Nocte en Perpetuum Cirque [Forever Dark Circus]

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  1. INTRO

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. Step into the tent and see wonders beyond your wildest dreams! Darkness cloaks the world, but fear it not. For here we’ve tamed the darkness and bring to you amusements, both sinister and merry alike.

    As the ringmaster spoke, behind the scenes the different individuals belonging to the circus were getting ready for the show to commence. The staff was made up of a variety of individuals, some human with a taste for darkness, and others, well, their humanity could be questioned. Back in the ring the ring master cleared their throat.

    “And now, without further ado, I bid you welcome, welcome to the Nocte en Perpetuem Circus!” The ring master bowed as the lights went out and the tent plunged into darkness. A hush fell over the crowd as the audience waited for the show to begin.
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  2. Eris disappeared in a rush of red and black mist as the lights fell. She silently reappeared back behind the scenes among the performers and various staff of the Circus. As she solidified, the woman's dark colored eyes quickly scanned over the folks waiting, hopefully dressed and ready to perform. Within a few seconds the cooler expression melted off of her face. Reaching up, mindful of her claws, she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

    "Is everyone in the first quarter ready and on stand by?" She asked the group. "Props are in place to be set up quickly, makes up is on, and no one forgot their pants this time?" she made sure to take a double note on the costumes adorning everyone's frames. "Nothing blew up, no escaped animals, we didn't lost anything on the trip over and no one decided to have a wild party and show up drunk?" Needless to say, Eris could jump to the worst possible conclusions at times, but given the staffing of this unique performance, could anyone blame her?
  3. " We're suppose to wear pants? Man....can't have any fun " He said pulling his pants up and buttoning them, he pulled the zipper and sighed as he grabbed his leather jacket off of the small stand. " Lets see if i can get this right for the second time ive tried this " He said walking past Eris to the circus doors " Black...Entrance..Show " He nodded as he repeated it to himself as his body turned into a blur kicking up some dust as his immense speed allowed him to move quickly. He ended up in the darkness of the tent, he adjusted the microphone. and allowed his calm but evil voice boom through the microphone " Welcome! " The light flashed on as he walked forward into a spotlight. " I am Artemis....You can call me Arty if you wish " he said chuckling " But welcome...welcome to the Illusion zone " He said clapping his hands together as the lights when off. and then went back on as he re-appeared sitting next to someone in the stands, " Wow this guy sucks...he just dissapeared " he shouted while everyone began to look at him. " Oh...never mind im right here " he said chuckling, " Alright i will need a some about" everyone had there hands raised shouting " AND YOU! " he said chuckling, he brought down 6 men and 1 woman. And stood the men in lines of three and the women at the end of the three. He smirked and said " Now look me in the eyes " The group he brought down looked him in the eyes, and he took them in like a trap. He pushed his vampiric powers and had technically seduced them. He then snapped and they stood up straight, but then the men got down on all fours and began to bark. As the woman acted if she was whipping them, " MUSH! " She shouted. As the crowd broke out in laughter and snapped his fingers and they came right back to there own control, he clapped for them and waved them back to there seats.
    " Now it is time to get tricky with it " He said pulling a seat of cards from thin air, " You guys like card tricks right? " He raised one card up. right in between his eyes and said " Everyone look at the card! " He said as he made eye contact with each and everyone of them, who quickly fell under his power. He brought the card down and chuckled as everyone's head dropped and they all fell asleep. " Good...good " He now went to proceed with his job, and closed his eyes open his arms up wide. He connected everyone's minds basically and was performing from inside there head. He walked out and said " Watch this card " he tossed it into the air and it crumbled and formed into a small dragon which continued to fly around. He did that multiple of times, until one giant dragon was formed with the smaller dragons. The dragon looked at Artemis and then to the people. It roared in there faces, the shrill shrieks of them made him laugh " DON'T WORRY I WILL SAVE YOU! " he said as he walked forward with a card sword and spun it in his hands, leaping up towards the dragon. Who swallowed him whole, the dragon looked back at the people who now were actually very terrified. But all of a sudden the stomach of the dragon blew open and out came Artemis landing on the edge of the stands covered in paper. " You are now saved " He said bowing. As people clapped for him and shouted. He then snapped and they all came back to reality, he slowly raised his head and brought his arms down looking at the crowd. " Thank you " He said bowing his head and caused the lights to go off and on, which had him disappear leaving a dust cloud were he once stood. Once making it back from the show he smirked saying " Works every time "
  4. Bright music dances through the circus and a clown with a ghostly face featured with dark eye sockets and a red smeared smile struts out in the beat of the song. He is dressed in a white button up and oversized green slacks held up by orange suspenders. He had a jacket in which held over his shoulders with one hand and with the other he waved to the crowd.

