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'Antarctica. I didn't realize there could be a building so big here.' Nicole walked down the hall of the building marveling at how well constructed they managed to get the place when she was sure it had to be a thousand degrees below zero outside. Well, maybe she was exaggerating the temperature a bit. But it was so cold that anyone going outside had to be swaddled head to toe in coats so thick and fluffy that you could barely walk.

She was rather glad to be inside where it wasn't QUITE as cold. Nicole was wearing a dark blue sweater and a snug pair of black pants. When she was able to change, she had switched the heavy snow boots to a simple pair of sneakers so she could explore in comfort. The friends she was visiting here - a married couple who graduated two years before her - worked here for some very amazing research. Of course, she wasn't sure WHAT they researched. They shared the building space with so many other projects, that there was more than a dozen different studies going on.

Nicole was on her way to meet them in the cafeteria when suddenly there was a loud rumbling. The floor seemed to shake and Nicole found herself tilting from one side to the other trying to get her balance.


The explosion was so loud, Nicole had to cover her ears. An odd crackling sound followed, rushing up behind her. A wave of what looked like water and ice came crashing at her!

One moment she was screaming and the next... cold! Frozen. She couldn't move and the chill was biting in to her skin. Nicole struggled to move her fingers, her toes. Anything!


Finally everything shifted. Nicole felt herself falling and everything was so bright. It was still bitter cold and as she looked up, she realized she was laying face first in a large mound of snow. Everywhere was snow, except for behind her, which was now a cracked block of ice nestled in to the side of a mountain top.

'...Did the building explode..?'

They had traded blows for the better part of an hour. Each of them were bruised, and battered. The snow gave them horrible footing, which turned killing blows to simply wounding strikes. Though the act itself was fortunate for them both. Their breaths came heavy, and filled their burning lungs with the sting of the arctic air. Then... in one moment. They lunged at one another. Gregory, and the wild Yeti swung their weapons furiously at one another. One a longsword, and the other it's blood drenched claw.


The ice pillar cracked, spilling forth a young woman who landed in a heap of snow between them. His breath caught fast, and his eyes widened. She'd finally arrived. His sword bit home deeply into the monster's chest, as it's claw raked his chest. Driving the sword further forward, he split it's chest clean open, and threw it backwards away from himself, and Nicole. Falling to one knee next to Nicole, his sword bit into the snow as he used it to prop himself up. "Are... you alright, Goddess?" He asked in exhaustion, his body caked in dirt, sweat, and frozen blood. He looked haggard. Falling forward, both of his palms pressed deeply into the snow as he continued catching his heavy breath.

"I've... I've come to you. Just as the prophecy demands, Goddess." He murmured, looking up at her through his long jet black hair. His silver eyes pierced through the arctic wind, and fog.

Confusion was all over her face. For a second she could have sworn she just saw a big abominable snow man and some guy with a sword. Blinking, she turned her head to, yes indeed, see a now blood stained fur body on the ground not far away. And kneeling before her a man who looked completely worn out.

'They must have thawed out prehistoric animals...' Was her first thought, as she rose up to her knees and rubbed her head. Although he didn't look like one of the sharply dressed researches that worked in the complex, she could only assume that the big explosion had really done a number on everyone. They must have been blow hundreds of feet away!

"I don't think I'm hurt... Are you?" She ignored the fact he called her goddess and was mumbling about a prophecy. Anybody in an explosion and having to kill a beastie would be a little confused.

"Ah... yes. Quite a bit." he answered with a slight chuckle, and collapsed into the snow, rolling over onto his back. His chest rising raggedly, with heavy breaths. He was hurt, but it didn't look fatal. Only extremely painful. "We must leave now." he then said, noting the strange attire she was garbed in. What strange garments for even the celestial. he thought to himself, as he moved a hand to his shoulder, the other to the hilt of his sword. Slowly, he managed to sit up, and then lean onto one knee. As he stood, the sword's blade dragged through the snow, and was then sheathed clicking as the scabbard, and hilt contacted one another.

