WRITING No title, no progress!

Discussion in 'ROLEPLAY HELP & DISCUSSION' started by Minibit, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. So, does anyone else get this? I have an idea, but I find it impossible to make much progress until I have a good title. I can use a placeholder (usually in the style of a Friends title, e.g.: "The One Where Matt is a Spy") but the need for a title distracts me until I can come up with one I like

    Which is especially unfortunate because I am terrible at naming things!

    Anybody else? ;_;
  2. Never really thought of this, actually! But now that you've said something, I totally have the same problem! It seems anything that makes it past pre-planning is titled, and anything I work on without a headline to keep me going is eternally in draft status. Very strange, indeed. I wonder why this'd be?
  3. I usually throw something bullshitty at the title thing to hold myself over, and if I think of something better later, I change it, or it stays forever crummy. Whatever to get me going, even if it's just the name of a character or setting. :x