    He tries to put on his brown and worn jacket by swinging it across his back, but his arm misses the sleeve. Slapping himself in the head, he tries again, but comically fails. The crowd laughs. He continues this act, wrestling with the jacket and even trying to put them on as pants. The crowd hums with that entertained sound. After many attempts, he finally is able to wear the jacket (inside out that is).

    He acts relieved, wiping his face with his forearm and adjusting his jacket proudly. He takes out a flask dressed in black and a poison sign of a white skull and bones. Throwing his head back, he drinks it in excitement and then throws it to the crowd, slightly stumbling as he does so. As he bows down to make his exit, his hat slides off, revealing the brains of his head. He stands back up, pretending to not notice his naked head and waves to the crown. A moment later, his hand touches his brain and he jumps up in shock. The crowd laughs. He looks down and sees his hat. Trying to pick it up, his brain falls off his head. The crowd is in hysterics. Quickly, he grabs his brain and fits it into his head and covers it with his cap. With nervous body language, he bows slightly twice with his hand, holding his hat in place and exits.

    Seven puts the fake brain back into the props section. "Well, hopefully I drank enough of that poison for it to take effect on the second transition," He says to the other crew members.
  5. Hearing Seven coming back from his clown act Sin finished up her last stretch before she signaled the stage hand to dim her lights before she walked out on stage silently as a soft glow from the spot light glowed on her and the black silks she grabbed them turning the two into one. As the music began she started her act climbing the silks like one would a rope until she got just high enough off the ground to swing her legs out the grab one of the silks around her ankle. She then flipped her legs up and around her body climbing higher up the silks she paused and arched her back making a sort of pose before she grabbed some more silk wrapping it around her waist as the lights changing to beautiful dark red and blue. Climbing she sexily twisted around the silks almost snake like. Sin then let go of the silk entirely falling she made a sort of twisted flip only to get caught at the end were one of the silks wrapped around her ankle only a foot from the ground. She smiled at the gasps the crowd gave off, she then grabbed the other silk wrapping it around her other ankle and climbed half way in the air as she did so she stretched out her legs doing the splits and let go of the silks she ran her hands along her legs before bringing them up and back to the silks she then wrapped each silk around her thighs making them into a swing as the ends of the silks fell on the inside of her thighs she grabbed them into her hand opened her arms and flipped forward as she lowered her self down towards the ground. once she had her feet firmly on the ground she crossed her legs and gave a elegant curtsey towards the crowd as they erupted into an applause. Giving a sexy but mischievous grin she sashayed back behind the stage were the others were.
  6. Eris waited until Sin was back behind the stage before she disappeared in a cloud of mist, only to reappear back into the middle of the ring, causing gasps and clapping to travel through the audience. The mage gave a big smile.

    "Well, I see you've met our Magical Master, Marlin our Silly Seven the clown, and our sinuous sensational Sin." Eris looked around at the crowd, smile still on her lips. 'Is everyone having fun?" She asked the group as a whole. Answers, indistinguishable from her vantage point ,rang out through the audience. The woman nodded her head and kept her smile in place, as if she'd heard and understood the roar of voices. "Well, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, are you ready to continue the show?" She asked, another dull roar echoed around the tent. "Well then, put your hands together for our next act, Armon, the man of many faces!" Eris turned to clap along with the crowd as she waited for the man to appear.
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  7. Armoncio flexed his neck, emitting perhaps more cracking sounds than should have been possible. He was dressed in his more friendly outfit; his arms were bare and the black unitard he wore had trim in three different excitingly neon colors. In Armon's hand was his friendlier mask. It was bright white, curved up in a smile, with rose-painted cheeks. He didn't much like that he had to completely change his wardrobe for his second act, but it was so very different he couldn't afford to look the same way twice. He gave the ringmaster a kiss on the cheek, which she didn't always appreciate. His kindness came off as a bit overly affectionate. He put on his mask and rushed out. The mask was smiling, yes, but so too was the performer.

