Nobody ever told her its the wrong way(psychiatric hospital)

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  1. Welcome
    Dear Patient,
    Welcome to Fairhills Psychiatric Hospital, you have been placed here due to being mental unstable, your legal guardian placed you here, or for other reasons not listed. We are not only here to help you, but to protect you from yourself.
    As a patient you will be given one of the Hospital's uniforms, you will not be able to wear your own clothes for protective reasons. You will also be allowed three possessions from home which will need to be approved by your doctor. You will have a strict schedule and set of rules which if broken we have the right to discipline you.
    What is Fairhills Psychiatric Hospital?
    Fairhills Psychiatric Hospital is one of the strictest, but most successful mental hospitals in the country. There are many unstable patients who have been placed here for very different reasons, these could be hurting themselves or others while unstable or other many possible reasons.
    There are secrets in the Hospital though, the caretakers here are more then just strict, they will discipline you whichever way they seem fit which may be completely extreme and uncalled for.
    You will be sharing a room with the other patients of your same gender, there will be a guard and doctor watching at all times to make sure you don't start any trouble or try to escape.
    You will be released when your doctor seems fit.
    Rules of The Hospital
    1.) No fighting
    2.) No talking back to the doctors
    3.) You must take the medicine we provide you
    4.) No arguing with the caretakers or doctors
    5.) Listen to your caretakers and doctors
    6.) You must be in bed by 9:00
    If you misbehave in any way or break any of these rules there will be consequences.
    Rules of the Roleplay
    1.) Make creative and original posts
    2.) Your post must be 1 paragraph or longer unless you really can't think of anything
    3.)Please try your best with spelling and grammar, I want to be able to understand you
    4.) This is rated TV-14
    5.) Have fun! (:
    Fairhills Psychiatric Hospital Patient Sheets
    First name:
    Middle name:
    Last name:
    (You can either fill out the skeleton for their appearance or you can just put a picture)
    Hair color:
    Skin color:
    Eye color:
    Reasons for being a patient:
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  2. First name: Reginald
    Middle name: Quincent
    Last name: Galilei (No relation to Galileo Galilei)
    Nickname: "Bishop"
    Age: 15
    Sex: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Show Spoiler
    Looks like this, but in the hospital uniform instead of a suit
    Reasons for being a patient: Is all but entirely insane, organizes everything he does like a game of chess. unable to hold a rational conversation, only explains things in chess movements.
    Other: Is completely obsessed with chess, and usually not found anywhere without his chess board and a box of pieces. Constantly shakes, selective OCD. Anarchist.
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  3. Awesome, accepted!(:

    First name:Alana
    Middle name:Rain
    Last name:Marquee
    Age:15 years old
    Race:Native Hawaiian
    Hair color:Alana has long dark brown hair that flows down her shoulders and to the middle of her back in waves, in the sunlight it has a red color to it.
    Skin color:She is lighter then a lot of her family members, but her skin is still a dark tan color.
    Eye color:Alana has light brown eyes with dark eyelashes that frame them perfectly.
    Height:Alana is pretty tall and stands around 5'5".
    Weight: She weighs around 115 but has nice curves for a 15 year old.
    Reasons for being a patient:Anxiety, manic depression, paranoia, she is always screaming and talking about how things are after her and a lot of times she'll go completely insane and end up harming herself by banging her head against a wall or other ways. In the middle of the night she will sometimes wake up screaming and crying about ghosts and she'll often scratch herself or harm herself in her sleep.
    Other:She is new to the hospital.
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  4. First name: Cora​
    Middle name: Anne​
    Last name: Elliot​
    Nickname: Cora or Your Highness or Elliot​
    Sex: Female​
    Age: 13
    Race: Irish​
    Hair color: fire red, worn in braided pigtails​
    Skin color: very pale with freckles​
    Eye color: brown​
    Height: 5'
    Weight: 115

    Reasons for being a patient: Spit personality disorder. Cora is the persona of a young girl. Her highness not only believes herself to be royalty, but a very powerful Sorceress. Elliot is a fighter, like to hit things and shouts a lot.​
    Other: Her three items from home (if Approved) are 1. a large fuzzy, brown, teddy bear. 2. a homemade, quilted, royal purple shoulder bag. 3. a bright red stress ball. Each item indicates which personality is in charge.​
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  5. Accepted! And the items are approved too. Haha. (:
  6. I'll set up a CS tomorrow! interesting XD
  7. Haha. Alright awesome! And yea I felt like trying something a little different from what I usually do. Haha. (:
  8. This idea reminds me of a song/video:

  9. First name: Nathan
    Middle name: Quint
    Last name: Mculla​
    Nickname: Sly​
    Age: 42​
    Sex: Male​
    Race: African American​
    Hair color: Brown
    Skin color: Brown
    Eye color: Blue
    Height: In a wheelchair he is 4'8, but standing up he is 6'1
    Weight: 138
    Reasons for being a patient: Acute Insomnia, schizophrenia, and at times suffers from Ekbom's Syndrom. He has been put in several hospitals and has not been able to recover. He is in a wheel chair and it categorized as "a lost cause."​
    Other: Nathan has been inducted for some time but has not made any recoveries. Often he just sits out in the yards being drowsy and not talking. Most people think he is just a zombie, without the wanting to eat the flesh sort of thing.​
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  10. Oh my god you're right this idea reminds me a lot of this song too, I didn't even think of that before! Haha.(:

    Eternalfire61, Accepted!(:
  11. Alright I edited the skeleton because I forgot to put stuff for their description and age...
  12. Bio edited to fit.
  13. Alright thanks!
  14. Bio is updated :}
  15. Okay cool!(:
  16. First name: Violet
    Middle name: Maile
    Last name: Acer
    Nickname: Vi
    Age: 23

    Sex: Female
    Race: Caucasian
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Reasons for being a patient: She is VERY suicidal, has been to the hospital 20 times in the past 6 years, and she tries to hurt anyone who gets in her way.
    Other: Don't let her near sharp things or ropes..That's it.
    Is this okay? If not, tell mee!!!! I'm fine to fix anything =)
  17. Hmm... I think I might join you guys.

    But does everyone have a good understanding of their specific illnesses? Mental health is a touchy business. I don't want to see any wrongful portrayals, y'all! ^^
  18. Silverjae, everything is good, accepted!(:

    Koene, Sure you can join, and I know a lot about my characters illness, and so far it seems like everyone else has a good idea on their's too...