Nocte en Perpetuum Cirque [Forever Dark Circus]

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  1. INTRO

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. Step into the tent and see wonders beyond your wildest dreams! Darkness cloaks the world, but fear it not. For here we’ve tamed the darkness and bring to you amusements, both sinister and merry alike.

    As the ringmaster spoke, behind the scenes the different individuals belonging to the circus were getting ready for the show to commence. The staff was made up of a variety of individuals, some human with a taste for darkness, and others, well, their humanity could be questioned. Back in the ring the ring master cleared their throat.

    “And now, without further ado, I bid you welcome, welcome to the Nocte en Perpetuem Circus!” The ring master bowed as the lights went out and the tent plunged into darkness. A hush fell over the crowd as the audience waited for the show to begin.

    Dark Themed
    Name: Nocte en perpetuum Cirque [Forever Dark Circus]
    Human or non-humans? Both
    Mobile/caravan (they move around)
    Friendly or do misfortunate accidents happen whenever they come to town?
    Different Acts:
    Beast Tamer
    Aerial Silk
    Scare Dome
    Magic act
    Freak show like things, oddities

    Behind the scene roles:
    Popcorn/food/drinks/vendor things

    Bio formats
    Circus Role:
    Reason for joining:

    Here is the actually story part:

    RVP’s have posted their bios it's now opened to the public.
    Silver - Ring Master
    MissMaine - Aerial Silks
    Thomas McTavish - Security
    HolyFudgeBars - Trapeze
    Akuma - Magic Act
    QuietOne - Freak show/ Scare Dome
    Acid-Acid - Clown
    Syrupy - Beast Tamer
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  2. Name: Eris "Miss Myst"
    Age: Old, looks to be in her twenties
    Race: Dark Mage with a quarter shadow demon
    Circus Role: Ring Master
    Show Spoiler

    Eris is friendly enough, but she does hold herself back from really being herself until she's fully aware of where the other person stands. This sometimes makes her come across as stand offish at first. However, once she gets to know someone, it's like a flip will switch inside of her and she turns from cool and collected into a sweet, but very mischievous individual. She won't make a big deal of it, but she really does love putting on a show.

    Reason for joining: Not many folk have use for a "Demonic mutt" in the world.


    Eris isn't the original Ring Master for the circus. But she inherited the position from the previous Ring Master. Before she became the Ring master, she acted as a sort of fill in. She's done a tight rope act, a lot of behind the scenes and stage work, one time she even did the beast tamers act. (She still has the scar from that last feat) After awhile, the olde Ring master began to have her fill in for him, and before she knew it, years passed and the human man left the ring Master position to her before he passed on.

    Before the circus, Eris went by a different name in a small village. When her magic appeared, the villagers began to shun her. Then when she stopped aging, they tried to burn her at the stake. Needless to say, she left. She hadn't found a place to call home since, not until she stumbled across the circus. And that's where she stayed. No one in the circus cared if she didn't age or that she possessed magic that had a darker nature than necessary.
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  3. Name:Audarian
    Age: too old to be remembered, somewhere around 17,000
    Race: Grim (commonly seen as Grim Reapers, the elite soldiers of their society)
    Circus Role: Security, entertainment for the circus when on the move
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Audarian doesn't speak much, and what he does is in the faint, whispery language of the dead. His disposition is usually sad, but he is very curious about a lot of the mortal world. Audarian is very serious about his duties to protect his employers and friends.
    Reason for joining: Outcasted from the society of his people, Audarian found the circus and a place where he could serve a purpose.
    History: As a Grim, one of the Undead Races, Audarian seeks to fulfill a purpose greater than he could while living. Most Grim find this satisfaction in joining the Reaper Corps, an elite unit of assassin soldiers sent to collect the souls of the living and guide them to the Afterlife. Audarian found comfort in producing music, which few in the Grim society could do. Seen as an abomination for being unable to serve a 'fitting' purpose, Audarian moved to a mountain in the mortal realm, from where he saw the Nocte en Perpetuum Cirque perform. Intrigued at how everyone had a purpose, he flew down and offered his services.

    Armed with a mystic bone flute he carved from the leg bone of a dead unicorn, his music can be used as both a mind control device and a form of entertainment, the magical properties of the instrument not only playing the music played through it, but the accompanying parts in the mind of it's user.
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  4. So sorry, it was late when i did it and I thought I read everything.
  5. lol its alright just save your stuff and keep a watch on the thread ill update the first post for every rsvp-er who gives me there bio :)
  6. Name: Sinclair (Sin)
    Age: Appears to be 22
    Race: Elf
    Circus Role: Aerial Silk
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Mysterious/Haughty Temper
    Reason for joining: She's been with the circus since the beginning, but she doesn't like to talk about what happened before the circus.
    History: She doesn’t remember much about her history, other then she craved adventure and not the boringness of that being a royal had brought. So she left her homeland in search of something new and came upon the Forever Dark Circus. She has ever since then been with it and enjoys being apart of it.
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  7. Name: Artemis Marlin
    Age: Appears 24
    Race: Vampiric human
    Circus Role: Magic act/Illusionist
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: A bit mysterious, Quiet, Calm, Funny
    Reason for joining: He joined because he was outcasted by his town, so he found a group of people who seemed to atleast accept him
    History: When he was young his mother was bitten by a vampire while she was impregnated with him, Her vampiric blood fused with his body and attached to him like a leech. He remain half human half vampire which when he was born his mother died. He was taken in by a foster care family which he lived with for a long while, until he was quote on quote 16, When infact he has lived more than 1,000 years. he grew up quicker than the others but stopped his growing at the age of 24, He didn't understand why but this oddity caused the people of the town to become worried and wonder why this man remained the same age and never died. Until one day he was caught feeding on a person in an alleyway, He had frenzied for blood on the man who was just walking down the alleyway. But being half human was the best part because he does not thirst for blood as much as a usual vampire, So he took of from the town being driven out by guns and violence towards him. He was traveling through the forest when he came upon the circus who noticed how he looked, and could tell he was special. And thus he was "adopted" into the family.
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  8. Name: Seven
    Age: 360 years old, appears around late 20s
    Race: Demon
    Circus Role: Clown
    Appearance: He has platinum grey hair and white eyes. He is 6 foot five and lanky man.
    Show Spoiler