    Armoncio didn't bother with the center of the ring. His talents couldn't really be appreciated from a distance.

    "Hello everyone! So nice to see you all here!" he shouted at them with truthful glee. There was a small cheer. It was okay. It took a while for the audience to warm up to him. "I'm really happy to see you! Just look how big my smile is!"

    He pulled away his mask and most of the audience gasped, followed quickly by hollow laughter. He had cleaned up his normally deformed changeling face into something that appeared human, except for his mouth, which took up half his face and sported huge, goofy teeth. He went around the ring until he found a man and his face copied his exactly. The man leaned back in alarm. He did this with the face next to him, and the next one. He spotted a group of kids in the front row and rushed over to them. He loved to see kids smile, and only a few of them were enjoying themselves. Armon made his face grow fur, a plush blue fur, his ears went to the top of his head and his face scrunched up to look like a lovable animal. The children smiled and laughed and some reached out to pet his fur. Their parents tried to stop them.

    "It's okay, everyone," he said. "I don't bite."

    The children took that as permission and ran their hands through his soft hair. He moved the hair on downwards to his torso and shoulders and a little girl, about six, reached out and hugged him. Armon fought back a joyful tear. He had a performance to do.

    He ran further into the center stage, the tail he'd grown swinging behind him as he pranced. He changed himself into a more human form and spoke again.

    "And my face isn't all I can change everyone. Ladies, you know what they say about a guy with big feet." He directed their attention down at his bare feet which suddenly swelled to a comically massive size. There were a few whoops and many laughs from the crowd. Even the children laughed, though they didn't get the joke. "Or is it big hands?" He put his thumbs in his mouth and pretended to blow. They became bigger than his body. "Or is it big ears?" He suddenly looked like Dumbo. "Or a big nose?" He grabbed his nose and pulled it out extending it out.

    By this point the crowd was rolling in their seats with laughter. He had giant feet, hands, ears and nose. Armon let them take it for a moment, then snapped it all in place. "My name is Amoncio Desquiere! GOODNIGHT!"

    And he put his mask back on and bowed out of their sight.
  8. Lights danced across the stage as the clown makes his enterance once again. Silly music floats through the stage with the clown who peddles out on a unicycle, juggling seven neon colored balls. Beaming through his blood colored lips, he balances himself in one spot on the unicycle as he throws and catches the balls in the air. The balls rotate smoothly in an ovaled path. The clown pretends to nearly loose his balance, making an exaggerated form to desperatly keep the balls rotating in the air. The crowd laughs at his attempt. Just as planned, the clown regains his balance and continues to juggle once more before he stops by catching the balls in his ghostly gloved hands. He bows and the crowd cheers.

    The clown leaps off his unicycle and makes a flattered gesture at the crowd's applause. He takes off his cap and begins to dance, his feet shuffling below him. The music dances along with the clown. Suddenly, the dance routine is interrupted as the clown makes a sickly motion. His back hunches as if he is about to barf, but he holds it back. Again he hunches his back, but this time he barfs out colored scarfs. Pulling out the string of scarves from his mouth, the crowd laughs and applauds. Once he has pulled out all the scarves, the clown gasps as if he is shocked by the outcome. The crowd laughs. Again, the clown makes that same sickly motion. This time, when he hunches over, bloods spews from his mouth. The crowd chuckles at the sight. More blood flows out of his mouth, blending his smile with his chin and neck. The laughter becomes a whisper and the music slows into an eerie tone. The clown stumbles with red liquid seeping onto his shirt. He soon hits the floor and lays motionless for a few moments before a crew member drags him off the stage. A weak hand rises from the clown to wave at the crowd and blow kisses. The crowd applauds and laughs.

