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  1. No one's really quite sure how it started. An epidemic like this hasn't been around since the Black Death of the fourteenth century in Europe. Nocturne Syndrome was something new that people were still getting used to. Having it meant changing your lifestyle completely, as the slightest bit of sunlight would burn your flesh. The plague managed to sweep through most of the world, however only some remain infected. No one understands where it came from, how it spread or how to confine or cure it. It has managed to split the remaining types of people into three groups: the scientists, biologists, chemists, doctors and nurses, philosophers, researchers, experts (the people who are trying to understand it or cure it), the healthy (the people who haven't been infected yet - the healthy are attempting to build a "safe haven" society where the infected are not allowed) and the infected. Because the government outlawed experiments conducted on the infected humans, many of the scientists, biologists, chemists, etc. are based in underground laboratories.

    What is Known of Nocturne Syndrome

    [01.] Not everyone is affected by Nocturne Syndrome and some people seem to be immune.
    [02.] It's not "contagious" but how it is obtained is unknown.
    [03.] There is no cure.
    [04.] Symptoms of Nocturne Syndrome cannot be cured by anything other than time and rest out of sunlight.
    [05.] Only sunlight is dangerous. Other lighting is safe.
    [06.] Some people/beings are affected differently. Not everyone experiences the same symptoms to the same degree.
    [07.] Animals can become infected as well.
    [08.] Extreme cases come with other effects: night vision, color blindness, unnatural eye or hair color, etc.

    Symptoms and Stages of Nocturne Syndrome

    [01.] Migraine, loss of breath
    [02.] Skin shows mild burns, slight discoloration, slight weakness
    [03.] Skin shows great burns, much discoloration, much weakness
    [04.] Skin begins to "die" and slowly turn into ash, great discoloration, great weakness
    [05.] Bleeding of the nose or eyes, vomiting black bile, convulsions
    [06.] Skin slowly begins to disintegrate
    [07.] Death

    Would anyone be interested in playing a roleplay involving this? I'm open to thoughts, concerns, ideas, etc. if anyone wants to throw out their opinion or offer some suggestions. I'm also open to some plotting and how/where the roleplay is going to take place. It's definitely a modern/futuristic roleplay (basically a time not too far into the future so that there are not many advancements in technology and medicine).

    Also, I'm generally interested in all types of roleplayers. I only ask that the roleplayer is experienced (not a newbie) and that all characters are human - no vampires or furries or anything like that. Not that this thread/roleplay would be invitation only, but I would like to see character bios, just so I have a feel of who I'd be roleplaying with on this idea. Let's see how it works. :)