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  1. No one was ready. How could they be? It's not as if people expected the world to fall apart.

    It started slow. A few sighting here and there, conspiracy stories floating through the internet, nothing 'out of the ordinary'. The problem was 'contained' according to the higher ups. Little did they know that this was just the beginning.

    They were coming.

    Life went on as usual, children attended school, parents were to work, and everything was okay. The thing is that nothing is okay. The sightings became more frequent and the government became more overt in their handling of the problem. Ordinary people didn't understand what was happening or why the government was shooting down civilians on the street. Videos were spread throughout the world of the same occurrences happening everywhere. The world kept asking the same question: Why?

    It wasn't until the situation became more of a public threat that the government released some information as to what was happening. A virus, named Caro Comedenti Syndrome, had broken out and was killing the population. With that information the public began to panic and 'rebel' against the world. Riots broke out all over the country as things began to get worse.

    The virus originated from an alleged cure for cancer that had terribly wrong. Instead of curing the patient it accelerated their death then reanimated the body with only primal thoughts. The infected were ravenous creatures that only functioned to consume and spread the virus. Soon scientists put two and two together and learned that the creatures can spread the virus by various means, including bites, scratches, human consumption of flesh or fluids, or by any contact to the blood stream. A test subject who was unfortunately bitten agreed to allow the government record the process. It took the subject seven hours to die from the virus and another four hours to reanimate. Other studies have shown that the times of death and reanimation vary from person to person. These creatures, affectionately called walkers or biters, only go down with blows to the head as it destroys any thought patterns the creature may have left. As long as the brain still functions, the creature will continue on. Now not all of these creatures are just mindless beings that wander around aimlessly. Some still have very faint cognitive thoughts that allow them to attempt finding other, smarter ways to reaching their prey. They are still lethargic and respond mostly with their senses but, they have a better chance at catching people if they're not careful.

    After the crisis went into a stage two threat level the government set up camps within cities that were hit as hard. One of these cities was Elmwood, Louisiana. The entire city couldn't be protected as it would have too many loopholes. Only the residential district and a small shopping area was claimed. The rest went to ruins like the rest of the world. Of all the families who lived there only three questioned the government and its motives. They didn't believe that the town was protected and wanted to break out to find real safety. All three just so happened to be neighbors and decided to join forces to survive this crazy world. The Montgomery's, freshly moved to the town after during the beginnings of the fallout. The Castillo's, a large family with Hispanic roots that aim to stick together and survive this by any means. The Rousseau's, a family with French roots that lived in this town for years. Together these families will face the trials the world has in store for them as they attempt to start their lives anew.

    "There's us and the dead. We survive this by pulling together not apart."
    ~Rick Grimes

    Expectations {1} Adhere to all Iwaku rules and be respectful to others. In character you can be enemies if you so desire but in OOC please be kind.

    {2} Be an active member of the story just don't leave everyone behind.

    {3} Post length doesn't have to be anything exemplary. Make it something people can respond to, and understand, so the story can continue. Also when posting include your current location, character name, and to whom you are speaking to. It keeps everything from getting too confusing at certain points.

    {4} As of now the character limit is two. One character, your main character, must be a member of one of the families. The other can be a random secondary character. That part is to your discretion. Remember that characters can die as the plot goes on. If a character dies feel free to make another one.

    {5} Don't be afraid to ask questions or suggest creative plot points. I listen to all ideas! So I know you read and understand the rules put BITE ME at the bottom of your character sheet ♥
    Character Sheet
    Appearance- Real photos please and thank you

    Sexual Orientation
    Relationship Status

    Health Ailments

    Personality- Some positives and negatives would be nice. Paragraph form would also be nice but is not required

    Biography- Be sure to include bits about life before the fallout and anything else you deem interesting. Doesn't have to be long

    ::Montgomery Family::

    ::Castillo Family::
    Son: @Prince Shattered Charming
    Daughter: @innocent devil

    ::Rousseau Family::
    Father: @~\The Talentless/~
    Daughter: @XxDreamingxX

    ::Secondary Characters::

    [DISCLAIMER] A child must be 12 years or younger. Parents must be 27 years or older, given the age of your offspring is coherent. Any of the others may be of any age 15 and up. Secondary characters can be of any age.
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  2. I would love to play the First son of the Castillo Family, will have char up this weekend^^
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  3. I'm gonna reserve a spot for the Rousseau's family, I'll take on the role as the father ^_^