"Once we reach the base of the mountain, we must return to Jyundo, to your temple." Unwrapping two large bundles of cloth from around his waist, he drew one over Nicole's shoulder, and then pulled the other around his bare torso. It was amazing that the man wasn't shivering from the cold, and the clothing he wore didn't seem particularly thick. "Come." he then offered a gloved hand. "We must leave before more monsters come. The scent of blood carries well on these cold winds, Goddess."

"You must've hit your head pretty bad." He was completely daffy. And she couldn't figure out where he got those swords. Maybe he did research on ancient era weapons and hidden cultures? At the moment, she was just grateful to have one more layer of clothe in between her and the arctic winds. Her teeth were starting to chatter, and the realization that they were lost outside in the elements was slowly creeping up. He was half naked himself, and if they stayed out there for long, they were going to freeze to death.

Nicole took his hand and rose to her feet. Swaying slightly from dizzyness. She must have hit her head too. Everything still felt a little hazy. "Do you know the way to the compound from here? Can you see it?" Nicole could barely see anything with the snow whirling around. The world was white and misty. Except for the bloodied yeti laying in the snow. THAT she avoided looking at.

"...wait, there's monsters out here? Are there polar bears this far south?"

"It struck many a sound blow, it did." He answered.

"Do you know the way to the compound from here? Can you see it?"

"Compound? Ah, the temple. Yes it is just down the mountainside, and a days ride south from the base." Gregory lifted his arm, and shielded his eyes from the biting winds as he tried to get his bearings. "This way." He said as he found the landmark he was looking for. A large dead tree marked the way towards the mountain pass. "Yes, it is this way." Gregory said once more, and took a testing step into the deep snow.

"...wait, there's monsters out here? Are there polar bears this far south?"

"South? We are far, far to the north of the capital, and yes... there are many monsters that live in the mountains..." Looking back hat her, there was slight confusion in his eyes. "Goddess, are you certain you're alright? You seem confused as to where you are... it must have been from your frozen sleep." Shielding his eyes once more, Gregory shook his head slightly "The cold must also be affecting your senses. We must make camp then... else you'll become sick."

"I think you are the one that is a little confused, with whacking your head and all." As he moved forward she moved to follow his steps. Though, Nicole was questioning the wisdom of doing so. As far as she knew there weren't any capitol cities on Antarctica. And now that she thought about it, this was the dozenth time he called her goddess.

"My name is Nicole. ...and I don't think I was asleep." She glanced back where she fell out of the ice. She didn't think she was asleep or passed out from the explosion. The entire thing felt like it had only taken seconds. Nicole caught a glimpse of the bloodied monster again and squeezed her eyes shut. Ugh! She hoped they didn't run in to anymore of those.

Turning back she was shaking her head with her eyes squeezed shut. "We can't make camp out here without heaters, we'll freeze to death! And I think you need a hospital too..."

Pressing his boots deeply into the snow, Gregory tried his best to ease her advance. "Yes, Goddess. All know your celestial name, though no mortal is allowed to speak it." Turning to look at her. "You've slept for ten thousand years, Goddess. You haven't walked these lands since the Age of Alkeroth. Surely you remember that?" Pressing a booted foot down, he continued leading them through the arctic winds, and the snow mixed fog. "We'll not make much progress at this pace... Quickly, climb onto my back. I will carry you until we reach the cave. There we can warm ourselves from the wind."

Kneeling down in the thick snow, Gregory untied the cloak wrapped around him to wrap around them both when she clung to his back. "As for my injuries, I shall be fine. You're magic will heal them in time, as well as my exhaustion." Sensing that she would reluctant, Gregory looked over his shoulder. "The storm grows stronger each passing moment. We must hurry."

Huffing for breath, she couldn't really help being slow. Nicole couldn't feel her feet any more. Or her fingers. In fact, she wasn't sure if she could feel her face anymore either. At least she knew it was still moving, as she casting the man the most incredulous and disbelieving expression. Somehow he must be mixing up the present date with some sort of historical myth. The problem, was that she wasn't sure if she should humor him or try to explain that he was just confused.

