable area for all players,

    Shades of Gray World,

    Dynamic time and weather,

    Economical and Political shifts,

    Ability to sway the Public,

    Colorful and competitive cast,

    Small and cozy World.


    In Nom de Plume, you incarnate someone that makes their living by writing, that they may be an assertive journalist or an idealistic writer, or anything in between. You just got off the train to the Bohemide District, a place of scandal and inspiration nestled in the capital of the Republic of Mirei, called Albaine. It is a steam punk world, and the monarchy and city-states are clashing in a deadly dance everywhere one would care to look. Will you become a legend or will you die a laughingstock?

    Looking for:

    1 Co-GM,

    8 Players.

    1 Map Maker

    So here we go, this is a massive project and for me to even attempt it I will need help and support. I would love to bring this little idea of mine to you if it gets enough interest! :)