    Personality: Seven is a bit flamboyant and tends to over-exaggerate things. He is fully of energy, friendly and welcoming to most people he meets. He enjoys jokes and mischievous acts.

    Reason for joining: He likes to entertain people and as a demon, he found this gig to be a happy past time.

    History: He used to be in the theatre as a preforming and struggling actor, until he was turned into a demon through a curse in which he tried to bring his wife and child back to life who died from the plague. Upon turning into a demon, he found that he was able to heal himself and be immortal. He wandered around until he found an the underground scene full of demons, witches, vampires, and other supernatural beings. Through this scene, he found the circus and ever since then he has been preforming in the circus on and off for many years.
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  9. Name: Meyphels {Mey} Lucell
    Age: Recently made 274 but if you ask him he isn't a day over 23 in mortal years
    Race: Seelie Sidhe
    Circus Role: Trapeze
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Meyphels is mischievous and cheerful. He prefers to be the center of attention and feigns ignorance frequently, pretending to know less when he always knows more. Meyphels can also hold severe grudges while smiling the sweetest smiles and will stop at nothing until he feels his target has paid what is owed.
    Reason for joining: Rejected from his court after an affair with his queen's lover Meyphels joined simply to sate the boredom that frequently fell on him.
    History: Meyphels was a lord in the Fae court of Seelie and a hedonist even by his peoples standards. After becoming enthralled with one of the Queens lovers he pursued and seduced the poor mortal only to be caught in the throes of passion and exiled, while the mortal was beheaded. Feeling no real remorse for what he did and quickly becoming overtaken by boredom, Mey found the circus and fell in with the rest of the motley crew.
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  10. I can do a freakshow/Scare Dome performer. I've got an idea for a guy that covers his face because he can make it into the most terrifying things you can imagine. A shapeshifting monster face.
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  11. Name: Armoncio Desquiere (Armon)
    Age: Has been around for near 800 years, but because of his abilities his age is impossible to determine by sight.
    Race: Changeling
    Circus Role: Freak Show/Scare Dome
    Appearance: His race gives him the power to change his form at will, becoming fantastic creatures and horrifying monsters at his choosing. It's the main reason he's one of the few in the Cirque to be in more than one act, but he doesn't hog either of them. He comes on stage wearing a black leotard, wrapped head to toe in cloth like a mummy. His long black hair flows freely behind his mask, a simple off-white piece of plastic with two slits for the eyes and one for the mouth. In his Freak Show act, he immitates members of the audience if there's anyone special in the crowd, as well as taking the partial forms of cute animals that the kids love. He likes to go up to the end of the ring and let them pet him.

    His Scare Dome act is something else entirely, and few other performers leave the same lasting impression. He turns his face and parts of his body into the things the audience fears most. He pretends to be this aggressive monster being kept at bay, sometimes by the ringmaster, sometimes by other members of the Cirque.

    Personality: Despite, or maybe because of, his roles in the Cirque, Armoncio is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He's gentle, loves kids, and can be sometimes affectionate in ways that make his partners feel uncomfortable.

    Reason for joining: After centuries of running from place to place because of his race he joined the Cirque to finally fit in.

    History: (still have to add)
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  12. This is gunna be bad ass I love all you guys *is very pleased with everyone*
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  13. Name: Elanza Tolores
    Age: 263
    Race: Dryad
    Circus Role: Beast Tamer
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: A calm and patient soul. But, being as old as some forests, she has grown to enjoy some mischief. She will not hesitate to help a friend, or protect them if need be, but she does enjoy a laugh or two.

    Reason for joining: Her home was getting boring. There were threats of the forest being torn down for "progress", whatever that meant. So she took a piece of her home tree, a seed from one of its pods, and set out for adventure.

    History: She was one of the trickster-dryads of her home. She'd often prune her friends' branches into crude shapes, laughing all the while, and then blame it on someone else. Not much you can get up to in a forest. She did like to scare travelers. Backpackers taking a little hike through the woods. It could get awfully dark awfully fast, and with the animals on her side, she could scare up some people right. It was good times. Most of the dryads either left or died by now, as bulldozers and men with chainsaws begin to clear the forest in the name of Progress. Horrible person, this Progress is. Very greedy, wanting all of this land. Good forest land. Good trees. Hmph.
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  14. I added a little bit to my character's history if you guys want to check that out.
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  15. Alright we can now get this shindig started yo *is hyper and home from college* oh an I shall now open it to the public although im quite happy leaving it how it is :p
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