"I don't think you're going to be able to get any magic out of me." she mumbled so softly it almost wasn't audible over the roaring of the wind. Nicole hesitated, but she finally moved, accepting his help to climb up on to his back. She was stiff from cold that holding tight was difficult, but she did find that he was unusually warm for someone missing most of his clothes and standing in arctic snow.

"Ah, but I am feeling better already." He then answered, tossing his cloak around them both, tying at his waist. Then sliding his arms around her thighs, to keep her firmly lifted upon his back, he began sprinting through the snow. His powerful legs, almost leaping from step to step, carrying them with amazing speed. The warmth coming from his body seemed to be increasing, though it was probably due to the exertion he was providing with the impressive dash. Cutting through the snowy wind, each step came faster, and faster, and soon the clearing behind them was lost in the wind and snow. "Yes. We should reach the shelter soon." He spoke to Nicole over his shoulder. His hair whipping lightly, now having dried, bathing her face in what felt like soft silk each time a strand licked at her face.

Landing firmly in the snow from a leap, Gregory dashed off again along a narrow ledge, balancing across it expertly, and then planting his booted feet firmly, he balanced as they slid down a slope of pure ice. The speed of which they sped was breathtaking, and it was again impressive that the man could navigate, and direct their path as he did. Perhaps he'd grown up in these mountains, for it certainly seemed like he knew them well. Coming up to a lip, he leapt from it, holding Nicole firmly, and landed softly on his feet in the snow despite the large drop that came at the end. Instantly picking up his pace, they were soon speeding along the pass once more, until he veered to his left into the opening of a cave, that was littered with what appeared to be crystal that protruded from the walls.

In a heavy breath, Gregory looked back at Nicole "We're here, Goddess. We can rest here for a time before making for the base of the mountain." Then kneeling down, he untied his cloak, allowing her to get back to her feet. "Give me a moment, and I will warm you. I must close the entrance to the cave."

For someone that got clonked on the head pretty hard, he was fast! There was no making conversation as she held on as tight as she could and attempted to not squeak or squeal every time he jumped. When she was set on her feet in the cover of the cave, Nicole was swaying slightly. She braced a hand against the cave wall before snatching it back from the cold.

"How did you... nevermind." Adrenaline. That had to be it. People in trying circumstances could do extraordinary things. It was really lucky that the cave was there.

Nicole rubbed her hands together and blew on them to try and get them warm. She was still casting him a doubtful look, but he must have been trained for survival and knew what he was doing. "How will you close up the entrance? Won't we get trapped in here?" If their problem could get worse, being trapped in a cave would definitely be it. In fact, thinking about being stuck there in dark had her swaying from foot to foot again.

"How will you close up the entrance? Won't we get trapped in here?"

"No, and we need to be shielded from the winds, as they'll only get colder as night falls." Gregory answered as he approached the opening. Grasping firmly against the stonewall, he then began to pull it from the wall, it appeared to be a large slab, and slowly slid it against the ground. His muscles tensed, and twitched from the huge amount of force they were exerting, and soon the large rock was rested in the entryway, shielding them from the harsh cold of the mountain. It also blocked their light, though that was easily rectified. A flash of light ignited in the center of the room, bathing everything in a pale white light. "There... that is words better than outside, is it not?" He asked Nicole as he slowly walked towards the orb that was floating in the cave.

Cupping both hands, he then closed his eyes, and a small orb of orange light began to form between his hands. An orb the gave off an immense amount of heat. Not burning, but warming... "My magic can only do so much, but in time, your presence will grant me the ability to perform stronger incantations." Gregory said, looking at the shock on her face. "Do not be frightened by this. It will warm your body, and keep you from getting the Frost Fever." Taking her hand, he rested the orb in her hand. It's warmth would instantly travel through her body, and though wouldn't completely ward off the cold, it would certainly help.

With those two things accomplished, he leaned against the wall, and slowly slid down to sit on the cave floor, spreading his legs out on the ground. "Heh... I did not think that all of that would tire me so... though prophecies, and legends aren't known for their easiness. Oh, I do look forward to returning to Jyundo... a nice warm meal, and a soft bed." He murmured, his eyes closing for a brief moment.

