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  1. I do stuff as a graphic designer in the real world, but I still like doing stuff for RPs and I love illustrating as well! Currently I'm doing a portrait of one of my roleplay characters who is fairly old, considering I've used him for like 5 years, and he's been changing, but some things are still the same.


    I'm doing free and paid commissions, I don't mind either, but for larger pieces that require more work, I would have to ask for them to be paid.

    Here's the deal though-

    I still have a bit of a life outside of drawing, but I do hole myself up and draw and paint a lot. Either way, I'm just bored so I figured I could use this time to improve while I'm waiting to hear from a school I applied to. So this will only be for the next month or so? It'll continue though probably after I find my out my results.

    You can find my artwork in these places:

    My not updated DeviantArt
    INK361 (For those without instagram)
    My Art Tumblr

    After seeing the links above, and the artwork below, please respond to my google form here

    Here's some examples of my work:




    Remember, if you would like to make a request, go to my Google form here!
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  2. Well, I don't have the cash for something paid, but do you have any uh, specifics? Like, what you will and won't draw, examples of your work, a sheet you'd like us to fill out, stuff like that. I'm always a little nervous just diving in since I like to choose characters that suit the artist's style and make it as easy as possible for them to boot. :o
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  3. You put age on there twice, did you mean something different or...? (also should I put stuff like facial features and hair under physique)
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  4. Nope, that was a typo on my end haha! :')

    Yep! Physical appearance goes under physique. Try to be as descriptive as possible please :)
  5. Alright, well I filled out the form. Let me know if you need some more details or whatever. :o
  6. I still have a couple more spots open for requests if anyone else would like to request or commission anything, the form to request is in the first post! :)
  7. Hello! I've been looking for help in a project and you might be interested. Would you like to try?

    I'll leave the Link to the thread where you can see more of what i'm looking for, and you're invited to join me in this challenge! Thank you for your time!

    ART REQUEST - Wonders of a Nascent World - Sardonya needs help!

    Would you like me to add something to the request? Send me a PM in any case so we can all improve.