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  1. Please keep all OOC discussion here. Also, those who have already joined Ethan Smith's brilliant RP, you can put up character profiles here if you wish, and newcomers should post theirs here too.

    This RP is about a group of rebels who are fighting against the government. A global nuclear war devastated the Earth fifty years ago, and the world has become a disastrous mess of destruction and disease. The continent of North America is the only true safe haven for the human race. People are trying to get in from outside, but the borders are closed and every part of the coastline is heavily guarded by the army. The government are going to extreme measures to ensure that the human race survives by making sure potentially contaminated humans stay out while non-contaminated humans stay in. Another of those extreme measures includes dividing those quarintined within the continent into two - those who are Pure, and those who aren't.

    Pure people consist of those who have been proven to have no connection to the nuclear war while Unpure people consist of those who can't prove that they weren't connected to the war, those who may have been exposed to nuclear gases and toxins, and those who have managed to survive the war and find their way into the continent. The government heavily control the access of the Unpure people to the world and deny them any decent jobs and wages. Even if you haven't touched or breathed in anything dangerous or toxic, if you are labeled as Unpure, you can expect to face a life of poverty and hunger. The government have convinced many Pure people that the Unpures are dangerous, unhealthy and inferior. They can't be a part of society.
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  2. Oh sweet, I was getting tired of the OOC cluttering the thread too. Thanks.

    (reserved for character profiles)
  3. No problem, I'm going to post a profile later today just to get us started.
  4. Thanks for calling my roleplay brilliant *blushes* actually made it when I couldn't sleep

    I'll post one later aswell, have to work it out a little
  5. Your welcome, I'm so caught up in it as well - there's already so much drama and potential there. I thought my cs was ready but it needs a lot of work.
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  6. I don't even know a good backstory yet >.< But I got a picture which was SO HARD TO FIND with his special eyes and all
  7. Ah I see, since you have two characters technically, are you going to do a cs for the Boss as well?

    I have already thought of two backstories for Miles, but I don't know which one I should go for. Could we say that this RP is set about 50 years into the future, because it gives enough time for a nuclear war to take place as well as for a government to reform and start choosing whether people are pure and unpure. Plus most of the characters seem to know no different way of life, including Miles, and they are adults.
  8. Yeah, that's okay. I don't really know why I choose modern, because it's obviously in the future or it should be a parallel universe, which would make it modern fantasy but yeah whatever 50 years fits. I am gonna post the opening bit here aswell for new people, if they are interested
  9. Oh and yes I will make a CS for the boss aswell
  10. I've already reposted the opening for you! I was doing it before I realised you mentioned it, so all is good. I guess 50 years into the future still counts as modern, considering that they still have the same basic technology like cars and phones and handguns instead of the things more commonly associated with the future such as laser guns, flying cars and holographic calls, etcetera..
  11. I really should start working on my CS.. No my two. What do you think it should conclude? And thanks for doing that :)
  12. Np :)
    And regarding what it should include, the CS could look something like this:

    Name: (Character's full name)
    Age: (Character's age)
    Gender: (Male or female)
    Appearance: (Picture if you like, or words)
    Status: (Pure or unpure)
    Affiliation: (Government, rebellion, neutral)
    Personality: (What your character is like)
    Backstory: (What did your character do, if anything, before the RP takes place)
    Family: (If any)
  13. That's a great sheet! Thanks it helps :)
  14. Ah I'm just glad it was useful
  15. Name: Quinn Schulkebir

    Age: 26

    Appearance: heterochromia iridis2.jpg

    Gender: Male

    Status: Unpure

    Affiliation: Rebellion

    Personality: Quinn is kind of distant most of the time and doesn’t talk that much. Once he thinks you’re a nice person on the other hand, he gets more comfortable and starts joking around. He never really over thinks his decisions; he just does what his instinct tells them to do. This can have good or bad outcome.

    Backstory: He grew up in a loving family, but in poverty. His father had heavy debts from a Pure and was shot when Quinn was twelve. His mother knew that the Pure might want Quinn to work back the money his father owned him. He was forced to live on the streets and met his bestfriend Mark there. They joined the rebellion at sixteen and Mark died ten years later in the attack on HQ

    Family: He is an only child, his father is a German from origin and his mother is a Pure.
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