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  1. Serenity really did look like a floating piece of junk to most of the 'Verse. It wasn't very impressive in any sense. Not to people used to the sprawling colossi that were Alliance ships.


    To Malcolm Reynolds and crew, though, she was more than that. She was home. She was refuge. She was sanctuary. The crew say around the dining table laughing- except for Mal, anyways.


    Jayne Cobb. The bruiser. Used to be a bit of a dick. Some things had forced a change.


    Inara. A registered Companion. A bit of tension with Mal. In an extremely sexual sense.


    Kaylee. Best damn engineer in the 'Verse. Pretty adorable, too.


    Wash. The pilot, and comedian, of the group. Married to Zoe.


    Zoe. Probably the only real reason the ship hadn't fallen apart. Kick-ass and the dominant one in her marriage.


    Simon. The medic of the ship. 'Secretly' attracted to Kaylee. Kinda awkward sometimes... but a nice guy.


    River. Not all there. Way smarter than any one of them. More dangerous, too.


    Book. The preacher. Knows a lot more about crime than he probably should.


    Then there was Mal himself. He was the captain. Right now, though, he was... confused. Logan's memories were washing over him... and he was starting to wonder if Jen, Teresa and Lisa would ever show up.

    You should introduce your character to the world and the crew first.
  2. Prologue: Lost Lil' Angel

    Teresa was lost. Had been for a long time.. Starting around the time of her death.

    Oh.. Right. Something to know about Teresa? She died. A lot.

    Things hadn't ever really fallen back into place, after she died that first time. She couldn't actually remember terribly much of her life, if she was perfectly honest.. Or, rather, she remembered it fine; but some important piece was missing. She knew it was there, but couldn't quite place what.

    So, when she had these odd new memories of an event she hadn't recalled taking part in 'til now, but she somehow knew was a big part of her... She wasn't quite as phased as most people would be.

    It didn't take long for it all come back to her, really.. She often found herself thinking about these new people and emotions she felt for them when on the job. And no matter how hard she tried to push them away, deny she cared like she always did..

    She couldn't.

    And honestly, all of it only ever seemed to come right back to three names.. Mal, William, and Yuki.

    She hated it.

    Why did she have to care about these people so damn much? Why couldn't she just forget it all and move on? She didn't know.. But maybe, if she went to visit like Mal had told her to.. She could.

    And so she did just that.

    It took the young woman a long time to muster her bearings enough to act on her word. To actually try to visit. Despite her constant headstrong confidence and having an ego, Teresa was more insecure than people could realize at first- or any -glance. So, despite Mal's previous reassurance..

    Fuck, she was terrified she'd only be rejected.

    But, she'd never know until she tried... And she finally did. After organizing a deal with Joshua to get him to bring Yuki back, she also managed to convince him to let her pay a visit to the new friends- acquaintances? -she'd made.

    ...But Teresa had no idea how to visit someone in a ship without startling them.. So her entrance was less than graceful. It was just a little portal that sort of just.. Opened up inside of Serenity, where the girl proceeded to sheepishly step through.. And of course, she had to find herself in the same room that the crew was kicking back in.


    All Teresa could really do was stare helplessly, expression sheepish and.. beneath the surface, she felt intimidated. Helpless. She wasn't used to social stuff.. So what the hell was she supposed to do? Especially after randomly walking out of a portal?

    "Uhh.. Hi." Really? 'Hi'? Mentally, she slapped herself. Stupid!
  3. Well. That was one way to do it.

    People reacted differently, to say the least. Zoe and Jayne went for their guns. River shrieked. Wash, Book, Inara and Kaylee just froze in surprise. Mal hurriedly placed himself between Teresa and the group after recovering from his initial shock. "Woah! Woah! This is the girl I told you guys about!"

    Zoe and Jayne grunted and holstered their guns. "You didn't say she'd be so damn good looking." Zoe smacked him over the head at that, sending him off grumbling.

    Kaylee rushed over, the biggest grin on her face. "So the Captain isn't crazy! Oh, ain't you just the cutest thing? The Captain has a little sister! Or is she your daughter, Mal?" Mal just muttered something in Mandarin, blushing.

  4. Teresa immediately took a step back with wide eyes, moving her hands into the air in some attempt to show she didn't mean to hurt or surprise anybody. Which.. Was odd. Teresa wasn't one to surrender, but rather, go to defend herself instead. Maybe she was just used to death, now? Didn't care if she went through it again?

    God only knew.

    Immediately, Teresa managed to stammer out some sort of apology. "Sorry! Sorry.. Didn't mean to surprise you all.." she muttered, sheepishly. It was true, though. She hadn't exactly gotten the memo from Josh that she'd be popping up right in the faces of everyone.