    After reaching backstage, Seven gets up from the floor and wipes his neck. He laughs histarically, "The faces on that crowd makes my century."
  9. Elanza giggles quietly to herself in the back of the 'ready area'. She was sitting next to a vanity, fixing some flowers hanging in her branched horns. Her costume was ready, and she was well hydrated... Jolly good. She stood gracefully, stretching as she approached another entrance to the center stage. She needed a big door for her act, after all. She walked up to one of the huge cages set up near the entrance. Her hands moved swiftly, unlocking and opening the huge door. An elk the size of a small elephant stepped out at her touch, and allowed her to lead him to the stage.

    The lights were dim, faint blue glows giving the big top an eerie feel. The music was quiet, something gently with strings and a flute. The elk was graceful as it lowered it's head, groaning softly. Everything was hushed, the crowd on the edge of their seats to see this giant beast and its silent guide.

    Her show always started slow. She liked allowing the audience to see the majesty of this endangered creature as he pranced and reared back his great head. Then she threw off the cloak concealing her outfit, a tasteful blend of leaves, fur, and feathers. At that instance, the lights blazed on, bright oranges and yellows. As soon as the rest of the stage became visible, several dark, hulking forms that had previously been unseen in the shadows were revealed. They resembled wolves, but were much larger than regular ones. They snarled, growled, circled the elk and the dryad. The elk stood tall, snorting and groaning, pawing at the ground as it watched the wolves.

    Elanza stepped between the first wolf that braved forward, her lips parting ever so slightly. The wolf slowed, then approached the dryad and nuzzled her leg. As that was happening, another wolf jumped toward the elk. It bellowed, startling the wolf into dancing back. Elanza climbed up onto the elk's back, and barked, clapping her hands. The wolves froze, staring at her. She smiled, looking around the hushed crowd. Her act was not so much to entertain as it was to amaze, but entertainment was nice too.

    "Let's dance," she said gently. The music picked up a quick drum beat and the wolves burst into movement. They ran in patterns, jumped, tumbled, scuffled their feet on the ground in fancy footwork.

    The show of agility and rhythm had some of the crowd clapping, laughing even as the wolves shuffled into something of a line dance. Then Elanza hopped from the elk and walked a slow circle. Seeds were dropped from her fingertips, landing in the dirt. Saplings sprouted instandly, forming various hoops at various heights, and other obstacles. She returned to the elk and turned to the wolves and clapped her hands. She barked again, and the wolves took off for the obstacle course. They jumped, they dove, they weaved.

    When they finished running, they waited patiently in a line, watching as Elanza and her elk ran the obstacle course as well. Despite its huge size, the elk was quite agile and graceful. It made each jump without problem, and was able to move through close stalks without so much as brushing them. As soon as the elk passed one part, it withered and disappeared almost instantly, leaving no trace. The elk returned to the center as Elanza stood and whistled. Two of the wolves stacked and a third climbed up onto the elk's back next to her.

    "What else would you all like to see?" She asked, addressing the audience. The dire wolf at her side lolled its tongue, thick tail waving. "Let us do it this way."

    She hopped down from the elk's back, leaving the wolf up there alone. The elk pawed at the ground, then began trotting in a slow circle around, letting all see the wolf ride the elk. There were cheers, applause, and some hoots. Gasps went up as the wolf stood on its haunches, hind paws in that 'begging' position. Then, the elk slowed to a halt and the wolf raised up on its hind paws, then hopped in place a bit. It moved forward some and launched itself off of the elk's thick neck, twisting into a backflip off of the giant's back. It landed with a soft whump and straightened, proud of the applause.

    Elanza smiled as the crowd cheered, and she raised her arms. As she did, all of the animals rushed to her side, showing her excited affection as they swamped over her. Then, in a burst of leaves and wind, they were all gone.

