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  1. Cliff rose from the hospital bed, his tensed muscles fighting tooth and nail for him not to. He groaned as a pain in his stomach began to fester, leaving him frozen in his tracks. No. Not his stomach. His chest. His heart, specifically. How long had it been since he had taken his pills? Too long, his chest told him. But why was he behind on his pills if he was in a hospital? Wait.... Why was he in a hospital? He didn't remember having an episode. He didn't remember much, actually. Then it his him. It wasn't that he didn't remember much... He didn't remember anything. His name was Cliff Markov, he lived in downtown Pittsburgh, and he vaguely remembered killing a man. He was 16 years old and was diagnosed with chronic heart disease. Other then that, he couldn't remember anything. Where he went to school, who his friends were, who his god dammed PARENTS were. All gone. He started to panic, but the pain in his chest reminded him that panic would probably kill him. He slowly swiveled his legs to sit on the edge of his bed, trying to calm his breathing. Something bothered him. This place wasn't a hospital. At least, not a normal one. He had been in plenty of hospitals before. There wasn't the usual chatter that usually pissed him off so much. He was oddly calm, meaning it was oddly quiet. Was this place abandoned? Was it just after hours? He wasn't sure, and the uncertainty made it harder to not panic. He put a hand to his chest and his eyes widened. He felt something. A long, thin lump that spanned directly over his heart. He stood, holding onto the railing on the wall to stay standing. He had to go to the lobby. If there was going to be anybody around, they would be there. He was so focused on staying standing that he didn't notice the knife handed boy watching him from down the hallway, his rain coat's hood pulled over his flat cap.
  2. Jihad woke screeching and fighting an imaginary opponent. Curses flew out of his mouth, and spittle went everywhere. Still in his dream, he tumbled out of bed, and hit the floor. "Shit!" He picked himself, up and looked around. There was noone there, the room was completely vacant. He sniffed. Smelled like a hospital. His was the only bed in the room, smack dab in the middle of the floor. There were straps that were undone, but who had undone them? All he could remember was that his name was........ What was his name? The only thing about him he could remember was calling himself Jihad, a tribute the bloody carnage of the Crusades, living in Nagasaki, and having done a bunch of shit. At the last thought, he smiled. What he remembered best was the first time he killed. It had been a splendid thing, the decapitated head sawed off with a steak knife to produce maximum agony, and then sticking it on the gate in front of the house. He saw he was wearing only a hospital gown, and his lip curled in disgust. He threw open the door and began wandering the silent and lonely halls.
  3. RafaDark trying to get up of his bed had noticed that he couldn't, something had him tied to his bed. Trying to remember what had happened to him last night but couldn't too, panicking about not seeing nothing he struggled in his bed to free himself from that prison of leather and ropes. Finding no more alternatives to freed himself he tried to scream for help for his parents but no response, he tried again to see if someone miraculously free him from being pain and torment of been tied on his own bed and not remembering nothing just his name, hometown and his private hobby.

    ((i'm a beginner on RP, if it have something wrong just tell me...))
  4. Ian sat up startled, his vision blurry, and his heart beating so fast it felt as if it would explode out of his chest. He sat still for a few moments letting his vision come back to him, slowly noticing details as they came into view around his room "No wait, this isn't my room... Where the fuck am I?" he said to himself as his vision finally recovered. Ian glanced around the room, dimly lit, in poor condition, and unmistakably a hospital room, he shuddered as he remembered his last time in a hospital, it wasn't for him though; it was for the twelve year old he had hit on a dark road hours before.

    Moving forward from that memory Ian realized he had no recollection of ever coming to this hospital, "The nurse, I should call a nurse" he mused while turning to the bedside buzzer. Ian clicked it and waited, and waited, and waited. *Nothing, where's the staff...* Ian clicked the buzzer a few more times, waiting for a nurse, a doctor, anyone to come and explain what was going on. After another eternity had come and gone Ian finally decided he need to get up and find someone himself, moving from his bed to the door he couldn't help but notice the poor quality of the room; what looked like mold on the ceiling, dark brown water marks running down the walls here and there, and broken glass littering the floor. He reached the door and tried to turn the knob, it wouldn't budge, he tried again but harder. This time the knob did do something although the result was not exactly what Ian had expected, it began to turn and then fell out of the door "Oh you have to be shitting me!" Ian let out as the knob clanked against the floor.