    But, then, where else could she have popped up? On the windshield of this thing? In the cargo? None of those options sounded too appealing to the Reaper.

    Jayne was very lucky that Zoe gave him a slap for her.. Because Teresa probably wouldn't have been quite as gentle. The comment caused her face to heat up with embarrassment.. Something she didn't like one bit.

    She was shocked out of that embarrassment when a young woman seeming barely older than herself rushed up to her and bombarded her with questions. Teresa simply blinked with surprise, looking between the girl, Mal, and the others in the room. This was.. Well, certainly the scene to accidentally make.

    "I.. I ain't, actually," Teresa answered the (probably)rhetorical question with a matter-of-fact tone, seeming oblivious to the fact it was rhetorical. Being called cute didn't sit well with Teresa.. It couldn't coexist with her toughness or badassery, in her mind.

    Little sister.. The name still hit the Glader hard. But, not as hard as the next question. "H-huh? No, no.. Mal ain't my father. Don't exactly have one of those.." Or, well, any family for that matter. "..That doesn't matter, though."

    It really didn't, in Teresa's mind. Her whole family had long since died.. And since her first death, she'd gotten by plenty fine on her own.


    "Oh, and the name's Teresa. Teresa Agnes," she introduced with a small smile, offering Kaylee her hand. That was how this worked.. Right? She couldn't help but question whether or not this was how these first meetings were supposed to go.

    God, she needed to get out more.

    Suddenly, though, something else occurred to Teresa. "Wait.. He.. He told you all about me?" That was somehow surprising.. In a good way.

  5. "B-Bollocks!"

    A familiar voice to some cries out as the ravenette happens to appear out of nowhere, tumbling out into the open but yet managing to get himself into a front roll and up onto his feet.

    (black hair instead)

    No doubt, this was Will Herondale. Turns out he had a different outfit on him, so it's safe to assume that he's done some things on his own already.

    "I suppose that was quite the entrance, never thought a warp rune would work so well..."

    Oh wait, yup, the Nephilim just popped up at some lucky timing.

    "Hard to say if this lucky timing in a good way or bad way... how would it be bad, actually? ...I'm overthinking this, aren't I?"

    Hey, at least that wasn't as embarrassing as Teresa's first words here. If only he came here early to see that.

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  6. [​IMG]

    "The Cap'n has a little sister!" With a girly squeal, and ignoring Teresa's apparent shyness, Kaylee pulled Teresa into a hug. "You're so cute!"


    Jayne looked at the boy that appeared. "This'er boyfriend, then?"

    Mal sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Hello, Will." River was hiding under a table, and Simon was trying to coax her out. Book walked over, looked the two over, and held out his hand to shake.

    "Shepherd Book." His introduction was simple, but friendly. The man had a Bible in one hand. "I trust Mal has been perfectly respectful of you... Teresa?" There it was. He sent an accusing look Mal's way.

    "Now, Shepherd...!"

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  7. This was.. Well.. Unexpected. Teresa wasn't really one for hugs, and she tensed up at the contact out of habit, but she didn't pull away.. Just let it occur, awkwardly.

    She did cheer up at seeing Will, though, and gave him a small wave from where she was being hugged. "Long time no see, Cherub."

    But Jayne's comment made her turn sheepish again.. Something she was unused to and didn't like. And she honestly didn't know how to answer.

    After Kaylee let go, Teresa glanced at Book, flashing a slight smile and shaking his hand. Her grip was strong.. And she didn't really seem to realize it. Probably since she wasn't used to friendly gestures. "Nice ta meet ya, Book," she replied.

    That was what you were supposed to say.. Right?

    His question only garnished a nod. "'Course he has. If he hadn't, I wouldn't be here."

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  8. And then she was home. She was where she had been before, sitting by Lewis's hospital bed. His body was still in its coma, it would probably stay that way forever. She had been forced to kill his soul, the only part of him she'd cared about.


    Her head was awash in memories. Logan, no... Mal. Vivi... Teresa. The man that Michelle had tried to put in prison, and his true self, a heroic half angel. She was likely never to see them again. She lowered her face into her hands and was tempted to cry.

    But she didn't. There was one person that could help. Could reunite her with her lost love, again. He was her closest friend, and greatest ally.

    She stood up so quickly she knocked her chair over.

    "Scree." She yelled. "You better get your stony ass down here right now."

    Nothing happened.

    "C'Mon Abdizur. I need you."

    Still nothing happened. Then she realized. Her body was going to stay behind, just like last time. She looked around. She was going to have to find a way to take care of her body when it was stuck here. Then she had a massive derp moment. She was in the middle of a hospital. But still, what if she was gone for so long they pulled her off life support? Well, maybe this time it wouldn't work that way. She didn't understand the physics of astral projection.

