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    Bang Bang Bang! - Bang Bang Bang! - Bang Bang Bang!

    Noahs ℂircus [ A R K ]

    4X role players - Minah // Eyal // Mejae // Aria


    Welcome to Noahs Circus Ark, here you can find a band of crazy misfits. From a strange fire breathing man to an unique contortionist, this place may be famed for it's "freak" shows. Aha but of course these folks aren't ordinary, no. Every single one has ended up here with a purpose. Rumors around whisper that some have been criminals, others claimed to be simply insane. Truth? Maybe. Lies? Probably. As they continue to act and entertain, these performers and circus acts are careful, after all, did I mention ... They're all wanted dead?


    Character Position CS

    Origin: (Ethnicity)
    Personality: (1 paragraph is enough)
    History: (1 paragraph is enough)

    NPC CS

    Origin: (Ethnicity)
    Role: (Performer, Strange Wonder, Audience, Gov't Official ... etc.)
    Purpose: (What the hell are they doing here? Add any reasons no matter how stupid!)

    O T H E R S ~

    NPCS - Make as many as you would like, I'll link them under you name. Avoid using the same roles please (ps; these are shared characters, free manipulation for everyone)

    IN NEED OF: (Ideas, feel free to make something not on the list)

    - Ringmaster (1 only)
    - Clowns
    - Puppetry
    - Fortune Teller
    - Monkeys // Elephants // Horses
    - Sword Swallowing
    - Bed of Nails
    - Glass Walking
    - Viillans (can be really anything)
    - Fans // Lovers // Family

    Will Start Coding the Legit Thread once positions and maybe randomm NPCS are created ...

    AND NOW !

    THE SHOW IS [O P E N !!!]

  2. Positions


    >> Acrobat (f)
    >> Animal Beast Trainer (m)




    >> Fire Dealer(m)
    >> Magician//Illusionist (m)




  3. Eyal

    >> Contortionist (f)
    >> One of the Twins (m)




    >> Weapon Master (m)
    >> One of the Twins (f)



  4. Hey, hey~ Aren't we georgeous?

    Name: Scarlet Charming

    Origin: German/Russian/English

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: I wouldn't consider myself bisexual. But I wouldn't look away either if my eyes were to catch the sight of some beautiful curves.

    Position: Acrobat

    Personality: Unlike her name, Scarlet isn't particulary charming. She is a rather cheeky and free-spirited soul, a soul which lacks any sense of remorse or shame. She is confident in what she does and is practically the epitome of a passionate red rose. With all the deathly thorns that belong to it. She is comfortable to hang around with and easy-going. But once you should ever piss her off, she will let you know it. She isn't the type who tells you that your hair looks awesome, when it's actually a mess. Honesty is the key word here. Anywho, Scar likes good gossip (useful for blackmailing at times) and is married to her all along wet dream: Chocolate. She appears to be a strong woman, both physically and mentally, with flirterous traits and a stern iron fist. She isn't ingenius, but smart enough to know when she is needed and when it is clever to leave space. She loves everything unhealthy from Pizza to Chips and has a fetish for tattoos and scars. She hates dark places, or in general darkness, because it hinders her to see. The feeling of not being able to see what is happening around her gives her the feeling of loosing control. Further more, she suffers under Trypanophobie, meaning that she is afraid of injections. And as surprising as she is herself, she likes children. To a degree.

    History: Sex, Drugs and Rock'n Roll. Since her teenage years, Scarlet has been a wild and carefree personality. She was rebellious and a ever malcontent girl, not satisfied with what life gave her. She was born in an ordinary german family, being the oldest out of three children. she eventually came to like the darker side of life, the one in which you gave a damn about school and bullied the plain looking girls in class. The period in life, in which she went out at night and sometimes even stayed away from home for days. The time, she met that interesting boy, the time she did silly things. In fact, after having graduated from High School with a degree she could have a splendid future with, she bumped it into the trash cane and ran away with her sweetheart and his gang. She left home, that painfully tight cage and spread her wings.

    Only to end up laying broken on the ground.

    To make it brief: She had a legit childhood, and made a damn mistake that tainted her sweet teenage and early adult years. After months of having spent with her honey, the mood between the two got weird. They started to argue. Punch. Insult. And in the end, she killed him. No, it was an accident. No again, rather self-defense. A terrible fight. With shredded windows and shards of glass. What she didn't know: 'Honey' was in fact the son of some Mafia Boss. Wonderful, isn't it? And his older brother wanted revenge. And since then, Scarlet is on the escape. Exhausted and restless. Tracked down and followed. All that, until she met that one person. Yes, the director and chef of this circus. She didn't know who he was, why he offered her help, but as desperate as she was to that time, she trusted him. He leaded her to this circus and gave her the opportunity to fly. And since then, she didn't hear anything from her old crushes' gang, nor his brother. But one thingwas still sure:

    She is wanted dead.


    Name: Zara Eustass

    Hey, you. Yes you! You scared my lion! Take resonsibility, damn it.
  5. Name: Andrey Vincze
    Origin: Bulgarian/Hungarian
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Omnisexuality
    Position: Weapon Master


    He's quite a suave and calm type of guy, usually caught up with his own weapons. Majority of the time, he's perceived as dangerous and sadistic while in truth, he's a smooth talker and masochistic. Rarely does he show signs of anger but instead her prefers playing the game of "revenge." Minus his weapon background, he can be friendly and open minded, often leading misconceptions of his character and behavior. He's usually often lurking around in the darkness finding out information that may not always be his business. Despite his somewhat 'kind' qualities, the man gets jealous and envious pretty easily. Though surprisingly, one thing he doesn't get overly jealous of is unfaithfulness. Indeed, it strangely usually doesn't faze him at all. Another interesting fact about Andrey is that, through the sufficient practices and weapon tricks, he's developed a immunity to most pain. Over all, Andrey isn't too much of a surprise.


    Andreys mother was declared a disgrace. The woman was an idiot since during her pregnancy with her husbands child, she had an affair with another man, a rich wealthy man. What a fool. She thought she would have been accepted into their high class society but instead she was just another toy for the man. Too bad the man was just as stupid, believing the child she bore was his. So in the end of that time, Andrey was born into the Szabó family as the heir. He was raised with a brilliant education, favored by his 'step' father over his elder step sister. But at the age of ten, his biological father had returned and revealed the truth. Resulting in Andrey being shunned, his step father abused both his mother and him. Having enough of everything, he ran off with his father who was indeed a weapon specialist. There he was taught all of his father's skill from the age of fourteen and from then on, he adopted Circus life. Taking his fathers role who ended up retiring at his home town in Bulgaria. Though his mothers consequences did effect him, for his step father wanted to reclaim him as his son despite the lack of blood ties ... and the man was serious, for he plans to bring back Andrey dead or alive.