    "Nurse! Nurse! Anyone? Hello? Anyone please I'm stuck! Hellooooooooo?!" Ian had propped himself against the wall beside the door and had decided to begin yelling, eventually someone would hear him and yet he had been at it for what seemed like 20 minutes and still no response. "Oh bugger it all." He said as he walked to the back of the room and turned to face the door, he then broke into as fast of a run as he could in the 7 feet of floor space between him and the door, slamming into it with as much force as he could in such a short time. The door came easily off of its rusted hinges crashing to the floor in a spray of splinters and glass with Ian on top of it all, *Not the best idea I've had today...* He thought as he lost consciousness yet again.
  5. "HELP! HELP, SOMEONE!!! HELP!!!!" he yelled but none heard his cry, feeling more and more afraid of his situation he tried to be more quiet and hear his surroundings. Then he heard a familiar noise, it was a broken glass noise, it looked like that noise was from not too far away from were he was, panicked once again he tried more one time to get off of that tied state, but he ended up hurting his wrists and ankles on those damned ropes.
  6. Cliff turned on a dime to face the sound of shattering glass that echoed throughout the halls. So he wasn't alone. That was good to hear. The isolation was getting to him, and the paranoia that came with it wasn't making his situation any better. He walked slowly down the hall, his bare feet slowly moving step by step along the floor. He turned the corner to see Ian's unconcious figure lying on top of a broken down door. He looked around quickly in a fit of paranoia and approached the body. It was another patient, like him. Same wrist burns, same pale skin, same overly revealing dressing gown. Cliff knelt down besides the man and sighed. He didn't know any medical procedure. Or, if he did, he didn't remember. He smelt the iron packed punch of blood as he groaned in frustration. The fool had cut himself. Fucking perfect. He started inspecting the body, looking for the wound that gave off the oh so prominent stench. A sudden, sharp pain in his feet told him that he had been mistaken. Cliff, the moron that he was swearing at himself for being, had been walking all over broken glass barefoot. He sighed and decided that he needed to get somewhere with more supplies then this. If this truly was a hospital, that wouldn't be that hard. He hooked his arms under the mans shoulders before starting to drag him away. He soon found a locked doctors office that he figured would suffice, for the time being. He found a bobby pin on the floor and, with the help of a conveniently shaped piece of metal, had the lock popped in no time. He dragged Ian inside and shut the door, sitting against the wall as he started investigating his feet. They were beyond hope, now. No way he was gonna walk on these, for the time being. He leaned his head against the wall and swore. What the hell was he going to do, now?
  7. Deep in his thoughts trying to hear anything that might bring him an answer on where he is, RafaDark suddenly heard footsteps coming closer. Taking a deep breath and frozen in pain and fear, he just heard the footsteps passing by then dragging something off the ground and taking it far away from where he was. When he tried to scream for help it was already too late, the footsteps where too faraway and could not be heard anymore. He thought that it could be someone or something lurking around his room.
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  8. Ian started to come to once again, noticing he was being dragged across the ground trailing blood behind him. *My blood!* Ian thought, as he was going to say something to whoever was dragging him, he lost himself in the darkness once more.

    Next time he came to he was in another room, and there was another guy in the room with him. *Just who is this guy? He must be a staff member, but then, why was he dragging me... This is a hospital they should have enough equipment to move me conventionally... No, he's to young to work here...* Ian took a moment, and overcame any predisposition he had about the him, *He did "save" me after all, If I can call it saving..*

    "Hey." he managed to get out, his throat cracking it was so dry. His eyes darted intently to the boys face "What's--- who are you? Just what the fuck is going on around here?! This bloody well better be a joke of some sort... I swear to god you better have answers man"
  9. Cliff chuckled to himself, idly picking small shards of glass out of his foot. "Do I look like a kid with answers? Fucking hell, even if I had them, I wouldn't be surprised if I had forgotten. Only things I remember are my name, my hometown, and... Something I'd rather not. Even then, the details are blurry. I mean, do you feel like we're missing something?" He put a hand to his forehead, gritting his teeth. This was becoming an exercise in self control as he tried to not excite himself any further. He sighed. "I'm Cliff."
  10. "Cliff, if the circumstances were a bit different I'd say 'Nice to meet you' but these aren't exactly the best circumstances..." He looked at Cliff pulling glass from the soles of his feet, it looked painful and the pain was evident on his face as he gritted his teeth and winced.