    "Please? I need you, just like you needed me."

    Jen felt herself fall, her legs suddenly no longer holding her weight. She got back up, but it was like her strings had been cut. She rose without her body stirring, rose above it. She could see a door leading out into a wide circular ward, and just in front of it a familiar massive figure. She ran into the room, and to where she belonged.


    "Scree." She hugged him tightly. "Its good to see you again little guy."

    After a moment he released her and stepped back. "Jen. Please. My name is Abdizur. Scree was born and died on Volca."

    "Sorry Rocky. I guess I just got used to that little stone gargoyle after all that time." Then her sense of playfulness went away somewhat. "You know why I'm here, don't you?"

    He rumbled softly, his massive size making it sound like a roar. "Jennifer. You must return home now. You will soon be trapped in our realms forever."

    She smacked him, although do to the fact that he was now twice as tall as him it only hit his leg. "You know better than to call me Jennifer. And I'm going to find him. And you're going to open a Rift Gate for me to do it."

    He sighed. It was like a warm breeze washing over her. "Very well. I've learned that nothing stops you when you have your mind set. You know this means you cannot go home. Ever."

    A being made of light and butterfly appeared at Jen's back, just over the still spinning Rift Gate. When she spoke it was like the melody of a thousand harmonious children speaking at once.

    "Jen. You have served me faithfully as my champion. You have saved the realms from Abbaddon's machinations. You have even returned my General to me. I will gladly fulfill your request, as unusual as it is. But... is he truly worth your home?"

    "My home died in my arms Arella. I'm going... I'm going because there's nothing left for me."

    The Rift Gate began to spin in the opposite direction, showing the interior of Mal's ship.


    "So it will be Jen. I wish you happiness in your new life."

    Jen turned back to Abdizur. She had to say goodbye again, just after she had found her best friend among all the realms of existence. "Goodbye Jen. I'll miss you, just as I did last time."

    She smiled and gave him one last hug. "I'll see you around big guy."

    And then she stepped through the Gate. There were others there, a whole roomful. Among them were Will, Teresa, and the man she had come here for. She shifted into a Wraith, zoomed behind him, and shifted back to herself. "Hey there. Are you one of those badass space captains?"​
  9. Book nodded. Her assurance was good enough for him. Wash raised a hand in the back. "So you mean to tell me these people are just traveling between worlds? To visit you, of all people?"


    Then Jen showed up. Mal lit up and Kaylee drew the connection almost immediately. "You're the other girl he talked about! The pretty one!" She squealed again. Inara got up and left, muttering something. She might have wiped one of her eyes as she went out the door.


    "I'd like to think I am," Mal said with a big grin in answer to her question.


    "This one isn't going to try to kill us, is she, Captain?"

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  10. [​IMG]

    "Now now, if we jump to conclusions, the very next thing you would say is that I've slept with her, and I swear to the name of the angels that I haven't," Will says in response to Jayne's comment about him being Teresa's "boyfriend." Plus, the mentioning of the nickname "Cherub" did spark a little shade of red on his face before it disappeared.

    "And I forgot about simple introductions," the ravenette sighed as he momentarily shook Book's hand when the latter introduced himself, "William Herondale is my name, but feel free to call me Will. A simple Nephilim, at your service."

    Given with his flamboyant clothing and hints of a British accent, you could say that Will is pretty much straight out of a fantasy novel (/shot).

    After that, he strolled his way over to Teresa, gently ruffling her hair.

    "One month is quite a long wait, wasn't it Tessa?"

    Upon Jen's arrival moments later, the Nephilim waved to her with a grin on his face.

    "Oi! And I thought you weren't going to make it Jen. Late arrivals usually are the best part of get-togethers, however."

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  11. Jen looked at the dark skinned woman. She looked friendly enough, although she looked nearly as tough Jen, and she only had a gun on her. "Not unless you try to kill me first."


    Jen noticed something about her arms. "Oh damn it. Just when I thought I'd got rid of these things." She tugged at the vambraces in vain. They weren't coming off.

    "Hey Will. That was something, wasn't it? Still not quite sure on what happened. But I know it cost a lot to get back here." She scanned the room, everyone there looked friendly enough. Although she was getting some strange vibes from the woman that had just left.

    "So this is your crew Mal? When you said space captain I imagined something a little... bigger."​
  12. Mal looked around. Everybody was there, except Inara. Jayne looked at Jen, then at Teresa.


    So he was gone, too. Well, might as well introduce everybody. Mal gestured to each person in turn. "This is Shepherd Book. Kaylee. Wash. Zoe. The pervert is Jayne. The woman that left is Inara. That's Simon. And the raving mess is River."

    River had peered out from under the table and said something about demons before retreating again. Simon looked up. "I'm really sorry. She just... doesn't always handle new people well."