    Backstage again, Elanza secured her animals, treating each to a hearty celebratory meal. She cooed to them all before returning to the other performers, pulling flowers from her hair.
    "Alright, who's next?" She asked, her smile vibrant, radiant.
  10. Meyphels eyes flicked up when he heard Elanza speak and he smiled, pulling himself from the chair he was lounging in and shutting the book he was reading with a snap. He rolled his shoulders and made his way past her.
    "Me, I suppose." He said responding to her question as he passed, plucking a stray flowers from her hair.

    Tucking the flower behind his ears, Meyphels burst from behind the doors as the spotlight made its way over to focus on him. The gold swirls running up his leotard over his thigh caught the light and sparkled, almost as dazzling as his smile. He blew a kiss to the crowd and the spotlight went out, causing the audience to gasp, only for the lights to come on a moment later. Meyphels no longer stood by the doors. He was now, instead, perched on the stand high above the crowd.

    He winked at the stands causing a few girls to giggle. He dove forward catching the bar of the swing in front of him. He let go as the swing, swung forward and hurled himself, spinning, through the air. He caught the next trapeze with one hand blowing a kiss towards the crowd before he pivoted to the next, earning more giggles and a few swoons. Meyphels smirked to himself as he reached the second to last swing, preparing himself for his favorite part in his act.

    He left his current swing, twirling through the air end over end, this jump being the last and the furthest. He reached out for the last handle and missed, fingers brushing the bar. The crowd gasped in terror as they realized what had happened, noticing for the first time that Meyphels had no net beneath him. He paid them no heed and his long legs hooked over the bar the momentum keeping him moving forward and he did one final flip on to the podium opposite the one he started on.

    The crowd cheered, delighted that he'd survived and enthralled with his performance. He gave a deep bow and the spotlight once again went out covering the crowd in the darkness yet again. Meyphels slipped quickly across the ring and ducked through the doors, grinning.
    "You know one day I'm going to truly miss, I know it but I can't help myself from tempting fate."
  11. Backstage, Armoncio was just finishing up putting on his worn out bandages and slipping into his black unitard. He didn't really like this performance of his, but he was good at it. No other scare act put on quite the same impression. He shot his head back at Elanza, his partner in the act.

    "Hey El. Make sure to get a convincing-looking chain, okay?" he said to her. He changed his face into the most handsome one he could think of to give her a nice smile. "And what did you want to do with tonight's performance? Pretend to lose your grip? Pull me back now and then? I make the screams, but you really sell the monster."
  12. Elanza smiled, moving back from the cages her animals were napping in. She passed by the prop chains hanging on a rack and touched them to make them jingle. She pulled one down, a rusty number, links huge and loud.
    "Alright. Losing my grip is easy enough." She tested the chain in both hands and smiled to the shifter.

    She walked over to Armoncio and pat his shoulder, her green eyes vibrant. "Will we need any more of my pets, or will you be all we need? Suppose I'll have to think up a good way to introduce this act, mm?"
  13. Theme Music (open)

    Amelia waited on the sidelines, she had an area to get ready but it was more of a box and sheet of tinfoil on a wall. Perhaps it was something to do with her mundane nature, the fact she wasn't as gifted or as talented as the other members, and the majority just relied on her to wait on them hand and foot. Perhaps this was the only reason they kept her around... So this 'space' was all she was provided with in her time with the circus. It served her as well as any dressing table she ever had did, which was more than what any dressing table had ever done because she had never had one. She was no main act, in fact she was a part of what the circus called a 'centrepiece' a jigsaw part in a montage of acts all put into one.

    Before her and the other dancing contortionists went on, a rise in the music from the band came out. Series of absorbing rifts came from their assortment of brass instruments, the sound waves flowed into her ears, caressing her mind with their sweet ripples of melody. Her feet propped herself up, and lowered herself down to the rhythm. She swayed her head a little bit, long blonde locks curling their way down her back, her tight fitted bodice revealed her petite frame, the pale coloured tights similar to that of a ballerinas shaped her legs in a voluptuous manner, but nothing could take away from the fact that she was a baby doll. She would always be the 'Little Dove' of the circus.