    "I'm Ian, and it seems like we're in the same boat huh Cliff?" he looked around the office, there was an average looking desk and a cabinet. Standing he made his way to the cabinet in the hopes of finding some medical supplies of any sort. As he opened the doors a smell of must filled his senses. Peering inside the only supplies left were disintegrating due to age. "Just what the fuck happened here..." Ian said as more of an open comment to some omnipotent-nonexistent being and less of a question to Cliff. "Well no supplies in here, maybe we should look around... I mean this is a hospital, or at least I think it is."

    Cliffs comment about not remembering things was nagging at Ian. And it was true, he couldn't remember much beside his name, were he came from, and that terrible mistake he made a year ago. *I can't remember...* Ian thought in disbelief.
  11. RafaDark silently listening for the place around him, became increasingly tired until he fell into a deep sleep. When he woke up in his bed, he opened his eyes and saw that the nightmare was over. He then stood up slowly with a yawn. Looking around, he found that he was right back at home in his favorite cozy bed. Breathing deeply and slowly closing his eyes he said:
    "What a strange nightmare ..."
    Opening his eyes again he has returned tied in his bed, with his eyes covered with a leather band, his wrists and ankles tied with ropes and various leather bands tied around his torso and legs. A tear of sadness ran on his face, but he was not sad, because he knew that if he left that place and he would have a much better place to stay. So that would be the last time he would try to scream for help. Taking a deep breath he cried aloud for help and repeated that same cry twice, tried a third time but his voice was almost slipping away then stopped and waited hopefully for something or someone to help.
  12. The sound of shattering glass had awoken Alice from what felt like a long period of unconsciousness,judging from the discomfort she felt all over her body when she opened her eyes.Where...what... Alice's eyes traveled around the empty room.Am a hospital..? Slowly she pushed herself up and tried to get out of bed,but by the time her bare feet touched the floor,her body collapsed on the floor right away,making a loud thumping sound.She lifted her head and half her body up with her arms and searched the room.It looked like a regular hospital room to her,except for the broken mirror leaning against the wall.She sat up and stared at her reflection.She looked completely fine to be in a hospital,except for the strap marks on her wrists and ankles.She was wearing something rather revealing though.At first she thought it was a casual dress,but the transparency of the bottom middle part of the dress that revealed her stomach and undergarments brought her to the conclusion that she was in a nightdress.

    Her stomach made her cringe after suddenly remembering something she wished she didn't.She can't recall why she did it,but she did.She remembered being with a guy,locking lips with the guy,and more things that went beyond that.At some point it went beyond the guy's will,but she can't recall what happened after that.Then she remembered murdering the guy,and then everything went black.And now there she was,trying to remember more about her identity.Alice Tachibana,17 years old from Sapporo.That was it.

    Alice's trail of thoughts were cut off when she heard some faint voices nearby.P-people! she thought,crawling over to the door.With shaking legs,she managed to get on her feet and reach out for the doorknob.Locked. ...from the outside?How even.. Letting her body lean on the wall for support,she pulled herself closer to the door and banged on it with a fist.With a deep breath,she managed to finally let a voice out."H-help,please!I'm l-locked in!" she called out as she kept on banging on the door.She didn't even think about safety and if they were people to trust or not.The only thing that worried her was being locked in a room longer.
  13. (I may have gone overboard with the introduction...)

    Green eyes blinked open blearily; Lovina Vargas' lips curled in annoyance as she sighted an unfamiliar ceiling. Where the fuck am I? She sure as hell didn't remember going to a place like this - which was a hospital. Wait... She groaned, sitting up and rubbing her temples. Damn, did I screw up something or was there an attack on my apartment again? Her grandfather had been pressuring her to move places for a long time now, but the young Italian had stubbornly stood her ground - Nonno, no. I actually like this place even, if you say it's pezzo di merda.

