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  1. Maybe I should just use this as an actual hashtag just to shut people up. That would be pretty funny
  2. Well, it's true.
  3. Relevant:


    Plus points if you get the reference.
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  4. In the great scheme of things, everything within our tiny fraction of time and space loses it's grip on meaning. We must attribute our own meaning that are important to us as individuals. This is actually one of the great discomforts that inspire religions and allow it to spread because it gives people a sense of meaning. It's pretty interesting, when you think about it.

    As for the hashtag thing, trolling the fuckers gives them ammo. You don't win through engaging them with violence, no matter how good it may feel to deliver a smackdown. Just make fun of them behind their backs like everyone does, but try to hold the higher ground when/if you engage with them.
  5. Mass human extinction is the only answer. Prepare for orbital bombardment.
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  6. Ugh, hashtag wars.
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  7. I approve of this misanthropic and nihilistic hashtag. I would use it if I was the kind of person who used sites that have hashtag nonsense.
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  8. Every site has it now darling XD Too late!
  9. #Iwakuhashestoo

  10. Psh, nah, none of the sites I use have integrated hashtag nonsense. I only use respectable sites that use plain old tags, not the newfangled hash variety of tags that seems to spawn extra high levels of stupid. :D
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  11. -eyes closely- Necron's lives matter!
  12. Necrons are not 'alive'!
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  14. I'm sorry D: Don't kill me!
  15. #dianahateshashtags #howrude
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  17. #Haters #ITTHaters #Sorry #NotSorry #/Thread
  18. I'm too old for this hashtag shit. Back in my day is was a damn number sign or the pound key!
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  19. Tic-Tac-Toe!

  20. Now that song's going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the night. X_x
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