Nicole was frozen. This time not from ice or cold, but from shock. Awe. Disbelief and possibly even fear! The orb she held outwards, away from her body. Staring at it as if she wear afraid it was going to explode in her hands. It was pleasantly warm, and for this first time all day she could feel her limbs prickling back their sensation.

She was still trying to piece all of the little things together. The moving of solid stone, floaty orbs, all the weird things he said. None of it made sense. Was there a such thing a frost stroke? Icy deuterium? He did mention a frost fever! Her hand closed around the orb and she held it close as she crossed the cave floor. Nicole plopped down beside him, closer than she normally would with a stranger. But she was so unsettled, she thought that being nearer another human being might make it all seem less disastrous.

Nicole opened her mouth, ready to answer a number of questions. But found herself drawing a blank. As she turned her glance to him, he looked near ready to fall asleep. After all of that exertion, she didn't blame him. Now that she was sitting still and gently warmed, she could feel her own eyes growing heavy. Nicole yawned and before she knew it, she was tilted against the cave wall and falling asleep.

Sleep came to them both, and easily. For Gregory it was as simple as falling asleep, and then hours later he awoke. Groggily wiping the sleep from his eyes, he sat up, and looked around. The dim light still glowed, and he saw Nicole huddled against the wall with the orb still clutched in her hand, though it had lost some of it's warmth through the night. Waving a hand over it, the orb glowed brighter, and continued expelling it's soothing warmth, though it's power was greatly increased. Moving to stand on his feet, Gregory also draped his cloak over Nicole as she slept, and then stretched his arms. The cuts, and bruises on his body had healed, though blood still stained his clothes from the previous battle at the mountain clearing.

Lightly prodding at his arms, as he stood there, Gregory looked over his shoulder at Nicole, and then turned to face her. It was her clothes that seemed the most strange. "Very odd indeed." He murmured to himself as he looked Nicole up and down. "I never expected her to look so... so... that." He couldn't think of the word to describe her. Though in truth, who knew what a goddess would look like? All the stories, and legends at the temple were rooted in fact, but over time, things had a tendency to be exaggerated, or changed.

Leaving it all alone for the moment, he turned to center of the cave, and knelt in the center. Drawing a few strange symbols in the dirt, he spoke strange spidery words. A pale green light emitted from the ground, and from it a plate holding a few loaves of bread, and some dried meat appeared, as well as a small pitcher, with two cups. A meager breakfast, but there was only so much he could do with the abilities he had at the moment.

She stood at the top of a mountain, ice and snow everywhere. There was no sun above. There was no trees, no visible land. Just a white blanket covering the world. But there was something in her hands. Small and round. She lift it up and hung it in the sky. The sun shone brighter than it ever had. The snow was melting and the world was beautiful...

Nicole awoke, at first assuming she was wrapped up in bed at home. There was a small chill and she remember she was visiting her friends on the frozen continent. But as she opened her eyes and sat up quickly, she recalled what happened. ...Sort of. She was hoping it had all been a dream or some sort of crazy deliriousness. Yet, here she was in a cave with an oddly dressed stranger and... food! Where did that even come from!

"...where is this place, exactly?" She asked without announcing she was awake or giving a good morning. Nicole debated on whether or not she was in a coma. It could be a coma dream. Maybe if she just ran with it, she'd eventually wake up... "I don't even know your name."

Glancing over at Nicole, he retireved the the provisions he'd conjured, and placed them down in front of her, before standing, and leaning against the wall. "Good morning. This is Mount Grouh. We're north of Jyundo, as I said before." Crossing his arms, over his bare chest, he looked at her through his messy long hair. She seemed to still be confused. It had to be due to her sleep. Hopefully her memory would return as they journeyed back to the capital.

"I don't even know your name."