    She looked over herself. I'm not even injured. If this is one of Nonno's stupid overprotective ideas again I fucking swear I'll - she stopped still, breathing in sharply. She had been with Antonio, that oblivious fucker who was a childhood friend (she didn't know why she even stuck with him, the idiot always smiled and looked like his head was in the clouds where everything was sunshine and rainbows shooting out of everyone's asses - oh, now she remembered - she loved him, she was just as stupid). A trickle of unease fell over her as the last clear memory came to her - Antonio ducking down, his lighter green eyes, the color of fresh grass shining even in the dim outer light by her door - the press of skin against skin until she shoved him away. Embarrassment. Exhilaration. She had been waiting for that for a long time, and they had started to see each other once she turned eighteen. What the hell happened after that? Antonio had left, laughing and a strange bashfulness on his face as he leaned in to whisper he'd see her soon, after which she grumbled that he had better and stepped into the apartment, closing the door on him with a huff, her heart pounding and a fierce red flush rising up her face.

    Well, there was always the buzzer. Lovina exhaled, trying to ignore the rising wariness she felt without a weapon - she could always improvise one later and there was always the good old decking a man across the face, unexpected from such a cute young lady (Nonno's words). She reached over and pressed it. A moment. A minute. Then several other minutes until Lovina pressed down on it repeatedly, growling. This hospital is shit. She had always known she had a rather prickly personality, but this was one of those days were nothing seemed to go right even from the beginning.

    There was this silence to the place where there should have been the gentle hum of machines, of electricity, of people - the lack of it made Lovino's throat close up. She had always been a bit paranoid, you couldn't survive the fucking Mafia without a good dose of paranoia and kill it kill it dead dead dead but this raised alarm bells in a primal part of her mind. Looking deeper into herself she felt her mouth go dry as she tried to remember, other than the most recent memory (Antonio - Antonio, what was his last name, what...) - she couldn't remember what happened this past week. And the weeks before that. All she knew was that she was Lovina Vargas, granddaughter of Nonno - what's his first name? - Vargas. She was... a member, a blood member, of the notorious Vargas famiglia... She had a younger brother - she froze. Vene... Venezi... Ve... Her younger brother... Her face lost all color.

    What if that young idiot was also in this - this creepy place, alone and afraid? She was out of the bed, a disturbed look (what the hell?) crossing her face as she saw the ropes that had seemingly been attached to her and the revealing dressing gown. Was this a kidnapping? She hadn't been kidnapped so successfully since she was thirteen. Steeling her resolve Lovina tilted her chin up and squared her shoulders, standing back straight. Her hand twitched with the feeling that she had when she didn't have her lovely little friend Beretta by her side. She walked up to the door, grasped it firmly, and opened it.
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  14. Cliff shook his head, sighing. "This place seem like it's got supplies, to you?" He was getting angry. That wasn't good. His heart was at it's worst when he was angry, but he was ignoring the pain through the power of sheer frustration. "As to what happened, I also don't know. Our best bet is to find someone not naked and question the fuck out of them." Finding other survivors (that's what he would have to go with. He had seen no corpses, but he hadn't been very far) was important, too. Almost as important as finding answers. There was strength in numbers, and he could sense that they would need strength. He couldn't see the pair of eyes watching them through the glass on the door, but he could feel his heart picking up pace, meaning he was scared of something, around here. He looked back over to Ian and frowned. "I have a gut feeling that our stuff is around here, somewhere. I doubt you came here in a nightgown. I say that we go find our stuff, with second priority being to find if anybody else is here. Hell, I'd be glad to see a corpse, right about now..."
  15. Closing the cabinets Ian turned around, "That sounds like the best plan we have right now" he said to Cliffs idea to find other people; If there even are "others" . Ian couldn't help but be a bit skeptical of the circumstances, it all just seemed unreal to him. Waking up in a foreign place, with no recollection of what happened to get him here, "This is like a nightmare" he whispered under his breath.

