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  1. This is about a group of rebels that are against the government. the government is now only giving all the good jobs to people who are so called Pure because of the fact that people from all over the world are coming to America, it being the only place that is safe from nuclear weapons. After the first ever nuclear war every continent has been a mess of destruction and illness. Every one except north america. People are trying to get into it from outside, but the borders are closed and every centimeter of beach is watched.

    Meanwhile inside the country, people have been ranked between Pure and Unpure. Pure means that these people didn't have any connection with the nuclear war and Unpure means that people have. So, that they are children of survivors or people who managed to get inside. Even if they haven't touched anything dangerous or breathed in anything toxic, if you are labeled as Unpure, you can expect to face a live of poverty and hunger. Pure people believe that that the UP's are dangerous and unhealthy. They can't be part of society.

    You can make your own character and decide what they are: P's or UP's. You can also choose to be part from the rebel group, work against it or be a free character. Both genders are okay and descriptions are liked, but not a must if you like explaining your character by playing. Here we go:


    Quinn was walking down the pavement, a gun clenched in his hand. He had gotten a message that his boss wanted to meat him and his fellow members to meet right under the bridge. He was getting close to that spot, and he was not feeling okay about it. It had been a few days since the attack on HQ, but still the threat was clear and the boss had decided to move from place to place trough the city. Quinn was UP, his dad was a German who had fled from his country and his mother was a normal american. He was mutant, but it didn't make a big difference, one eye was blue and his other was brown. It still scared people. Everything out of the ordinary was scary, even P children with an handicap were marked as UP, but that was just how it worked nowadays. Quin was getting close to his destination when he heard something further away
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    Brooke stood with the boss under the bridge, arms crossed. She was annoyed at how long the others were taking. The boss didn't seem worried, just leaned against the wall, occasionally glancing at her. She didn't dare talk to him, he intimidated her so much that she'd freeze up if she tried.
    She was a fellow rebel, an Unpure. She carefully tied her dark hair up into a long ponytail, green eyes glancing at the boss and then scanning around them, waiting for what was going to happen. Her black shoes tapped on the ground.
    She didn't have any relation to the nuclear war, but her father did, and since she was related to him she was deemed Unpure. She did what she could to fight the system but occasionally found herself wishing she was labelled Pure. How easy it must be for them. They had normal lives.
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    What Quinn heard were yells and cries. He knew he had to go to the bridge, but he couldn't just ignore this. He ran towards the sounds which led him into an ally. He saw two guys beating up what looked like a boy. He aimed his gun "let him go" he said with a clear, threatening voice. They ran for it as soon as the two saw what Quinn was pointing with. He walked over to the boy to check on him
  4. Blake curled into a ball, hands covering his head in an attempt to protect himself from the blows the two men were giving him. For the most part it was successful, keeping the harsher punches from inflicting too much damage. It still hurt though. Every sharp kick to the ribs had him weezing and gasping for air. Every punch left him dizzy but he still managed to scream. Blake hoped and prayed that someone would hear him. Maybe that someone would even try to help.
    Blake heard a voice through the beating and it suddenly stopped. There was the destinct sound of a loaded gun that made his blood run cold. They were going to shoot him. One forest green eye cracked open to be met with....nothing. What?
    Slowly Blake sat up and opened his eyes, gritting his teeth against the pain. He cautiously looked around and saw another man. He was the one holding the gun. "You aren't...gonna shoot me...right?" He asked shakily with big doe eyes, scared for his life.
  5. Quinn crouched down next to the boy and put his gun away. "I am not going to hurt you I promise" he said with a calm voice. He really needed to be at the bridge.. But he couldn't let the boy alone. They would just attack again and maybe kill him. He felt pity going trough him, how could people do this kind of thing? He took the boys arm and put it around his shoulder, helping him up. Quinn started walking, his heavy army boots echoing. "okay, I need to be somewhere and you are going with me. You'll shut your mouth ones we get there and no further questions." he said stern. "but first, are you Pure or Unpure" if he was pure Quinn would probably just leave the kid here, but the change that he is pure is probably small, Pures didn't get beat up in alleyways
  6. Miles Runner's hands were buried deep in his pockets, and he could feel his holstered handgun digging into his ribcage. His eyes were fixed on the road ahead of him and he ignored the muffled sounds of somebody being beaten nearby in an alleyway. His first thought was to ignore it, but he stopped, sure that he could hear a familiar voice coming from the alleyway. Drawing his handgun, he moved down the alleyway, only to see Quinn standing with a battered boy.

