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  1. Warning: This story idea will contain very little to no accuracy regarding actual Biblical stories or correlating beliefs. If your are a sincere believer of similar concepts and are afraid that lack of accuracy is not fun this roleplay probably isn't for you. If you are offended by my ideas, please accept my apology. If you're curious or interested, please read on.

    I'm wanting to do a roleplay about about Heaven, Hell, and Earth fighting for rights and ownership of Earth and its populace. Heaven seems to want humanity gone because it's spiraled into sin. Hell wants the Rapture to happen, in other words they want a good portion of humanity gone too. Earth, or humanity itself, just wants to live.

    Earth is a battleground between Heaven and Hell. Hell, lead by Lucifer and the other six high rollers believes the Angels of Heaven are full of themselves and are guilty of the highest level of Hypocrisy. Heaven's Angels of course, believe otherwise.

    You all know the story; Lucifer, putting it lightly, wasn't too fond of G'd's new creations and was exiled from Heaven. In this roleplays version G'd is mostly absent, and actually hasn't been seen or heard from in millions of years. This "G'd" will only occasionally show up to throw everyone for loop; such as creating man or throwing Lucifer from atop his heavenly throne. Originally, before humans or even religion existed there were no "sin". Law was as the Great Seraph would see fit. This allowed angels to be less "perfect" than what they're depicted to be in certain scriptures. Lying was legal in certain situations, love was allowed, being..."human" in other words was commonly exhibited by prehistoric angels. The only things that separated them from demons was location (living in Heaven as apposed to living in Hell) and the hateful sadism demons were notorious for. It wasn't until actual humans came along that all of this changed and angels were practically expected to act like Jesus, which Lucifer I'm sure you can imagine, didn't agree with.

    You might want to know:
    Heaven's Hierarchy
    • Divinities
      • Being of Creation/Being of Destruction (eight wings, 3 halos)
    • Archangels
      • Great Seraph (4 wings, 2 halos)
      • Seraph (4 wings, 2 halos)
      • Cherubim (2 wings, 1 halos)
    • Angels/Heaven's Citizens
      • Kings (2 wings)
      • Treasures (1 wing)
      • Civils
    Lucifer is the only being to ever become a Divinity (Alpha/Being of Creation)
    Lucifer has a brother (DUH!?) who's name in this rp will be Alexander.
    Alexander is a Great Seraph (current leader/ruler of Heaven)
    Lucifer is not a Satan, he is an Angel. That is his species, despite residing in and ruling over Hell.
    There are six Satans (six ruling sins) and five Great Seraph
    Hell's Hierarchy
    • Ruler of Hell
    • Satans
      • Lust
      • Gluttony
      • Envy
      • Sloth
      • Greed
      • Wrath
    • Warrants
    • Cage Masters
    Earth was created by the Being of Creation (Lucifer) and the destruction mankind caused fueled his initial hatred of them
    Alexander has a strong distaste for humanity (angels aren't supposed to feel they say)
    Gluttony is a colossal, endless pit of a worm that will engulf just about anything thrown into its mouth (what the greeks thought was Tartarus is actually a Satan)
    Hell's geography and architectural design does not make logical sense (you can be heading Northward and end up Eastern West because what did you expect? It's Hell, YOUR COMPASS WILL SELF DESTRUCT)
    Hell is not a giant furnace, it's an endless city full of categorized buildings in which each conceive different forms of either torture or sinful ecstasy (even if you are deathly afraid of puppies and cute things, there is still a special place in Hell just for you)
    Heaven is comprised of three massive cloud like objects in the middle of its own Nebula in outer space; Alexander's house (used to be Lucifer's), Seraph Court (where the Great Seraph and Seraph act like their opinions matter all day), and the town (where all other angels live their lives)
    Only G'd knows where G'd is
    Earth is populated by humans and earthly spirits, these spirits act as Earth's true guardians fighting for Earth's independence and survival

  2. I really love this!
  3. Yay! ^_^ Someone likes it!
  4. This is looks really cool! Is this a group idea or just one on one?
  5. It's a multiplayer rp I was hoping to do if I could get enough interest. I mean if plenty of people want to do a group I don't see any harm in that either. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that too many people care for the idea. Oh well. :P

    "You win some..."
  6. Oh well, I'm interested!

    (Btw I saw the last thing I posted, thanks for not going grammar nazi on me ^^)
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  7. LMAO Why do I come off as some kind of grammar Nazi to people? This is a casual website, nitpicking is just not necessary.

    Anyway, I hope others become interested but I doubt they will.
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  8. I'm still interested >~<
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  9. Well maybe we could manage to gain some interest by posting signups? More people look there, who knows?
  10. that could work
  11. cool- hey, if I want to do one of the listed characters, what do I do on the CS?
  12. Just fill it out with their name and rank, everything else is up to you. All I ask is that their history and personality somewhat match who they are.
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