  4. {Name}
    Lorena Castillo

    Rena - Oreo



    {Sexual Orientation}

    {Relationship Status}


    134 lbs

    None besides her ears

    {Health Ailments}
    Migraines {varies in severity}

    Lip biting - Spacing out - Humming

    Meditation - Yoga - Tree climbing

    Getting out of sticky situations - Persuasive - Simple first aid - Sneaking around

    Her health fluctuates with her migraines - Physically weaker than most - Doesn't like to accept help when she needs it - Kind to a fault
    Lorena is the type of gal who would go out and try her very best to make everyone around her happy. She likes to make people smile with her. Despite her constant migraines she is still very active. Sometimes Rena can be considered to kind to people even when they've done her wrong. She just can't bring herself to be hurtful towards others. Now she isn't all rainbows and buttercups either. She does get self-conscious or nervous when others stare at her for too long. She also is cautious towards people she just met. Being around strangers gives her a bit of anxiety.
    Back then life was normal. She kept her grades up to keep her parents happy, went to parties and sleepovers like any other teenager, and dealt with her sibling issues on a daily basis. With a large family like hers there was always something new going on. At the time she was the youngest of three but was the spoiled favorite. In reality there was no problem with this except her older brothers complaining to her parents for her always getting what she wants with puppy eyes. Despite their little sibling rivalries Lorena looked up to her older brothers and loved her family. When the viral conspiracies began their family thought the government would take care of things or it was just some kind of horrid prank. When things got more serious the family tried to leave but the government wouldn't allow it. Now she's held here in their little neighborhood just like the other families. In her own opinion she doesn't think things will ever get better nor does she understand what's happening. Although she would never tell her family this.
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  5. I'm actually gonna hold off on making the father CS until someone else becomes part of the Rousseau's family. If not I'll just make an off character whose not part of a family.
  6. Can I make the daughter for the Rousseau's family please? I'll also make an outsider :3
  7. Yes of course you can ^^
  8. Yay! I'll get working on the forms then.
  9. [​IMG]

    » Name «
    Adreanna Mae Rousseau

    » Nickname «
    Rea: Instead of calling her by her real name, everyone addresses her as this

    » Age «

    » Sex «

    » Sexual Orientation «

    » Relationship Status «

    » Height «

    » Weight «
    120 lbs

    » Markings/Piercin
    gs «
    One ear piercing on each ear

    » Health Ailments «

    » Quirks/Hobbies «
    • Star Gazing
    • Acting
    • Singing
    • Reading
    • Dancing

    » Strengths «
    • Lying
    • Good Cook
    • Skilled Dancer
    • Great Navigator

    » Weaknesses «
    • Incredibly Stubborn
    • Trust Issues
    • Afraid of Spiders
    • Bad at Fighting

    » Personality «
    As many know, Rea is really stubborn and once she sets her mind to something, she doesn't give up until she's achieved her goal. She is a hard-worker with a high endurance that she built up over the years. Rae tends to be brutally honest, but is always kind enough to soften her words afterwards. She has always attracted little kids because she's naturally motherly with her incredible care for those around her. She will never leave someone behind, even if she may not know them. However, she does have trust issues so don't think you're buddies if you've just recently met her. Rea is always repaying whatever debt she has and always takes responsibility for her actions, as well as those of others. She has always been a social girl, and likes to be with other people and make new friends. Rea is a nice girl, despite some things, and would put her life on the line to protect someone she's close to. Her sense of loyalty and passion is one people have never seen, just like her hope that burns like a flame in her soul. Truly a girl worth remembering.

    » Biography «
    Adreanna was born before the disease, and she grew up living like any other child. She went to school, had friends, and had a great family. However, she had always been a talented girl so her parents signed her up for theatre where she became a shining star. Life was great. Until that day. Adreanna was being watched by her grandmother while her parents were out on a date. They had recently called and said they were almost home, so Adreanna was waiting at the door to greet them. Then she heard a crash just outside. Adreanna quickly opened the door and ran outside to see a horrid sight. A drunk driver was going 60 mph on the road and just as her parents were about to turn into the driveway, they were hit. It was a bloody mess, and in the end her father was the only one to survive. Rea was ten years of age at that time, so it really affected her. What's worse was that a year or so later, her father met another women. Rea never calls her mom and is cold to her, always feeling like getting close to the women would be betraying her mother who was looking forward to seeing her. When the breakout began, Adreanna and her family paid it no heed, but then it began spreading faster than the flu. Within months, people were infected all over the world, yet Rea still held hope for mankind to overcome this situation. Hell, she still does and shows it proudly.

    Note: I'll be making my second character tomorrow and on a different page :P
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