"My name is Gregory Keliesh. I am your Antiac." He answered plainly. "I was sent to escort you back to your temple when you awoke, though I must admit that... this isn't exactly how I pictured the prophecy beginning." he stifled a slight laugh. "Did you sleep well? Are you cold, or hungry? I managed what I could for food, though there isn't much in the mountains one can conjur from scratch." Frost clung to his form, though it looked as though it didn't bother him. He seemed more deeply concerned with Nicole's well being. "Eat, and warm yourself. When you are ready, we will leave for the base of the mountain where there is more pleasant weather, I assure you."

Finding herself famished, no doubt from missing dinner (missing dinner for ten thousand years if she wanted to believe his story!), Nicole didn't turn down the food. She chewed in perplexed silence at first. Allowing herself the time to at least try to place everything in to some logical order. Her only other options were to start screaming like a mad woman, or crying like a baby. Neither would make anything better.

"I'm not sure what an Antiac is.." she said first. "Not that it matters. I think you have me confused with someone else!" Nicole took a drink from the cup. Before she told him the bad news, she wanted to eat what she could first. Who knew whether or not he'd leave her out in the cold?

"I'm not a goddess, I'm just a person. I've never had a temple before. I lived in a house and went to school. I'm pretty sure I haven't been asleep for a thousand years... um... Well, I'm not really sure about that one. I was in a building and I think there was an explosion and then I ended up here. ...but, anyway. I'm really sorry to disappoint you, and I don't mean to get in the way of the person you are looking for."

She fell silent as she took another drink. "I'm really sorry."

Shaking his head at her words, he held up a hand palm facing her to stop her from continuing. "No, you are my Goddess. This I am not wrong in. The prophecy speaks of her Antiac healing his mind, body, and soul simply being in her presence, and my wounds are gone. Those I could not have cured myself as Antiac." Crossing his arms once more, he continued. "You are simply exhausted from your absence to this world. Once you return to Jyundo, and rest properly, you will remember all that has past, and know of what is to come. So be sorry not." He had taken no offense to her ramblings, and had chalked them up to confusion.

"As I said, eat, and warm yourself. We have much ground to cover before we reach the city, and I would certainly like to leave these mountains as soon as possible. I'm sure that you would like that as well, and none know them as well as I do." Squatting down, he took a small piece of jerky, and began chewing on it, as he leaned against the wall once more. The man would certainly be hungrier than that, especially with all the effort he'd given from yesterday, though it was obvious he was saving the majority of the food for her.

Nicole leaned forward, taking a good look at him and trying to compare that with what she remembered from last night. He did look rough before. Bloody and cut up, bruises... now he just looked as if he'd been rolling around on the ground. Bloody ground, but nothing that'd give an injury. It was amazing!

It also gave her stomach an awful dread sensation. Nicole was sure she could handle explosions and being lost in the snow, but this was so... so unbelievable that didn't know how she was supposed to react to it.

She hate, not rushing, but not wasting time either. It was very clear on her face that she was trying to figure out the whole situation. When she was done eating, she had the orb sitting in her lap while she rubbed her hands over her pants.

"You didn't really tell me what an Antiac is exactly." she stated first. Nicole decided she was just going to have to take it all one step at time. Somewhere along the way she would know what happened to her, and find a way back to reality. "I'm ready to go though. Couldn't hurt to visit Jyoondu? ..right?"

"It means, Guardian." He answered Nicole's first question. As she stood up, he waved a hand over the plate, and it turned to dust. "Yes, unless you want to remain here. Though this is one of the warmest summers the mountain has had in quite some time." he said knowing that would really entice her to leave, if she wasn't ready already. Walking over to the large stone slab, he once again, dug his fingers into the rock, and slid it back against the wall, the wind once again pouring into the cave chilling it almost instantly.

"I will try to make for the base as quickly as I can." Placing her hands over the orb, he placed his hands over hers, the light of the sphere glowing more intensely now. "Place that close to your chest, and it will warm you." Gregory instructed as he turned, and knelt down once more. "We will make better time if I carry you again, as I can find us points where I can slide down the rock, and ice. It will be much quicker, though you should hold on as tightly as possible."