    Mal looked up at the question. "Well, no, Serenity ain't pretty..."

    Wash chimed in. "But we most certainly are."

    "... But she's a hardy ship. Firefly. With an engineer like Kaylee... she could be with me the rest of my life."

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  13. Teresa just watched this all unfold quietly, unsure what to do. She wasn't really one to socialize, so she had no idea what to do. She didn't want to interrupt the couple(?)'s little reuniting, so she just stood off to the side alone, absently rubbing her neck in a sheepish manner.

    But, at Will's next words.. The girl with skin as white as pearls turned adorably bright red. "Sleep with you? Y-you wish, Cherub," she huffed, lightly elbowing him when he walked over to her.

    At the mention of one month being a long wait, Teresa just shrugged, still avoiding Will's gaze out of embarrassment. "I guess," she mused, absently. She did lightly swat at his hand when he tried to ruffle her hair, seeming a little annoyed.. Though it wasn't clear if this was being faked or not.

    It probably was.

    She also gaze Jen a quiet, small wave. "Heya, Jen."

    Next, it appeared it was the crew's turn for introductions. She gave a small nod, and another small wave. "Well.. Good ta meet you guys. Mal talked you up quite a bit," she replied with a slight grin.

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  14. The Captain just blushed at that. Wash pretended to be embarrassed. "Aw, shucks, Cap. I knew you loved us." Zoe laughed and leaned on her Husband. They both had pretty obvious wedding rings.

    "Shut up, Wash," Mal muttered. "We better get back to work. Can't slack off too long. Those Beagles need shipping." He left with no explanation.

    The crew collectively said hello to them before returning to their posts.

    OOC: Now that everybody has been introduced, it's time for some semblance of plot to begin.

    You may:

    1. Go see any member of the crew.
    2. Go speak to Mal.
    3. Go to the cargo bay.
    4. Go to the bridge.
    5. Explore the crew quarters.
    6. Interact amongst yourselves.

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  15. A light chuckle escaped Will's lips at the sight of Teresa's embarrassment. She really was darn adorable when she was like this. It's been quite a long time since he's done this before...

    "Ah, that can come later I guess," Will says with a wink, and then adds, "Oh, and I still remember on what happened before we parted ways last time." Though, it did surprise him that she did a gentle swat to stop him ruffling her hair. He had to remind himself that Teresa, the one that he knew from the cycles, had merged with the real Teresa, and that he simply became his own person, going by a path that his original self wouldn't take.

    Hands in his jacket pockets, Will was curious to take a look around the ship, given that this is his first time in such place. If he didn't know any better, he would assume this would be related to the clockwork creatures that the Magister had created. To start his exploration, he strolled over to the bridge.

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  16. The Bridge of Serenity wasn't all that impressive. Wash say in one of the pilot's seats, steering the ship on her course. He looked up upon noticing Will. "Oh. It's Angel-boy." The view out the window was the endless expanse of space. "What brings you to my humble place of work?"

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  17. Jen looked at all of them. They seemed all seemed fairly familiar with each other, she hung back a little, just like she saw Teresa doing. She didn't mind hanging with people she knew, but it was a little much to meet the people Mal clearly considered family with so little warning.

    "Uh... I'm going to go check the Beagles." Puppies. She thought, then followed Mal.

    "Hey Mal. I kind of need to talk to you about some stuff. A few things happened while I was trying to get here."

  18. Teresa was actually amused by the crew teasing Mal, though she had a feeling Mal didn't quite share that sentiment. So, she refrained from making further comment, just glancing around instead.

    But, she suddenly found herself blushing much worse at Will's next comment, and she elbowed him again. "Sh-shush!" she stammered, embarrassedly.

    At the mention of their parting, Teresa had to look away, still blushing. She hadn't forgotten it in the slightest, either. "I do, too.." she muttered, quietly, hoping he didn't hear it. She wanted to say more.. Try to talk about what had happened. But she figured that should wait; she wanted to be able to talk to Will, Jen, and Mal at the same time, first.

    But, for now, it looked like she was just left alone in the dining area, small black wings folded against her back. Maybe this was good.. She needed to think. To figure out what the hell to do. She still didn't really know how to interact with people.. Let alone in a close-knit familial setting.​
  19. "General curiosity... at the very least. Never have I been aboard a ship like this one, but then again, I did live most of my life in London," Will comments briefly in response to Wash's question. The view of the endless space was a sight for the Nephilim, and it was true that he hasn't been involved in anything like this.

  20. "London? You mean on Earth-That-Was?"

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    Mal looked over and smiled faintly. "What's up?"

    @Thuro Pendragon

    River peered out from under the table at her. "Angels... demons... inconsistent..."

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