    Ian made his way back to the door. Turning to Cliff he offered a hand "Are you good to walk Cliff?" he asked motioning to his bloodied feet.
  16. He stood and winced, grabbing onto the railing on the wall. After a bit, he slowly stands up straight. "I'm good to stumble. Anything more and I might have a heart attack.... Again....." He smirked and stumbled over to the door. He looked through the glass and was greeted with an empty hallway. He pushed the door open and walked out into the hallway, holding onto the railing on the wall. He glanced around and gestured for Ian to follow him as he head down along the doctors offices, looking for people either still alive or still sane.
  17. "F*ck" he said cursing that damn place and being tied to a bed.
    With the rest of the strength he had, he used to try to untie himself. With great force he could feel the cords that bound him became looser, with his wrists and ankles completely sore he noticed that if he shook it violently over his hands and feet, he could be free of the ropes but not the leather bands . But it would have a price to pay, one unbearable pain he would feel if he did that.
    Doing what he thought, a pain he never felt before rushed into his skin making him scream in a mixture of agony, pain, pride and succession to have finally taken a part of his unwanted prison.
  18. Alice stopped on banging the door after hearing a scream,making her flinch and fall on her bottom.Why are my legs so unstable anyways? she thought for a moment.Fear suddenly rose in her.What if that person was being tortured?Is this place really a hospital?What if I'm next..? she started to question in her head.Looking around the room,she found what seemed like an empty old dusty flower vase sitting on the small drawer besides the bed.She crawled over to it and grabbed it,then crawled back to the door.Leaning against the wall,she got herself standing again.With a deep breath,she slammed the door's glass with the vase,causing the glass and the vase to both shatter.

    Alice scooted closer to the door and slid her arm through the hole,avoiding the remaining shards on the door.She tried to reach out to the unusual lock outside her door.It was one of those second locks you just turn to unlock,but for some reason it was outside."Ughh,too far" she groaned.She kept reaching out until she finally reached the lock.Carefully,she turned the lock,pulled her arm back in,and then turned the main doorknob.Victory! She opened the door,making it push the vase shards out of the way as it went inwards.Instead of going out right away,she sat back down,her back still leaning on the wall.Should I go out now or..? Alice remained silent,trying to listen where the voices and movements were coming from.It seems close by.She kept listening,and slowly she blended in with the silence of the hallway.
  19. With his trembling hands and tears of happiness and extreme pain running in his face, he tried to untie his body, but as he was almost powerless that this effort was very difficult to accomplish. RafaDark then tried to take the leather strap of his eyes, he easily and happily took it. trying to open his eyes and to see around him, he couldn't because his vision was very whitish because he stared straight at the ceiling of his room and by more than expected at the ceiling of the room where he was, was nothing like his house. But in a split second he could see his room, only the top. It was a strange room, he had never seen an equal, had white walls, dirty and old but half white, the ceiling was completely white with a flashing light in the middle. The rest could not be seen because in the midst of agony and joy he looked directly at that blank white. As it was a long time without seeing things around him, he stupidly got blind in a short period.
  20. Slowly making their way down the hall, Ian peered through the glass into the offices as they pass, so far they were all empty and in just as bad of shape as the rest of the hospital, if not worse. "I'm not sure we're going to find any staff Cliff, this place looks utterly abandoned..." he said as they passed another empty room. Ian turned his gaze to the hallway itself, it was long and dark, so dark that it seemed like it could go on forever or suddenly stop just 20 meters ahead of them were it became total darkness. Anyone could be in that dark ahead, and neither of us would know the better until they're right on top of us. The thought sent cold chills down his back and the hairs on his neck stood up Wait, this isn't right... It's like we're being watched. Ian could feel it, the eyes watching them, he couldn't see them but he knew... Like when you're walking alone and you get that feeling you're being followed and the more you run the closer your pursuer gets.

    "Do you feel that Cliff?" he whispered, a small hint of terror evident in his voice. He could only hope that that would be enough to convey exactly what he was thinking to Cliff. Cliff had seemed clever enough to realize what he meant, or so Ian hoped.
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