    "He's clearly unpure," Miles said quietly, as he stepped beside him. "Just look at him, nobody would dare to treat a pure boy this way. Come on now, the boss wants us at the bridge."
  7. Brooke waited impatiently, annoyed that the boss wasn't annoyed. At least she looked good compared to them. She crossed and uncrossed her arms, pulled at her hair, and cracked her knuckles. She had always been fidgety, waiting wasn't her thing.
    When she was almost ready to ask the boss what he was going to do about the others, she spotted three boys in the distance, headed towards them. "Finally." She muttered, green eyes squinting at them, lips pursed in an unapproving look.
  8. Miles moved ahead of Quinn and the wounded boy, and as he approached the bridge, he saw Brooke and the boss waiting already. He then winked at them as a greeting before saying quietly, "Sorry we're late, boss. Quinn here got caught up playing the hero. Where's everyone else?" He then holstered the gun which he was holding by his side and half-smiled.
  9. Quinn looked at the kid once more. "you're probably right" he said to Miles. He then saw Brooke approaching, recognising the way she walked. Quinn might be tall, big, muscled and blessed with so called scary eyes, but hell he found that girl intimidating. He followed Miles and put the kid down against the wall. "no talking" he said to the kid and stood up. "he was beaten up by two adults." he explained to the boss who nodded and looked around, eyes scanning us.
  10. Blake shied away from Quinn's touch. Why was he helping him? No one ever helped him. Just as Blake went to asked that very question, Quinn blatantly ordered him to remain silent, and he did just that.
    Blake knew better than to speak without being told. Far too many "Pure's" had taught him that lesson, even if it wasn't them he was addressing. Blake learned to keep quiet and stay out of the way for the most part.
    Blake let Quinn help him walk, far too afraid of him to tell him not to. That he wanted to go home, which really was just a torn blanket and dingy pillow under a bridge. He didn't want to meet the man with the big gun and intimidating voice and his friends. He wanted to leave, nurse his wounds the best he could and remain in the shadows.
    Blake was pulled out of his thoughts by Quinn asking if he was a Pure or not. He furrowed his eyebrows confused. Wasn't it obvious? He was dirty with tattered clothes, who was this guy? Blake didn't even get to voice his thoughts when another, equally broody man appeared and answered for him. Blake eyed the new comer warily. He was already suspsicious of Quinn and now there was another? What was going on?
    Blake was desperate to find out but stayed true to Quinn's warming. He was not about to upset a scary man with a gun. The trio soon made it to the bridge, Blake himself stumbling along, barely able to put one foot in front of another. He was placed near a wall while some girl looked ready to bite their heads off. He made a mental note to stear clear of her. Blake sighed softly in content as he was finally able to rest. His head fell against the wall, as he clutched his midsection. He knew he had a few broken ribs and that he had multiple bruises but he was glad to just be breathing. Blake watched at Quinn moved towards the group gathering on the bridge, which wait....he lived here. Who were these people and why were they here?
  11. The boss looked around the group. "you all know what happened three days back. Our HQ was attacked and the attackers killed some of our best" Quinn bowed his head, he had lost friends and so did the rest. "I've send some of us to go and figure out who did this and execute them" he said with a calm voice, and that was what made him so scary. You couldn't read the guy. Boss looked at the kid and tilted his head to the side. "This" he pointed at Blake. "is what we are fighting against. I want you all to remember that. I want you, whenever you can, to destroy" he said destroy a bit to loud for Quinn's taste. "people who do this to other people"
  12. Blake looked around him. He wasn't too far from the stairs. He could sneak down before they noticed him. Hopefully they wouldn't even look for him and he could be free of these strange people.
    As his plan was forming in his mind, the boss addressed him. Blake's head snapped forward, eyes wide. Why were they all looking at him? His heart pounded heavily as he listened to what the boss had to say, it may very well contain his fate.
    His green eyes flitted across each face. They were rebels, all of them. Blake couldn't say they were what he pictured and he couldn't exactly condone the intention to destroy. Why not fight for equality? Blake kept that thought to himself as he scooted closer to the wall, begging for it to swallow him whole so he wouldn't have to be under anyone scrutiny.
  13. Brooke sent Quinn and Miles a 'you better take this more seriously' look before her gaze settled on Blake. She instantly felt for him. That's who she was before the rebellion took her in and helped her.
    The rebellion was fighting for equality again, when people weren't labelled, they were just people. And for the most part they all got the same amount of respect. Or at least more than this. She didn't doubt that this kid had been beaten by a couple of bored Pure's.
    He looked terrified and she realized it might be because she was staring, so she shifted her gaze back to the boss. He began taking and she listened intently.
    She waited eagerly for her orders.
  14. "you know that what we have been planning is not able to go on" he looked at the three again. Quinn wondered how many of then really had died at HQ. He hadn't been there that day... Some of them are working on that chase, but just how many? Are there still people on their way to the bridge? He hadn't noticed that he was staring at the wall and quickly focused his unmatched eyes on the boss. "We were forming a plan to overthrow the government, but we can't continue., not with these losses. We have to start again. We have to get new recruits and we need people to train them" He fell silent after that. He knew nobody was waiting to train newbies, teach them to hold a gun. These people are eager to work in the field, getting their revenge for the way they got treated.