    The cue called upon her when several streams of colour fell from the ceiling and the corde lisse's ran forward and darted upon their lengths of coloured rope, performing acrobatics in mid air. She along with the other dancers ran in the round on her tiptoes, her arm elegantly falling out to the members of the audience in the front. A collection of twirls accompanying her along her way, allowing her hair to rise and fall in motion with her movement. Gracefully all of the dancers rose up in the air and performed a set of splits in mid air, for them to fluidly fall to the ground. Each of them having their own set of bodily shapes to form themselves into. Amelia laid on her tummy and folded her legs over the back of her, so her feet were placed down either side of her head. In which she proceeded to 'run' around herself, her muscles and joints twisting in co-ordination with her brains objective.

    Without hesitation she sprung back up onto the balls of her feet and took a light curtsy to a mediocre hum of applause. So many bodies on stage with streamers of colour, and pyrotechnics weren't as interesting as the other acts which contained the supernatural capabilities which were so unexplainable. However, in order to give the other acts time to have their costume changers, etc, this performance must be pushed to the end.

    Amelia followed the other contortionists towards the center where a small divide in the floor made a section rise up. All of them stood up and acted out their usual routine of looking puzzled, scared, and unsure. Above them was lowering a thick block of burning solid concrete. The ripples of flame devouring it's stoney outer layer, and with a sudden snap of a chord - and a 'put on' spark of electricity, it came down with a heavy thud. Appearing to have crushed the group of girls in their platform.

    Amelia winced momentarily to a blistering sensation on her arm, and then the reveal was in place when one of the corde lisse's came by and opened the hatch on the platform to reveal all of the girls clumped together in their bundle, revealing the concrete slab had not crushed them what so ever.

    This seemed to get more of an applause, and a slight tingley sensation held it's place in Amelia's cheeks as she smiled. They all climbed out in an orderly fashion, took one last curtsy and they left backstage waving. The other girls pushed past her when they got back stage, the majority being changlings and fairies all went back to their original forms. The fairies shrinking after their magic faded, the changlings slinking back to their lanky, or sometimes overweight 'selves', Amelia just went and sat on the floor infront of her box and metal sheet with a sigh, observing the stinging blister which had become to show on her arm, with a sigh.
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  14. It was the transition again with the clown strutting out, happy as ever with dried blood settled on his neck and chin from the last performance. On his red nose and two index fingers, he was balancing a metal stick with a spinning plate on top. Pieces of candies on the plate swirled as the clown danced and hopped on one foot. He then took to the crowd and handed the children the candies shaped like body parts of hands and feet and eyeballs. They were delighted and eagerly grabbed for the treats. With that, the clown squealed with laughter and patted them on the head. For a set of siblings, a brother and a sister, the clown lifted his jacket slightly and dug his hand under the fabric. It took him a while to find this thing, as he sifted through his jacket and looking inside it once before sifting through it again in determination. A light went through the clown's face as he pretended he had found it after all this time. A thread of Twizzlers streamed out of his jacket. The clown pulled and pulled an endless stream of red until the two children had their laps covered in Twizzlers. The children laughed and beamed with excitement.

    Before exiting, the clown bowed, still with a big red smile as if it was permanently ingrained on his face. He tipped his hat, and out came pieces of candy from his hat. The clown caught the candy and peered into his hat. He acted surprised as he revealed his hat was filled with sweets. The children cheered as he tossed the sweets to them. Dark music fell as a que for the clown to leave. A look of surprise and horror shot through the clown's face. His face then distorted under the red lights to an eviler smile as he looked to the children and put his finger on the middle of his painted lips. Bending down, he whispered, "sssshhh" and then began screeching with laughter. The clown exited, with echoes of his laughter traveling through the crowd.

    Seven tossed a piece of candy in his mouth, "ooog sour!"
  15. "Don't want to scare your pets," Armoncio told Elanza. "Remember the last time they came out, they all went running around and it got a little crazy? Best to keep it just me."

    He took his stained off-white mask in his hands and pressed it to his face. It was time for the fear. It was time to unleash the monster.

    "I'm gonna need an opening," he said from behind his mask. "And that disclaimer I insist on."

