Nograd and Zakia Private



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Scarny walked through out the store looking at all the different drawing items.
(Uhm so were doing the demon angel rp right?)
I was going through a store looking for something to do when i sensed another presence and then i bumped into another person, "hey uhm sorry"
She brushed back her hair and nervously smiled. "Um no problem." She stuttered out she looked up into his eyes then quickly looked down seeing something dangerous.
He noticed her look away sensing something different about her. "Uhm you sure?" he asked
She noded then took a step. She tripped over her feat and hit her head on the shelf. She felt dizzy then everything went black.
"Oh crap!" he yelled getting her and putting her over his shoulder and took her to the nearest place where she could lay down.
She kept comming in and out of it and everytime she thought she felt blood but there was nothing there. Fianly she came too compleatly. "W-w-what happened"
"You hit your head and passed out . . " I said quietly sitting down next to her.
She sat up quickly and looked for the time. "What time is it i have to be back soon"
"Somewere. I must go im sorry for being a cluts." She quickly stated and grabbed her unbrella and payed for hte books she had. She ran outside and ran into the ally way. She pulled out her wings and flew off.
He followed her but before he could get into the alleyway he hear flapping. He became confused and walked into the alleyway and saw nobody in it. He growled slightly,"angel"
She couldnt stop thinking about him but she knew he was a demon.
He walked back to his apartment and lied down thinking about the angel.
She assumed the fetal possison and tried falling asleep and when she did she ahd dreams of her and this unkown man.
He dozed off and awoke the next day still in thought.
She flew back to the book store hoping to see him again.
He had gone back to the same store looking for her again but this time he was prepared to fight if it came to it.