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  15. Miles felt a little uneasy at the way that the boss had said the word destroy as if he was speaking about putting down a wounded puppy. Was it really right to eliminate living people just because they were labelled pure by the government? Sure, it was frustrating - who are the government to determine who was pure or unpure? As far as he could tell, everybody, both pure and unpure alike, had been living amongst one another for quite some time yet he had never seen anybody become infected or mutated by the apparent nuclear infections associated with those bearing the label of unpure. Hearing the boss' next words, Miles' eyes widened and he stared at the boss.

    "I can't agree," Miles said through gritted teeth. "We all lost so many friends and I won't let their deaths mean nothing. I think those of us who are left should assassinate the government's more prominent leaders. I haven't spent my entire life training to go out on the field only to spend that time in hidden bases training ten-year-olds."

    When he finished his last line, he looked at the boy in a frustrated manner.
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  16. Sora was uneasy, she was not used to areas like this, here parents had told her to stay away from places like these because they were dangerous but she was tired of her sheltered life tired of sitting back and watching as people human beings were treated like they were nothing for things they couldn't control and she wanted to do something anything to help. She was all the way out here because she had heard of a group who fought for those causes and she wanted to meet them. She spent the whole day sneaking through alleyways she really should have worn something else her clothes were too CLEAN it would attract too much attention if she just walked out in the open. She heard a boy scream and turned into an alleyway to see that he was being attacked by two dangerous looking guys. She picked up an old stick of wood and slowly made her way over when she saw another guy appear and pull out a gun. Her eyes widened and she flattened herself into the wall. He helped the guy up and she remained unnoticed. Soon another guy appear and Sora listened in to the conversation. She had found what she was looking for but instead of coming out quietly followed them to a bridge. They stooped some distance away which made it difficult for her too hear so she stuck out her head in order to hear better. Their faced away from me so i'm pretty sure they don't know I followed them.
  17. Blake shrunk back under Miles' heated glare. A soft whimper fell from him as he scooted away, eyes looking around for an exit. Once the man looked away, Blake began his slow inching towards te stairs. He was trying to be as quiet as possible but moving was difficult and his fear was mounting. He accidentally let out a small whine of pain when his ankle nudged against the small concrete block jutting out from the worn, broken bridge.
    Blake's green eyes widened in fear of being caught. His gaze immediately found Quinn to see if he had been caught. The man had promised him no injury but Blake didn't trust him.
    Only when he felt it safe to resume, did Blake tear his gaze away long enough. Checking his surroundings for unwanted attention his green orbs settled on a girl not too far away. Should he tell them? Or should he call out to her for help? Blake didn't know if he should trust this newcomer, she was clean so that meant she was a Pure and he didn't have the best of luck around Pure's. On the other hand the rebels were known to fight for people like him but they were scary and Miles seemed to have a hatred for him that Blake didn't understand.
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    Brooke straightened up. Miles was arguing and she raised an eyebrow at him. "That's a ridiculous plan. We're four strong, and you think we can take out the government? That's a suicide mission!" She knew that the boss had the right plan of action. "I'd be willing to train a recruit, sir." She smiled at the boss. She had always been a suck-up to authority. Her eyes cut to Miles to see how he'd react to her argument. They really shouldn't be fighting between themselves, but she couldn't help it. He was too ambitious for the group's own good.
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  19. Quinn was listening to Brooke and Miles their fight. He then saw something moving in the corner of his eye and looked at the boy. He was trying to sneak away. His eyes narrowed. What an idiot. He walked over, grabbed the boys shirt and brought him into place. "Don't you understand what we're doing here? I am kind of trying to protect you, getting you out if this shit that is your life." his green and brown eyes piercing. Into the boys head. He stood up and turned.

    Boss was just listening to Brooke and Miles and he decided not to say anything, he was curious about the outcome. But Quinn wasn't, as soon as he turned around his trained eyes saw the girl. She looked Pure. He walked over to her sighing "Fuck all these kids and their stupid ideas" Quinn said before grabbing her hair and pulling her on her feet, dragging her to the middle and then letting go.

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  20. "That's where you're wrong, Brooke," Miles said in a calm tone, although his face gave away his anger. "We might be four strong, but that's all we need. I could take out the entire government on my own if you give me enough ammo. How many people do you think it takes to kill ten politicians from a distance of a hundred feet?"

    Miles then turned his head to see Quinn dragging a pure-looking girl by her hair towards them and then pointed at him with both of his open palms as if to make a point. "Why would you treat a pure like this, just because another pure beat some kid? Are we fighting a war against those who are given better labels than us or are we fighting a war against those who see themselves fit to label and corrupt people?"
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