    He meant the one about asking all children or those with weak hearts or nerves to please leave the tent before the next performance. He wouldn't have dramatizing children on his conscience. As always, though, he announced his presence to the crowd waiting in the main ring. He took a deep breath and then Armoncio let out a shrieking roar that made the very fabric of the tent quake with fear. It sounded like a mighty lion getting eaten alive by a giant bat. It usually convinced the more easily frightened people to leave by itself.
  16. Elanza smiled as she clasped the leather collar around Armoncio's neck before attaching the thick chain. She nodded as she listened to his words, then approached the ring, standing just outside the curtains. She would be the only thing the audience saw as the roar shook the tent. She held the chain tightly in her hands, but kept it a good length to let the changling remain offstage.

    "Ladies and gentlemen. This next act is not for the faint of heart. Those that are prone to nightmares or simply scare easily, please see yourself out now. Parents, this goes for your children, as well." She giggled, watching as some in the crowd began scuttling out.

    When the crowd settled again, at the edge of their seat, she gave the chain a light tug. "Show time, my friend."
  17. Armoncio stumbled forward, walking like a zombie on a forceful leash. The stained white mask looked up and around at the audience, secretly picking out strong fears among the crowd while also making doubly sure no children were hanging back. He ambled nearer to the center of the ring, repeating that roar again, only quieter, and tugging at the chain around his neck. Elanza played along well, and he had to give her credit where it was due.

    He went to one area of the stage and held out his arm. The wrappings began to fall off, revealing a rotted, mangled hand of slimy grey flesh. The hand reached for his mask and he pulled it away, revealing a moaning zombie. The crowd jumped and leaned away in their chairs. The people in the front rows shrieked and some tried to push through the row behind them to get away. Those on the far edge of the crowd cheered.

    Armoncio found someone afraid of snakes. His head went from zombie to serpentine and his neck grew to the length of his body. It jutted forward, staring down the front rows with yellow, slitted eyes. He hissed, and bared his fangs, dripping with fake poison. He waited to be pulled back by his partner, so he could stumble to the other side of the ring, where he detected someone afraid of spiders.
  18. Elanza smiled discreetly, her eyes flashing. She grabbed the chain in both hands and gave it a tug, a hard one by appearance, but a light one in reality. She was little more than a prop for this act, but she still had her fun.

    "Those of you that chose to stay... Please keep all limbs on your person.." She said loud enough to be heard. Her voice carried well without her needing to shout.

    She watched Armoncio move, almost as enthralled as the audience by his abilities. The extent of hers allowed her to resemble a tree if she wanted to. Not much help here.
  19. He stumbled more than was necessary and landed with his hands on the edge of the ring, looking right at the fearful and excited audience. He started to grow. His skin became hard but dull and long barb-like hair came out of it. His eyes turned black and he grew another four. Pincers took the place of his jaw and he stooped over in front of the crowd. The woman in front of him was now shrieking frantically, and a few behind him had decided that they didn't have the stomach for this performance afterall and ran out.

    His arms and legs grew longer, segmented, and at his elbows and knees split into long freakish legs. Armon found spots between the people to place his legs and rose up with them. The screaming was happening more on the opposite side of the ring than where he was. Most people around his area were in stunned silence, frozen in place. Armoncio tugged at the chain, motioning for El to follow him as he crawled up and into the audience. He looked at each of them with a hungry gaze, as if they'd be his next meal. El did a wonderful job pretending to coax him along, and lead him back off the rafters and into the ring. His act was coming to a close and soon he'd "get loose" and start turning into monsters less recognizable.
  20. Elanza cooed, giggling to herself as she guided the chain around. She tugged on it lightly when he "strayed" too near the audience, and was almost trying to take him in a showcasing circle around the ring, as though he were just another of her pets. But she knew the time was almost up, and brought herself to stand firmly in the center of the ring.

    "Alright, it's time to put you back up. Your little 'walk' is just about over." She explained, coaxing Armoncio with the chain. She so loved playing pretend like this. And some days, Armon's abilities terrified her. Insects, especially the tree-eating variety, crawled under her barklike skin..
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